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Matrix Steel Sound Control Electric Auto-Winding Drum Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG by CYMA (Capacity: 3000 Rounds)

9 Customer Reviews

by Robert W. on 05/29/2018
"So I bought this because it had okay reviews and a decent price for the amount of BB's it holds. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS MAG!!!!!
This is by far one of the greatest box mags I have ever owned. I am currently trying to buy another one because of how awesome mine has been.
-Okay Price
-Auto Winding is perfect if your are the crazy full auto guy who hates winding and loves full-auto none stop fire (Thats me)
-Pretty simple to work
-Auto winding is kinda loud, don't expect to sneak up with this mag, unless you keep the mag this same angle without moving it to much
-Replacing the battery mid-combat is a pain in the butt!! You need to pretty much take the whole mag apart to replace it, although I haven't had to replace it yet and I've spent about 10+ hours on field.

Over all, the cons aren't that effective and if you're looking for a good RPK/AK drum mag, this is the one for you!
by Brandon W. on 02/02/2018
"Works great, feeds great. Certainly loud, but at the price of holding down the trigger? Not much of a setback.
by Samuel E. on 01/01/2018
"These things are great. Been using them for years for a variety of AKs that I field. They provide enough pressure for a good rate of fire and last, on average, for over 75k rds. Great for the suppressive fire overshooter (me). The winding spring will eventually give out but I've never had it happen in under 30,000 rds and it's a pretty easy fix
by Joseph B. on 03/20/2016
"I took this out to the field a few days after I bought it and can honestly say I had zero issues with this baby. I have it on my Lancer tactical Ak74u, and it basically turns it into a support weapon. It's got a nice solid metal construction, and very easy to operate. It seemed like the mag never would empty. It's not the quietest. When it feeds, there is a "not so loud, but loud enough not to be used for cqb" winding sound that it makes. But who would really buy this for cqb anyways, right? My advice, JUST STOP THINKING AND BUT IT ALREADY!
by George E. on 06/07/2015
"This drum magazine fits my cyma cm050 perfectly.shot a full drum and zero problem.the matrix gen 2 fits loosely not this one it's like it was made specifically for the ak 050
by Michael W. on 08/06/2012
"This is a great drum mag! I've had it for around a year and it has never failed. This thing has been beaten up a lot running through many, many free plays and scenarios and yet keeps going strong. It fits and feeds perfectly in my CYMA CM .028U Tactical AK-47. The only problem I've had is that is won't fit my CYMA CM .052 RPK. I'm not sure what the people at CYMA were thinking, but it seems a little ridiculous to make a mag that won't fit all the guns that I assumed it is supposed to work with. Other that, it is an amazing mag that is a must buy for anyone with an AK (I know it definitely works on CYMA and JG).
by James C. on 02/13/2017
"First one i bought broke after 3 games but i returned it and now it functions alot better hasnt had any problems since wish the gears were metal and reinforced but what can ya say i cant complain because it works does fit onto a standerd ak with some wobble but also fits cyma rpk with some wobble
by Lance C. on 09/27/2015
"This fit in my cyma RPK with only a little mag wobble. It kept up well with a 9.6 v battery, and I kept an entire flank of the field held down with it. The only downfall I can really see is how loud it is when it auto winds. You're not going to be ambushing too many people with this bad boy. I also tried it in an e&l ak-74u, and the fit was as snug as it could get.

Fit in Cyma RPK.
Great look.
Perfect for full on assault, and defense games.

Auto winding is loud.
Wobbles slightly in
mag well.
by Keith B. on 10/20/2013
"I have two of these drums... and boy they didn't last long...not even a year and the main winding gear is broken in both....I can't afford to keep buying these products if they're just gonna bust.. the first one lasted six months.... the second one didn't even make it thru one single game day.... there needs to be a reinforced winding gear in these drums...first thing to go in a high cap mag is always that gear: posts on the gear that holds the winding spring always snap off leaving the magazine totally useless. $120 dollars dang near wasted: ouch... so where can I find a new gear to replace the many broken magazines I have