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Model: Vest-CD-CS-AC
Location: R1-033

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by Scott D. on 2014-07-23 15:05:12
"Most definitely NOT for slim/light players. I'm six feet tall and weigh in at a good 240 pounds and this rig will only be tight on me if i fully tighten it and bind the harness straps. Other than it's large size it's a very comfortable rig with 6 built in M4 mag pouches with adjustable bungee straps to secure them in,a removable admin pouch AND an integrated Hydration bladder holder/shotgun scabbard. Not to mention this rig is covered from front to back in Molle real estate and allows for a slim H/Y harness to be worn for a battle belt.

Molle everywhere
Integrated hydration pouch that holds up to a 1 gallon bladder or a small shotgun
Removable Admin Pouch
Integrated M4 mag pouches with Bungee straps

VERY LARGE rig that WILL NOT fit smaller/slimmer players tightly
by Quentin A. on 2011-06-22 05:31:14
"Great value, just not for skinny people.

I just got this vest and though I've tightened it as far as it will go, it's still beyond loose on me. Don't get me wrong though, once you put it on it ain't comin' off. Overall GREAT value compared to others just be aware that you'll need a non-skinny torso to fill it out good.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)