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Condor Modular MOLLE Double G36 AK M4 Magazine Pouch - OD Green

4 Customer Reviews

by Bailey B. on 04/07/2013
"Good mag pouches. I got these with a Condor Chest rig. Not much to say.

- HUGE, sized right for my AK74 mags
- Velcro + button snaps, to keep the pouches closed

- I noticed AK47 waffle mags are a tight fit in the pouch. They'll work, but it will take a second or 2 to fit two mags in 1 of the pouches.

5/5 stars.
by Dakota F. on 02/14/2013
"if you have a g36, YOU NEED THIS!!!! i bought this and weaved it to my vest and its amazing! can't wait to use it in a war! one problem though.... for some reason i can't put 2 g36 mags in 1 pouch. theres a little foam part that i think is for m4 mags, but idk. overall very usefull
by timothy c. on 01/09/2012
"These are very good pouches, I can hold 4 G36 style mags 2 in each. They are a tight fit when you first try to put them in but after the first try, I'm able to take them in and out with ease. The material these are made of is great and you can Velcro or button the flap over the mags keeping them from falling out or protected. These are a great buy for any one who owns a G36/MK36 and wants to make a load out for it. I give this product and Evike a 5/5
by Landon C. on 11/27/2014
"Pretty good quality pouches here, especially for the price of them. Its a pretty simple item, so this review wont be the longest of course.

Good button clasps on the MOLLE straps, more than secure enough and the straps themselves are good and stiff but not overly thick so threading them into your rig isnt a huge pain. The velcro that secures the top flap is also quite good, strong and thick but doesnt take an act of Congress to open the pouch.

One detracting factor of the pouch is more so simply a change in production since the photos were taken. Each pouch is divided into a two cell pouch, meaning there is a fabric divider that separates one magazine from the other. This means that, like I had intended when I purchased these, you cannot shove a bottle of BB's into the pouch as the divider gets in the way.

So, quick and dirty.

Good stitching, not great but better than old Condor.
Strong velcro.
Great buttons on the straps.
Firm, thin straps.

Cell divider was an unseen issue.

Overall, a good, worthwhile purchase, especially for those that run a variety of different platforms and dont want to change mag pouches.