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Condor Tactical MOLLE Modular Accessory MOLLE Pouch / Deployment Bag (Color: OD Green)

14 Customer Reviews

by Carson M. on 06/06/2017
"This is such a great and handy bag. I've used this for many milsims for carrying extra batteries, goggles, ammo, etc. I've used it for storing my compact sleeping pad and extra clothes as well for those overnight gameplay situations. If you are looking for a lightweight bag with plenty of storage space, I suggest adding this to your cart and taking it home with you.
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"These bags are great for a snipers loadout. I use it on my sniper loadout and it fits all my gear well. I sometimes use it as a medic bag and extra ammo bag. Can be worn on waist or over the shoulder.
by Mike A. on 01/20/2014
"Great product I only had this for about an hour but I just wanted to say this item no longer comes with Unattachable molle straps they do come off which is awesome I saw reviews on YouTube where it does not so maybe condor updated the model so I think evike should update the rear picture of the pack other then that great so far I'm
Running this on a Voodoo tactical maximum protection plate carrier
by Brigette K. on 02/06/2013
"this bag is great, it fits everything i want in it it wont let you down. its defiantly worth the money. condor outdid themselves on this deployment bag.

no cons
by Susanne B. on 11/06/2012
"I really like this pouch. It holds a ton of things, really a great pouch. I put it on my battle belt or my plate carrier. It's one of those pouches you put on your back and a team mate will access it for you during game. The multiple pockets allows for organization. The zippers are very strong and same with the material. It also can be taken off molle and used a carrier/medic bag that you can hold in your hand.
A good buy for your money if your looking for a realllly nice accessory pouch!
by Steven W. on 12/25/2011
"An excellent pack for utilitarian purposes. It carries a wide variety of things, i was able to turn the largest pouch into a medical kit while still having the three other pouches for random necessary gear, including spare flishlight batteries, writing utensils, binoculars (small ones of course) and a few other helpful things.

Advised useage: for utility purposes, best placing is as a buttpack for spare gear or emergency kits, or as a messenger bag medkit/lightweight loadout carrying bag.
by Nicole B. on 10/26/2011
"love this bag! i but on my butt on the back of my vest. and i must say. its perfect for field games to hold you bbs. tools and anything els you think you need. all go for cqb. all around a great bag
by Kim P. on 06/01/2011
"I love this thing, I use it in my airsoft so much. i use it for my BBs extra gloves and bandaids it I cut myself on the field, I use it to bring rations with me everywhere I go in airsoft even over night airsofting. for me it works great because I am a sniper enthusiast for airsoft and it works great to just grab ammo out of the main pocket on this thing, especially wen ur up a tree sniping from that position, it also holds all my tool in the pouch infront where the buckles clip. All in All I think this bag is at least 100 percent awesome
by Kim P. on 02/09/2011
"I love this little carry pouch it is amazing I can carry rations, some medical supplies, a good extra bags of BBs in case I run out of ammo in a magazine. This bag is great if your a sniper in an airsoft event because u can carry a bunch of sniper magazines in it if u want. U can carry some gloves and some beanies if u want, great for all purpose uses.
by Juan A. on 03/15/2010
"Great pack. Use it a lot on the outdoors and the mountains. My wife loves it because it carries everything she needs on her duty belt when we are hiking,
by Kevin D. on 06/05/2013
"Overall this bag is great

-Holds everything i need it to hold
-Can use it for everyday life
-Great Butt pack
-Good first aid kit bag

-My handle was stitched on backwards (not to sure if thats just me)
-Straps on the back are 1'' longer than usual and because of this the buttons do not line up perfectly
(This is why i gave the bag a 4)

However this was no biggie, the bag still fits securely and still does a great job at holding everything and anything i need it to hold
by MIKE J. on 01/23/2013
"This seems to be the best bag for my needs I have a DMR and a ghillie suit I'm gonna get this to wear on my back to hold my pistol, my mags, and ammo or when on field and not in ghillie maybe my 5000 round drum mag
by Hugh H. on 12/12/2010
"Not as big as it looks. Perfect to use if you have Thunder B Sound Grenades. The grenades fit perfect in the end pouches and I can keep spare shells and CO2 cartridges in the center section. Made of good quality material and very durable. Good buy!
by Daniel N. on 05/30/2008
"This pouch is pretty good! I put this on the back of my Tactical Vest for use with my partner. Holds all your stuff that you might need inn the field. The only draw back is that its all zipper so its hard to use this when fighting. other than that its great to be used to pack just about anything!