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by Joshua M. on 2015-08-05 19:02:02
good fps
very sturdy plastic
nice mag
G&g internals

by Jill F. on 2015-06-30 21:55:06
"I had this gun for about 2-3 years now and is working awesome. I have dumped at least 15,000 rds in this gun and is running like a beast. The only con about this gun is overtime of heavy use the rails were a little wobbly but that is just a quick tightening with a Allen key. Don't hesitate buy this gun before it runs out its totally worth the money.
by Kyle O. on 2015-05-30 19:24:56
"This gun is great. I bought a couple accessories for it and(such as Noveske amplifier and afg) it runs great. Before I even put on the amplifier the gun itself was loud which is great. 10/10 - Kyle Oliver
by Kevin R. on 2015-01-25 10:39:24
"This gun is great. I ran it for the first time yesterday, and was impressed with the accuracy and range!


-Durable polymer body & rail
-Rails are marked for that extra milspec look
-Nice hop-up, was able to hit people at least 150ft away
-Lasts all day on a 9.6
-Positive sound when changing fire selector
-1 point sling loop
-Metal buffertube and barrel


-Motor grip is not ventilated, makes the motor heat up
-Flash hider is a pain in the butt to remove
-That's it!

Overall, I love this gun, ran it out at Code Red airsoft park (very windy and dusty) and this thing still held up through 7 hours of play. Recommend it to anyone!
by Thomas F. on 2014-07-30 00:02:18
"This gun is great. I have taken it to a few skirmishes and it performs wonderfully there are no cons i can think of for this gun and i HIGHLY recommend it to any one starting airsoft or to anyone who has been playing.
by Sam G. on 2014-07-19 14:23:43
"This is a great gun. Not only for beginners but pros too. I love this gun. It has a high rate if fire for a stock gun. i was very impressed with it. super light very very durable. Price is great. Buy this gun!!
by Franz D. on 2014-05-20 16:55:13
"Off the box, this gun performs really well for its price and requires no internal upgrades in a CQB battle. The look and feel is awesome and the rear sight comes standard with the gun which was also great. So far I have experienced no problems with this rifle. I run a 3s lipo on this baby and ROF is impressive, and on a chrono the rifle shoots at 18 to 20 rps with a .20g bb @ about 370 fps. The 450rd mag that came with it fits in nicely and the hand guard doesn't wobble at all. The rifle is light weight which makes maneuvering a lot easy. I can't think of any cons as of now.
by tyler p. on 2014-02-17 17:14:38
"I had this gun for about 8-10 months works real gun brought it into many CQB battle never failed
good rof
decent range
good fps about 315 with .23
feels good in hands

mags wobble
rails get dig easily

but overall this gun is gun for any airsoft player wanting to upgrade from a junk crosman gun. or gun for a back up for experience people
by Ian S. on 2014-01-04 08:44:16
"When i first bought this gun i thought it was amazing. Ive had this for 6 months and it has cause me to lose many games. I think its a cheap scam.

Pros: Good for 6 months.
Decent fps
Mine came with a 9.6
Horride range (understandable)
Bad rof
not good even in cqb
mags wont even work after 3 months, they will just not feed or will fall out.
Flash Hider is a pain to take off (pro or con)
Polymer receiver cracked and split all the way down the middle.
by Seth P. on 2013-07-17 18:18:42
"I've had this gun for over a year now, and it still performs the same as when I bought it! Without any upgrades, it shoots a far as my H&K G36C (the good one). With a 9.6 batterie, it has a very fast fire rate.
by tyler p. on 2013-03-22 14:56:36
"this gun is awsome was able to take it to the field 3 times in the past month.this gun was chronoed at 285-290 with .25 grams bbs and about 13-14 bb per second with a 9.6v high output battery pros high fps good rate of fire

mag wobbles
the hop up is hard to get to
by Cordero O. on 2013-02-11 04:22:48
"This is a Solid gun! I have seen some reviews state its a solid "Starter" but i would say this is a solid gun, Period. The polymer body is very nice, sturdy, and has a good finish to it. I have had no issues with the magazine well or misfeeds. Plenty of rail space for what ever you need. I have had this as a support weapon, red dot, grenade launcher, and light, as well as a DMR setup it is in now with 3x12x50 reg/green scope, bipod, silencer. I will say for the grenade launchers weight it held very nicely, as a DMR setup, the rails being polymer i do notice a little flexing if you twist at all with it resting on bipod. Nothing has broken on this gun through many skirmishes.

The reason i say i wouldnt use "Starter" is because i have full metal versions of M4s, Scars, and a few other platforms. This is just as accurate, just as upgradeable, but weights alot less. I am a big guy so weight is not a huge concern, but it is a nice change to carry a polymer body for a few hours non stop compared to a full metal body without loosing any performance!

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