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Model: Bag-HCB2-TN

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by wyatt b. on 2016-06-28 09:09:52
"Great backpack! Would recommend to anyone needing a pack or a hydrocarrier

Lots of space
Fits well on my warrior assualt systems recon plate carrier
Comes with nice bladder
Nice coloration
by ben b. on 2016-05-10 16:59:50
"good size pack and enough pockets but the straps get uncomfortable after a short time so will be getting a different one with better thicker straps
by Andrew R. on 2015-11-28 11:53:52
"I have just received this pack and it is really well made, good quality and the correct size for my PC. It has a really cool bladder which looks as if it will last a while.
What I don't like is that the MOLLE loops on the back are unevenly numbered, resulting in the pack sitting offset on your PC. I guess it depends a bit on the manufacturer of the plate carrier( I have 5.11 PC from here), so just be aware of this.
by Zachary R. on 2015-04-07 18:00:56
"This is a great pack, a bit on the larger size though. the picture makes it look a lot smaller than it is. I run the condor cyclone and this thing is just too big, and it sags very noticeably.

Very well built
Lots of space!
Can be used as regular backpack
Comes with hydro bladder!

Too big and saggy for me.

If you're looking for something that is smaller, you should look for the flyye mbss in cb. You can probably mod this to make it fit your setup.
by david f. on 2015-04-02 19:28:23
"I just order one it is awesome!!!!!!! Recommend it to everyone!!!!!!

Con's nothing wrong with it
by Nic S. on 2014-12-26 20:52:53
"I really like this hydration carrier. It acts like a Map pack too.

Great quality
Looks cool
Comes with bladder and hose
Can use straps and can fir molle

Nothing it is awesome
by Justin P. on 2014-10-13 09:29:38
"This is an excellently made carrier, everything is as stated very high quality nice stitching, although it is pretty long, if your small, and you have a lightweight carrier, it's going to hang ooff the end and hit you in the butt, I had it taylored to fit me which you can do without spending too much. It also has plenty if space for all the extra stuff you need. Overall, great product, not to bad of a price either.
by James M. on 2013-12-27 11:29:44
"The Carrier is great! It comes in a great material the largest pouch on it has Velcro on the inside where i decided to put the condor kangaroo pouch insert. Although it is great i would recommend buying the condor mod straps to get it tighter to your back. the straps:
by Brett H. on 2013-11-26 14:26:08
"This backpack is very good I would pay 69 bucks for this it is sexy very sexy 10/10
by Taylor D. on 2012-04-14 18:31:18
"Great hydration carrier that doubles up as that and a small backpack which is mainly the reason I got it. So anyways I would have got this of here but they were out of stock so i went ebay of course. This thing is awesome though and also to clarify it has backpack shoulder straps, bladder with nozzle, and the molle webbing like previously stated. I have it on the back of my plate carrier and it works great so ya I definitely recommend it!
by Zachary C. on 2012-02-28 19:40:04
"this product is exactly as pictured. it comes with two backpack straps that wouldnt be bad for a day hike. the bladder is about 2.5L and the hose has a cover and a lock on the tip that takes a bit of getting used to. my mouth tip fell off about 3 hours into the op but the lock is on the hose so its all good. the pockets are plkenty big. the bottom one is lined with loop velcro and is big enough to hold a propane tank and 8000 rnds. the top pocket is a bit smaller. the molle is very secure on the back of the ciras style vest.
by Luke V. on 2012-02-17 20:15:43
"Hello Evike costumers, just wanted to start by saying this is a good product. Maybe a bit overpriced but whatever. Also the description gives no information what so ever. For those of you wondering, this pack includes a hydration bladder, back pack straps, and the molle attachment. Hope this helps.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 reviews)