Reviews: Rothco 5053 8" "Forced Entry" Side Zip Tactical Boots (Black) - Size: 11

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Model: Boots-RT-5053-11
Location: Q8-008 WO1-M12

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by David B. on 2011-07-31 20:43:37
"I bought a pair of these boots only I got them at HSO. They are pretty sweet(and convenient). I use them for C.A.P. and airsofting(sometimes). All-in-all, I give 'em a 4-out-of-5. due tue the fact that if you wear (only)these boots for a few weeks( say about, 6 or 7,) the boot looses some of its lining.

Pros: cool
they dry off quickly

Cons: wear 'em for 6 or 7 weeks straight the lining comes out(sorta)

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)