Reviews: Godly CQB Riot Control / Camera Man Shield of Heavens

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Model: SHIELD-EVK-01

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by Jonathan G. on 2011-12-11 09:55:16
"Hey. So I did buy this a while back and have been very frequently using it in airsoft all around LA. It is great and very useful. It is worth more than what you are paying and a must get. in total this is an EXTREMELY GREAT buy for the usual airsofter, player, or cameraman. You must get it before the sell out. This will NEVER let you down. On a 1-10 scale it is above and beyond.
by Dominic G. on 2011-12-09 21:55:05
"This Riot Shield is very useful in the protection of taking arrows to the knees.
by maverick M. on 2011-12-03 13:14:34

This riot shield is amazing! its better than i thought it would be. the only problem i have with it is that you can't put your arm through but not a big deal. Buy this, its sick!
by Scott T. on 2011-10-05 12:19:16
"In responce to Kaleb R review I am writing this for other peoples safey. Saying this can withstand a shot from a pellet gun shooting 900fps with more than likely a .177 pellet it might withstand it. You need to take into account the inerta of a 9mm round vs a pellet, please no one shoot this with a real firearm, you will destory it and might hurt or kill someone. Your friendly NRA Instuctor
by jake f. on 2011-09-21 19:25:51
"i find the + 55 defense when fighting dragons very useful
by eason a. on 2011-07-12 20:34:54
"i got this riot shield about a month ago just cuz i thought it would be funny to use with my friends,which it is, the only problem that i had was that i was too big for it heightwise and widthwise,(im 6ft 2in, and yes i mean too big for it while crouching) and im pretty skinny. so i have to have my friend who's 5ft-9 use it. but its still a fun thing to have for ur team to use.

fun to use(is kinda scary to go up against a bunch of high-power aeg's with it lol)
pretty durable so far

its not like the riot shield on mw2, you need to use two hands with it
too short and isnt wide enough if you're over like 5ft 9

Also:: i suggest you use a paintball mask with it cuz ur going to get shot in the face if anything
by Daniel B. on 2011-06-21 00:35:35
"I've been looking all over for a riot shield to use in airsoft, this one definitely covers all mil-sim requirements.

P.S. Love the +55 against dragons lol!
by cody b. on 2011-06-01 09:21:21
"am quite impressed by this shield its durable and the light weight is great plus can easily one hand it to use pistols or smgs also great for team building
by Gage L. on 2011-04-24 19:16:18
"Combine this, Leather Speedos, Sandals, and the Bayonet and You're set to Win the next big Matches.
by Kaleb R. on 2011-04-17 16:53:54
"Ok, first thing's first. Evike you undersold this shield. I got this a while back and i gotta say im impressed. I shot at it with my pellet gun which is between 800 and 900+ Fps. For anyone who knows about firearms those speeds are pretty close to your basic 9mm. And whats with the +55 defense when fighting dragons the last time I fought a dragon it gave me +80 and it was really easy.

PROS: Cons:
Cheap None
Good Quality
Easy To Carry
Very Light
Good Quality To Sum It All Up Its A Great Buy For The Price!

Displaying 25 to 34 (of 34 reviews)

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