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KWA M226 PTP Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

11 Customer Reviews

by William F. on 08/11/2017
"Out of my experience with 4 total gbb pistols, this one is definitely my favorite. Nobody reads normal reviews so here you go:

Well balanced
Aluminum, durable slide
Operates well in high temperatures
Has a lower rail
Lots of holsters for it
Consistent spread and range


Besides that, I haven't had any issues with this pistol over the year I've owned it
by Jackson W. on 05/14/2017
"This is an amazing gun, my favorite pistol period
I strongly suggest you buy this! It's 10/10 ign would buy again.
by Daniel A. on 04/05/2017
"Just got mine the other day, haven't had a chance to test it yet but i thought i should mention that it actually comes with two magazines, one in the pistol and one in the box next to it.
by Joshua H. on 03/12/2017
"I've had this pistol since airsoft con 2014and I'm writing this on March 12, 2017. The pistol is good, but it has a pretty long break in period. For me it was about 30 mags. It also has cycling issues if it isn't decently hot outside. I get the best performance between 85 and 95 degrees. I put a Guarder 120% hicapa 4.3 recoil spring which helps. You will probably need to thoroughly clean it after every 5 mags or so. It does fit in real molded holsters. I have a safariland 6034 that i was able to find on Amazonwhich will hold a P226 with almost any pistol light. I have a tlr1. Overall, great pistol, but if I did it again I'd drop the money on a Tokyo Marui P226 and metal body kit.
by alex c. on 06/01/2016
"i have had this gun for almost a month and have yet to field it. so far it has been nothing less than amazing. i have about 1000 rounds through it now and it is and i have only had 2 jams, and that is simply because of the bbs I'm using since there not Japanese spec. this gun is accurate, maneuverable, and has a good trigger pull. recoil isn't like my hi capa but it is still snappy. cons are that is a bit heavy for the size and the magazines are incredible expensive and the stock O ring falls off after a couple fills so get the moondog O rings when you get this. overall, I'm very happy
by Matthew C. on 03/13/2016
"Just got this gem the other week, I haven't had the chance to put it throught a game so, with that in mind, I have shot probably 15-20 mags out of this. I usually get 2-3 mags per time I gas the mag, each shot is as strong as the previous (until you run out of gas of course). The hop up is awesome, it stays right in the spot you left it, I haven't had to change it yet. mags to some may be expensive but it's ns2 and its a kwa, the performance and longevity you get out of this gun I've heard is amazing. I've owned a couple kwa's prior to this and they were nothing short of amazing. If you're thinking about getting this gun I highly encourage you. Especially since it's all the same features that are on the real steel 226 (decocking lever, mag release, and slide release.) In case it matters to you, I was stuck between this and the elite force 1911. They didn't have the tac version only the solid black, I saw this and got it instead because of the weight, feel and the fact it shoots like a laser.
by Chase T. on 07/19/2012
"Great gun 5/5
This is by far the best gas pistol i have ever had.
Great kick
not too expersive
its kwa

extra mags are expensive (but worth it bcuz ns2)
by Lex P. on 09/01/2011
"I've owned this gun for about a week now and of the 7 pistols I owned in my life this one is by far my favorite. I have owned various M9's, 1911's, glock's, USP's, and a few other model's, but this blows them all away. When seeing this you might think "wow $160 I will go to the we tech and kjw" DO NOT!!! You wont be disapointed buying this regardless of the price.

-full metal
-extremly ergonomic to the right hand
-functional de-cocker
-gas efficeint (I get 70 shots on a 4 second fill)
-nice kwa trademarks
-340 fps perfect for cqb
-rail on bottom for flashlights, lasers, Etc.
-weight is very balanced

-no safety
-hammer is a bit "floppy"
-extra magazines are a bit pricy compared to other brands
-cant find a threaded barrel
-cant find a upgraded recoil spring
-cant find night sights

As you can see I'm very picky on cons and i look for very small things. Buy this if you have the money you wont regret it. Hope I could help!
by Tennent R. on 06/02/2011
"Hey whats up guys, ive had this pistol for a couple of weeks now and ive shot it about 4 times (the whole clip). Let me just say this pistol is the best out there ,if you are trying to decide or are still searching then stop what ever you are doing and buy this pistol. The whole thing is made from a Metal alloy and is heavy and realistic feeling. the blowback is smooth, crisp and hard. not to mention the slide is wicked fast it will blowback before you can even think to pull the trigger again. plus the deckocker is a very very very nice feture so you dont go shooting when you dont want to. my dad has the real P228 which is a barely smaller counter part to the P226. they both way almost exactly the same!! its so freakin realistic and the mag is waited to feel like a loaded mag. also it is really durible, and not to meantion just fun to mess with. if your a diehard Sig fan and want the best for your loadout or collection look no further than the KWA PTP M226.
by Arlo L. on 11/21/2013
"I love this gun. Been through 2 cqb games and around 20 mags. So glad I picked this gun up.

More accurate than my friends Polarstar.
25 round mag
Nice recoil
Heavy (can be a con)
Working hammer release
Nice cooldown
Heavy(can be a pro)
paint job on slide release, hammer decocker paint wears quick.
Rail is not picatinny
Green gas hog.
DRIES UP SUPER QUICK. After a game this thing was so dry the bb would hit the target from 50 feet before the slide even started to move. (I lubed the gun before the game)
Over all 8/10
by Clayton M. on 03/26/2013
"This is a Great sidearm to have, the best on the market in my opinion. everything about it is like the real 226. I only have two gripes about this gun 1. extra mags are $40(they are worth it but its still expensive) and 2. the finnish on the hammer comes off leaving like a bronzy color and the paint on the frame wears off where the lock on my SERPA rubs against it when I re-insert my pistol.
poor finnish in some spots(hammer/frame)
expensive mags
must use green gas
rear sight falls off( so I've heard but have yet to see it for myself)