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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Templar" Mask - Black

10 Customer Reviews

by Daniel G. on 01/08/2015
"This is easily the best purchase I have ever made as a CQB airsoft player. I tried 2 different masks(A Dye i4 and Save Phace) before this, both of them glass, and they each had fogging issues on me. With mesh, fog no longer exists, AND I CAN FINALLY ENJOY PLAYING AIRSOFT AGAIN. Fogging will ruin the experience so quickly. Never reverting to glass during CQB games.

Now to the review,

I have a big head, so the mask does not fully cover my ears, but it is a good fit to the face and above the forehead. The inside pads are really soft and absorb sweat well. I use a beanie to cover the rest of my ears and to cover my hair. The back strap is very tight, and its easy to get on without a hat. With a hat, it can sometimes make the hat slide down along with it. Just a note and minor annoyance, but nothing to mark off points.

The mask is built like a tank, the mesh feels like hard steel, and BBs have not been able to dent or go through it in my personal testing. Paint will chip if shot close enough/hard enough, and those chips can go through the mesh. Though this is a small concern, they don't move fast and if they do they'll only be an annoyance, not gonna damage your eye.

Visibility is excellent even in the dark, and the side mesh makes peripheral vision great as well.

The only con of this mask for me would have to be the size of it in comparison to my head, but there's nothing I can do. I give this mask a 10/10 for CQB players.
by michael p. on 05/23/2013
"I just got this mask and i love it


looks great
fits very snug
great visibility

cant think of any
by david h. on 03/23/2013
"Lemme start by saying I love this mask. It's incredibly comfortable, slides on easily, is low profile, covers the ears, and is all around fantastic. One review complained about the back being plain, but I like that. Allowed me to write my name on it (will help me be easily recognized by teammates). Kinda wish I had gotten one of the ones with the colored mesh, but I know the black will help me be less visible in the dark. The detail in the sculpting and the weather of the paint is incredible. However, the rust toned paint is metallic so it kinda sparkles. Minor issue but it is noticeable in the right lighting. Definitely get it is you have the money!
by Margery L. on 09/02/2012
"I bought this mask with high expectations, and I must say that this purchase blew me away. The Templar Mask is constructed with high quality materials and design.

- Steel Mesh (does not impair vision)
- Looks Epic!!!
- Padded inside
- Adjustable Straps
- 5-strap "spider mount"
- Breathable
- Feels heavy when you hold it, but is light when you wear it

This is definitely the number 1 airsoft mask made by Cactus Hobbies. Buy it now!
by Richard L. on 07/03/2011
"This mask is amazing. once you finish fitting it to your face it is like heaven.

The build quality is amazing. It is lighter than the version 1 and much more durable. The paint has been fixed on the v2 so it wont chip at all. The artistry is also well done. The little details really make this thing look bad ass. This mask took a 10 second burst at close range with a 700 fps m4, not a scratch. I didn't feel anything.

There are only 2 negatives that i can think of with this gun. 1) seeing long range gets a little blurry looking through the holes. 2) some people reported bb's shattering when they hit the mesh.

An easy fix for this is just simply wear glasses under the mask. This way you can see far distance and when you see your enemy, flip the mask down and open fire. It will also solve the shattered bb problem as the fragments will bounce off of the glasses. And no, my glasses havent fogged up once.
by Caleb F. on 06/14/2011
"This mask was an incredible investment, the fit and construction are fabulous. The main concerns I had when considering this mask were, visibility through the metal mesh, usability with scopes and other mounted optics, and finding a pair of full seal goggles that would fit underneath. Visibility is good, there is just the fact that you have to get used to it being there when trying to lean in for your scope, and scored a pair of goggles that work just fine and there is still plenty of room under the mask. The peripheral vision and breath-ability of this mask are two of my favorite features as well as the padding that lines the interior. All in all, worth the investment and I can't wait to take it on the field.
by David P. on 01/18/2014
"I got this mask about 3 months ago and I really like it.
It looks great in person (as well as online)
It has a impressive feel and weight to it.
Resistant to damage
The straps are somewhat long and need to be tucked in and tightened every few games
The Helmet will not fit someone with a large head.
In low lighting the mesh can be hard to see through.
by Randy W. on 05/23/2013
"This mask is great. I have had problems with masks fogging for years and years, but NO MORE. I went for this mask because of the low profile look and the mesh visors. The mask works great in all aspects. You get very decent peripheral vision and once you have worn it for a minute or two you don't even notice you have a mask on. If I were to nitpick, the fiberglass was a little rough on one of the edges of the mask, but its not a big deal because they are made by hand. But the only real issue for the mask was the straps. They are a stretchy material, and when running the straps stretch and cause the mask to bounce. After 3 or 4 times of using the mask, the straps started to tear away from it. It's a simple fix though, I just went to a fabric store, bought some straps, and put a hole in them so I could screw them in place of the old ones. It worked great, and now I have ZERO problems with this mask. I forget I am wearing it even sometimes. Definitely a little pricey for the quality but it is great for looks and function if you don't mind spending a little time on it. Also, glasses and low profile goggles fit under the mask, so if you need full seal eye protection it is easily doable.

PROS: -Looks very cool and is unique.
-Fits very snug(even more so with the solid straps)
-Low profile
-Breaths fairly well
-Glasses and low profile goggle friendly

CONS: -Straps are flimsy (The back piece and the straps and buckles that attach to it are good)
-Price is a bit high
-May need a riser to use sights
by Adam G. on 01/30/2013
"I just got my mask in today. It is by far a great mask!


Visibility is great

Fits very snug

Prescription glasses DO FIT UNDER THE MASK the thin wire ones.

Nicely padded


For some reason I thought the pads would have velcro. They do not.

My mask is slightly warped, the right side is wider than the left side, kinda looks awkward.

Maybe its because my mask is warped but the padding lightly touches the side of my face, so it doesn't feel solid unless i wear a beanie.(and im 6'5, I have a big head)

I was told the back padded area would have a logo, and designed with the front of the mask, its just a regular black circle.


Over all its a very nice mask. I just think I was one of the few that kinda got screwed over because my mask is warped.
by Matthew D. on 09/01/2016
"This mask is a OK quality and mask. The mask itself is made of a very strong material. Were it falls short and other reviews did not mention it is that the buckles that hold the mask on are made a very cheap material and tend to fall off. If you're not a child and don't have a tiny face either send this mask is very tight against your face. Also if your nose is not the size of a penny then the mask pushes against it very hard. All the reviews on this style of mask mention the capability of wearing glasses. I understand face types can be different like I mentioned before but there is no possible way to fit any type of prescription glasses in this mask. The style and paint job of this mask are very solid and high-quality. It holds up against BBs very well but due to its not so ergonomic build it was a rather disappointing acquisition.