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by Bug Q. on 2012-03-27 19:40:12
Great ROF
Great FPS
Accurate (after being tweaked)
Great price


Very good gun overal. 9.6v improves ROF alot.
by H. Nathan Pena P. on 2012-02-28 21:39:28
"This gun is great!!! Super high RAF I am so happy i got it!!! And the FPS is really 380.(9.v)
by alex e. on 2012-02-13 15:48:14
"I purchased this gun last summer and absolutely loved it! its quite accurate and its a very sturdy gun! I dropped this thing many times and the quality of the G&G polymer is incredible. I used this gun in a variety of different situations ranging from CQB, Field, and both combined and this gun is amazing in all of them! I love this gun and I would definitely recommend this to anybody trying to get into airsoft.

Good ROF
Good FPS
Great quality
Very cheap for what you are getting

Besides being all polymer(pro and con for me) none.
by Matthew M. on 2012-01-03 21:00:52
"I got this gun about 3 months ago and it performed awesome. It did require some dialing in before it was dead on accurate. Then all of a sudden it just died on me. I mean don't get me wrong this gun has a great rate of fire, fps, and range right out of the box. Well I eventually found out that my motor died because their is no fuse in this gun. If you get this gun I HIGHLY recommend you not to dry fire it and to use full auto scarcely. Because there is no fuse the motor overheats and then the brushes inside it melt and wear down easier. Just upgrade the motor.
by Art D. on 2011-12-13 14:16:23
"This gun is a great gun for the price of $140. The FPS is great and even though its plastic that is no reason to assume its not worth buying. Great little CQB rifle and defintley (I spelled that wrong) recommend this to anyone looking for durable and affordable CQB M4.
by Jeff T. on 2011-08-08 15:19:03

this thing shoots hard!!

i have had the gun for multiple weeks now but batteries just came back in stock. sadface :(

i just got thebattery and i came in a cardboard case thing with bubble wrap and an envelope and it shot through all of it. the ROF is good and the fps is high and also it is a good platform for mounting stuff on
i mounted the Guarder red/green dot scope on it and i absoulutly love it.


by jacob p. on 2011-08-06 11:04:12
"I got this gun about a month ago and it is awesome!!!!!!!!! I have taken it to about 3-4 wars and if you have a 1900 minh battery it will last almost the whole day. In all I am very satisfied with this gun, g&g is such a goog company

Very study
Comfortable pistol grip
Nice labled rails
Plenty of battery room
Super acurate at 100 feet

Bird cage flash hider ( look like it has a chip in it but it dont) easily replaceale

All in all BUY THIS GUN!!!!!
by Sharon O. on 2011-07-06 10:08:13
"Awesome gun for the price. This is my second AEG and i love it. For 140 dollars, you get an amazing gun with 1000 bbs.EXCELENT GUN! MUST BUY!!!
by kelly g. on 2011-06-14 08:15:35
"Great gun at a great price, buy if you like cqb or feild play just needs a few tune ups......BUY IT YOU WONT REGRET IT
by margaret w. on 2011-06-13 11:22:45
"I freaking love this gun.

Extremely light because the body is made from high quality polymer and is very sturdy as well.
The rail system is great.
The crane stock puts good balance in the gun.
No barrel wobble.
Great range for an M4 CQB
Good fps for playing fields about (340-380)
Solid Internals

Not a great rate of fire but it will do with a good (9.6 butterfly type)
Mag well a bit wobbly so put a little electrical tape on the mags.
The hop up can mess up from time to time but for CQB its not a problem. Anything within 80 ft is fine.
by H. Nathan Pena P. on 2011-06-07 16:28:06
"amazing all around gun high ROF (9v) good sight recommend it
by Bora B. on 2011-05-21 12:25:40
"Just got this a few days ago. Very nice solid weapon. I put an Eotech 551 replica and Rico Alpha 9 replica on it with Emags and it looks sick!
Shoots hard
Polymer material
Crane stock is very comfortable
Accuracy is not bad
Grip looks cool and is comfy

Rails are plastic... but thats not a problem for me... takes off weight

Overall for the price: unbeatable.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 26 reviews)

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