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Godly CQB Riot Control / Camera Man Shield of Heavens

36 Customer Reviews

by Ty T. on 07/23/2012
"This sheild is amazing. Me and my friends had a rav in a sniper tower and had a guy hold the shield to the window. Then we put a bunch of strobe lights on and never got hit.!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!
by Kerri S. on 06/27/2012
"This riot shield is awesome. I have a team that uses these in a spartan style defense position. its cool when you have 15 guys with these all in a circle, and the roof taking all the hits from tornado grenades. Its really fun to push to the objective like that too, and other teams literally bow to us when we get on the field. Thanks Evike!
by luke d. on 05/20/2012
"I am a leader of a team of 10 guys who each have a riot shield and 3 tornado grenades and we're very intimidating. When my team isn't wrecking it up on the field, we're defending our city against giant fire scorpions. Thank you again evike for this incredible item
by Carson W. on 05/05/2012
"This shield is amazing. I used it at a field in stockton called cqb city and it was unstopabLe unless i got shot from behind. It was great for,pushing forward to objectives and you can also get a lot of kills if you use it to go up behind the enemy and knofe them all or shoot them. I actually never used my m4 because i loved this. It a definated buy have fun.
by isabell t. on 03/30/2012
"i have actually bought this and used it in battle as a CQB. it really helps because im sorta short and my friends have high powered guns so that helps alot. its truly great. i advise to buy it.
by michael W. on 03/10/2012
"This is the best thing I have ever known, its so fun because I can finally look out of cover and not get shot.
by Josh B. on 02/23/2012
"This thing is awesome, and depending on your field rules, perfect for CQB corner rams as people come round. lol. A con would be that it is set up for both hands for ample use, however I prop the one handle on my forearm and its just as good seeing as it has virtually now real weight to it. It your out of stuff to buy on Evike like me, this is good impulse buy.
by Cody S. on 01/08/2012
"I thought this was a useful riot shield BUT DEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE
by Doreen N. on 01/02/2012
"I love this shield, using this moving tank puts the other team in fear and is great for raising flags.

Pros: Keeps you safe Cons: Hard to handle with 1 arm
by Jonathan G. on 12/11/2011
"Hey. So I did buy this a while back and have been very frequently using it in airsoft all around LA. It is great and very useful. It is worth more than what you are paying and a must get. in total this is an EXTREMELY GREAT buy for the usual airsofter, player, or cameraman. You must get it before the sell out. This will NEVER let you down. On a 1-10 scale it is above and beyond.
by Dominic G. on 12/09/2011
"This Riot Shield is very useful in the protection of taking arrows to the knees.
by maverick M. on 12/03/2011

This riot shield is amazing! its better than i thought it would be. the only problem i have with it is that you can't put your arm through but not a big deal. Buy this, its sick!
by Scott T. on 10/05/2011
"In responce to Kaleb R review I am writing this for other peoples safey. Saying this can withstand a shot from a pellet gun shooting 900fps with more than likely a .177 pellet it might withstand it. You need to take into account the inerta of a 9mm round vs a pellet, please no one shoot this with a real firearm, you will destory it and might hurt or kill someone. Your friendly NRA Instuctor
by jake f. on 09/21/2011
"i find the + 55 defense when fighting dragons very useful
by Daniel B. on 06/21/2011
"I've been looking all over for a riot shield to use in airsoft, this one definitely covers all mil-sim requirements.

P.S. Love the +55 against dragons lol!