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by tyler p. on 2014-02-17 17:14:38
"I had this gun for about 8-10 months works real gun brought it into many CQB battle never failed
good rof
decent range
good fps about 315 with .23
feels good in hands

mags wobble
rails get dig easily

but overall this gun is gun for any airsoft player wanting to upgrade from a junk crosman gun. or gun for a back up for experience people
by Ian S. on 2014-01-04 08:44:16
"When i first bought this gun i thought it was amazing. Ive had this for 6 months and it has cause me to lose many games. I think its a cheap scam.

Pros: Good for 6 months.
Decent fps
Mine came with a 9.6
Horride range (understandable)
Bad rof
not good even in cqb
mags wont even work after 3 months, they will just not feed or will fall out.
Flash Hider is a pain to take off (pro or con)
Polymer receiver cracked and split all the way down the middle.
by Seth P. on 2013-07-17 18:18:42
"I've had this gun for over a year now, and it still performs the same as when I bought it! Without any upgrades, it shoots a far as my H&K G36C (the good one). With a 9.6 batterie, it has a very fast fire rate.
by tyler p. on 2013-03-22 14:56:36
"this gun is awsome was able to take it to the field 3 times in the past month.this gun was chronoed at 285-290 with .25 grams bbs and about 13-14 bb per second with a 9.6v high output battery pros high fps good rate of fire

mag wobbles
the hop up is hard to get to
by Cordero O. on 2013-02-11 04:22:48
"This is a Solid gun! I have seen some reviews state its a solid "Starter" but i would say this is a solid gun, Period. The polymer body is very nice, sturdy, and has a good finish to it. I have had no issues with the magazine well or misfeeds. Plenty of rail space for what ever you need. I have had this as a support weapon, red dot, grenade launcher, and light, as well as a DMR setup it is in now with 3x12x50 reg/green scope, bipod, silencer. I will say for the grenade launchers weight it held very nicely, as a DMR setup, the rails being polymer i do notice a little flexing if you twist at all with it resting on bipod. Nothing has broken on this gun through many skirmishes.

The reason i say i wouldnt use "Starter" is because i have full metal versions of M4s, Scars, and a few other platforms. This is just as accurate, just as upgradeable, but weights alot less. I am a big guy so weight is not a huge concern, but it is a nice change to carry a polymer body for a few hours non stop compared to a full metal body without loosing any performance!
by Dan T. on 2013-01-09 18:11:14
"Had this gun for about 3 weeks and was able to use it twice. It is a great starter CQB gun for an outstanding price.

Strong polymer exterior.
Smooth firing.
Outstanding price.
Fully upgradable.

When you first open it to clean it, the charging handle spring over extends (not a biggy, I took my spring out as it doesnt do anything.)
None else.

Overall opinion:
This is a great starter gun for intense CQB matches. As it is fully upgradable, the possibilities are endless. As long as you take great care of it, it will take you far in airsoft.
by Tyler F. on 2012-10-18 17:06:26
"This is a great cqb weapon for the price i have used it through a fair amount of games and it has done well by me.

strong external plastic body (not like your typical cheesy plastic very good quality and fees good in the hand)

some magazines do not fit at first this can be easily fixed by putting some electrical tape around the mags.
all of the weight is in the grip and is not balanced very well putting more strain on one hand than the other

Overall i would recommend this to a begginer its a decent gun and is worth the money
by Dawson E. on 2012-04-23 15:45:04
"This gun is awesome, especially for the price. The polymer externals are amazing. It feels extremely solid and sturdy. It is insanely accurate! It is perfect for CQB. Definitely buy it! This gun is amazing!!!
The adjustable stock works great, better than most. 10 out of 10!
by Micah C. on 2012-04-15 07:28:19
"Got this gun 2 weeks ago and all i can say is........ OMFG! This gun rocks, its great fps for CQB and very accurate. I like the G&G polymer rather than the metal. This gun is not front heavy by the way.

Pros: Accurate
Fast ROF w/ 9.6
Strong Polymer

Cons: Mag Wobble(bad, can fix with some electrical tape on mags)
Did not come with battery or charger, good thing for intermediate airsofters because the batteries they usually come with suck.
Non-Functioning Charging handle( Personal Preference)
by ethan w. on 2012-04-13 08:43:21
"i've gotton lots of other G&G's and i like this gearbox 100 times more than the blowbacks. no dust cover assembly right out of box kinda made me mad. trapdoor doesnt even have a latch on it to stay closed. micro screw in orange tip wont screw out. All in all i think the gun is a super good platform if you do front end conversion. new ris rails + noveske outer barrel + 460 mm tight bore to match mock silencer and it looks more kwa then any other brand of m4's
by Eric M. on 2012-04-12 18:03:12
"I just purchased this gun recently, it has great accuracy and is quite powerful. I've used it 3 times so far and its only jammed once but it was an easy fix.

Pros: Accurate, powerful, and is very light.

Cons: Nothing!
by Matthew B. on 2012-04-09 14:06:50
"Wow! thats all i can say! This is a great gun.
Pros: Even though the polymer is plastic... it still is very durable, kinda heavy and has some metal parts.

Cons: For me it is hard to take the battery cover off to put the battery in....

Thats all.... I love the gun though. It shoots 325 FPS so thats good for indoor but outdoor you may want to polarstar it (which im gonna do) or put a better spring in it

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 26 reviews)

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