Reviews: Matrix 100% CNC 5 Bearing Hammer for WA / G&P / KJW / King Arms & Comp. M4 Airsoft GBB


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Model: Parts-MTX-3411

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by Hongxu W. on 2015-09-10 12:42:49
"It's a great piece due to the price. Surly CNC machined but the finish doesn't looking great which is not a problem. It will help the bolt travel smoother. Does not really fit in my g&p m4 but it will do just fine after taking out one of the bearing on the side. Good for people who want a solid hammer but can't afford or find a ratech one. Over all 4 out 5
by Brandon V. on 2015-08-22 22:35:59
"Works perfectly in my AGM GBB M4. Action is A LOT smoother and reduces wear on the bolt and the hammer with the small roller on the hammer. The bearings help a lot too. A must for the AGM GBB M4 or for a replacement/upgrade.

I haven't used this in a game yet since my rifle isn't combat ready yet, but the roller pin seems to be holding up just fine.

***This does not comes with the hammer spring***

- Roller on hammer to reduce friction and wear on the hammer and bolt
- pivots on ball-bearings
- nice solid steel

by Francisco G. on 2013-03-01 08:08:15
"This is well built hammer good for the price. The only thing is when will this be back in stock!!!!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)