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Model: Bag-HCB2-OD

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by Justin U. on 2016-05-15 18:07:55
"Dual purpose hydration rig that attaches directly to your vest lets you carry a couple odds and ends that you may need for the day. Been using it for two years now and has been through two AMS events. From carrying spare grenades, ammo, gas, mags, Field striped MRE's it is just an amazing piece of rig to have, have beat the ever living heck out of it and its has kept on chugging. For shorter events I still utilize it so I don't need a drop bag that I have to spend the match side eyeing for more dishonest individuals. Can not see any reason you would not want this on your kit. Have to have someone get things out of it though so not useful for items that are needed on the fly. Can be a pain to put on and may take some getting used to if you have a rather short plate carrier. Overall this is two birds with one stone on a low profile platform keeping hydrated and allowing ease of access to supplies for the days events. Probably would not use this in a speed-soft/CQB arena given that the reloading/rest area usually is a mere 30 second walk away, and while low profile not as beneficial because of the added albeit small profile addition


-Keeps you hydrated with a sizable bladder
-Can carry a wide variety of gear/supplies to suit your needs for extended ops
-Low profile
-Mounts well to most plate carriers
-Great pricing
-Also good for smaller games where you would not wish to return to your car for ammo if you don't want to lug a drop bag
down to the field to have to side eye it.

-can be kind of on the long height wise, problem for smaller plate carriers
-cannot directly access it when mounted on your vest (however this is not the design intent)
-really only suits Field play or MILSIM events (once again however this comes down to design intent)
by Brigette K. on 2013-02-06 12:56:06
"its worth $42 and comes with a water bladder so you don't have to buy one. very good quality Hydration/backpack. there is enough space to put everything too.

pros: all the above
cons: none
by Jim R. on 2012-02-18 07:16:47
"This Hydration carrier is amazing, for $40 you cant go wrong. I was gonna go with the other version that was $30 but this one has alot of storage perfect for extra BB's, Gas, Food, etc.
extra space
MOLLE compatible and can be used as a backpack

None so far

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)