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Condor Modular Chest Platfrom Vest (Color: OD Green)

5 Customer Reviews

by Keoric E. on 11/25/2017
"I bought this item for a friend to use as a starting, but yet modular and adaptable rig. My buddy is 245 lbs and is 5'10. I must say, after playing this sport for over seven years, and now sporting LBX and 5.11 gear, with VFC and EMG rifles...I still find myself relying on Condor to fill in gaps on options like my KSK loadout, and to fill in gaps for replacement gear and I must say, Condor is no longer Conderp. This rig fits my friend WONDERFUL, and with me being smaller (5'7 and 130 lbs) it can be adjusted to fit a lil more snug to my liking, but still usable. The Built in pouches is great for starters, along with the integrated hydration/rucksack. There is Ample MOLLE real estate for making this rig look boss as can be. To remedy my loose fit problem, i just opted for some soft armour, if you are smaller and looking for MOLLE gear, go for the Emerson/Avengers JPC. Small framed, adjustable, looks cool and has a built in Admin panel and triple M4 shingle.

-Great Adjustment (mostly)
-Looks awesome
-6 integrated magazine pouches fits M4/AK mags!
-Built in Hydration system

-is alittle large
-awkward to get used to taking on and off
-You dont own one.
by Darla T. on 08/05/2012
"This is an amazing vest, light weight and very mobile. The 6 mag pouches built in are a huge plus for me considering I'm a support gunner and the built in hydration just puts this vest over the top. Very sturdy vest doesn't rip fully adjustable and its easy to attach extra pouches. THE HYDRATION DOES HAVE MOLLE ON IT. Overall a great buy and for the price you can't beat it. I am retiring this vest because i want a plate carrier but this is the best vest I've ever owned use buy
by Nate K. on 03/26/2011
"This is an amazing chest rig. I've been running mine for a couple months now over a plate carrier and it works fantastic. The mag slots are big enough to fit G36 mags with tabs on or off, I cut mine off and yanking them out became much easier. One thing is it doesn't have pistol belt loops so you need to get creative with the MOLLE or just have one drifting around below. Another great feature is the hydration pack built in on the back, very convenient. I would recommend this vest to everyone!
by Brett M. on 03/25/2011
"This is a great chest rig if you're on a budget. buy this and a hydration bladder and you're set for any game.

cheaper than buying a vest and all the pouches you'll need
6 built-in mag pouches (they even hold G36 magazines.)
has a small admin pouch on the front, good enough to hold keys and extra batteries.

no belt loops to keep the vest down.
by Landon C. on 11/27/2014
"Light, strong, sturdy. A year ago these words and Condor wouldnt have been used in the same sentence without copious amounts of sarcasm. That said the oft scorned Condor has, in recent times really begun to step up their game, of course there are still detractors and those that simply wont give them another look now, but I must admit, I have been surprised by this rigs performance.

The construction is above the old average by a good margin, the stitching is thick and typically double stitched to boot, there are a few places where it isnt but those arent the highest load bearing areas. The material itself is a bit stiff initially but breaks in relatively quickly and loosens to a much more comfortable wear. The built in hydration pouch fits a 2 liter bladder with ease, you may even be able to fit a 2.5 in there but I dont have one to check this. There are enough adjustments to get it into a good fit save for a few problem areas I will address in detail by themselves. The shoulder straps have a decent amount of padding in them and havent flattened out yet, even under the rather hefty weight of my magazine heavy RPK loadout and offer ample room to route a comm system or simply hang a radio. The D rings on each strap are also good for keeping the hydration hose from trying to strangle you.

Now, the bad stuff, and by stuff I mean inconvenient.

First off, the lack of belt loops is pretty upsetting, it wouldnt have been that big og a deal to add them but, oh well. Its not a huge upset.

Secondly, the fitting adjustments, while mostly adequate, leave room for improvement in some areas. Primarily, I could not get the vest to set high enough using the shoulder strap adjustments. It wasnt horrid, but when kneeling my AK pouches would sometimes hit it and get shoved up, pushing the admin pouch up into my neck. Speaking of admin pouch, the adjustment straps that keep it fight against you only have two settings, loose and retard strength hug. There is no in between.

Finally, and the least of an issue to me really is that the build in M4 magazine pouches are rather hard to use, especially inserting a magazine into it as is actually just deep enough that you have to dig into the pouch to grasp it to pull it free, ranger plates or magpuls do make this a non issue however. The only other issue with these pouches is that when you have magazines in them, you can feel them on your stomach. I carry between three and six M4 magazines for my team mates and they can occasionally get uncomfortable, especially if you are prone for a long period.

So, pros and Cons.

Pretty solid construction overall.
Double stitching where it needs it but not everywhere.
Drag handle actually capable of dragging without breaking(Even my 200+ butt.)
Decent adjustability.
Good material.
Relatively large hydro pouch built in.
Light and breathes easily.

Built in mag pouches can be hard to use.
Some adjustment areas could be better.
Lack of belt loops.
No plate pouches(?)

All in all, this is a fair item for a pretty fair price. Its nice and light, pretty well build but not without its troubles.