Reviews: Condor Modular Tactical Recon Butt Pouch / Pack - OD Green


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Model: Pouch-MA03-OD
Location: U3-039

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by Spencer O. on 2013-08-05 10:27:01
"I ordered this buttpack in hopes that it will hold quite a bit of stuff and I was right. I have a bad knee so I often stay behind the team as more of a support guy and pack mule. The pack is not too small but also not too big. It fits perfectly on my web set and will allow me to still comfortably carry my rucksack. In addition the main compartment is big enough to carry two cans of bb's which is more than enough to supply those like me with a support role as well as the rest of the squad. The three outer pockets are good for radios, tool kits, water bottles, extra goggles, etc. The top pocket I am using for a basic first aid kit.

-Cost effective
-Different colors available

-Some may not like the liner inside the main pocket.

Overall I would highly recommend this to those who prefer a web set as opposed to a plate carrier or chest rig. The good construction, simplicity, and versatility are well worth the price.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)