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Model: AEG-CA-SP021M

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by Clay B. on 2013-12-25 13:50:03
"Got this gun for my son for Christmas and for the first two hours everything was great. Gun looks good, shoots well and seems well built. Then the gun just stopped firing and I have tried every troubleshooting technique offered and guess what? Still does not shoot! My only option is that a defective fuse was shipped to me. I could not be any more disappointed that on Christmas Day my son only got two hours of enjoyment out of the gun and we now it just sits on the kitchen table for him to look at while his brothers (different brand of gun) continues to work great.

Did I already say how incredibly disappointed I am for the amount of $ spent on this gun!!!!!!!!
by Kyle C. on 2012-02-26 04:19:08
Internals are good for a base gun
Hopup is excellent
Metal body is of very good quality
Shoots field speeds for such a short gun

Trads. fade away with use
Trigger assembly got stuck open
Needs a 30A automotive fuse or you will continue to burn fuses out of the box
Included detachable sight are not that good
Does not have a sling mount so u will either have to get a a lower reciever spacer sling mount plate or do what i did and get a sling that attached directely to the buffer tube

Very good gun for the $200 price tag
Would give it a 5 but my trigger assembly says otherwise.
by joe o. on 2011-12-20 02:01:18
"I have had the rifle for a bit and have fielded it twice. The gun preforms much better then i expected it to. For a cqb rifle it had more then adequate range to be used in outdoor fields. The grips had no wobble, but because of their slim size getting a battery in there is a bit of a hassle. The retractable stock did have some wobble. I would definitely recommend a 9.6v battery or switching over to a lipo.
I would recommend this gun to any player.
great rof on a 9.6v
decent range for a cqb gun
solid internals
sounds and feels amazing

stock had some wobble
the gun would stop firing after about a 6 second burst, but after a few shots on semi was good to go again
battery is a bit of a pain to get in the hand guard
by William B. on 2011-11-14 16:43:49
"After using other M4s i have to say this was by far the most comfortable for me to shoot. I found that the mags i used for my old guns fit perfectly in the gun with a musical "click". The ROF was surprisingly fast with my 9.6 volt battery. I may only have 3 years of experience playing airsoft but i know that the Classic Army LWRC Licensed M6 Premium Sportsline Airsoft AEG Rifle is a very good gun.
by Michael L. on 2011-09-28 17:23:18
"I purchased two of these, this one for my 13 year old son and the long version for myself. Thus far I could not be more pleased. These replicas are as advertised. They shoot hard and fast, receiver and furniture are solid as a rock. What appealed to me was the lack of working parts, there is less that can break. They are fully upgradable internally and externally. The only cons I can see are: 1. painted on logos, get some acrylic clear matte sealer and spray the receiver before you field it. This will save the logos for years. 2. The rear sling point is plastic and unusable, at least more than once. 3. For the life of me I can not get an 8.4 small type battery into the forgrip. I had to purchase a nun chuck. 4. The orange Flash hider was glued on. That's it for cons. The pros: 1: 400 FPS. 2. 200' effective range. 3. With the 9.6 you get a great ROF. 4. Very solid build and paint.

My son and I have fielded these replicas at, at least 5 events. We have put at least 20000 rounds through each. They are performing fantastic. I highly recommend this replica, you will not be disappointed. Good luck and good hunting.

Michael LeBlanc

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)