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Matrix Half Finger Tactical Gloves - OD Green (Size: MD/LG)

18 Customer Reviews

by davin s. on 07/10/2016
"Absolutely love these gloves. I have HUGE hands and the xxl ones fit perfect. Let's my fingers breath while successfully protecting my hands. 10/10 would buy again. BTW these are DEFINITELY worth the price, absolute steal
by Joseph G. on 11/28/2015
"Best starter gloves, well worth the money saved.

I had these when I first started playing airsoft. I wore them in the woods and have been through a lot of wear and tear. My only problem being the stitching coming undone but by the time it had happened I wanted new gloves anyway (1 year later). The green protection on the back of the hand is perfect and comfortable. ⭐️⭐️⭐-
by Bryden B. on 08/16/2014
"I have been using these gloves for about six years now and I am VERY pleased with them! This is an excellent purchase if you do not want to spend thirty+ dollars on gloves.

Absorbs impact like no one's business
Look pretty slick'n'sick
You can shoot as if you were not wearing any gloves at all (They don't get in the way)

You can't reach into some pockets with them, but you get used too it.

In the end, I'd recommend these to any body looking for a good pair of gloves. 5/5
by Alex G. on 06/18/2014
"Excellent gloves! They look great and breathe well. They don't feel chintzy at all. They look like they'll last me forever if I take care of them. My only complaint is that there's a lot of leftover rubber in the vents on the rubber/soft plastic shield. Really though, it matters so little. If it really bothers you, pick/cut/sand it off.
by ben j. on 05/07/2014
"These gloves are flippin' awesome. As soon as i opened them I put them on and had my friend shoot at it. Didn't really feel anything. The only downside to any half finger glove however, is that the really boney parts of your fingers are totally exposed. But I like living a dangerously.

Pro ; Looks totally B/A,
The armored back does it's job quite effectively.
Fits just right.
Half finger ( Could be a con for some people )

Cons ; None
by Chris L. on 03/10/2014
"I love these gloves so much. The half finger makes finding stuff on your gear so much easier, and the hard plastic back, although looks cheap, is both very flexible and comfortable.The only problem is sometimes the hard outside shell rubs against your knuckle, but amazing gloves for $12
by Dakota G. on 11/25/2011
"I have used these gloves for like 20 matches and they were old when i got them but they are still pretty awesome and they don't restrict your mobility
by Eric S. on 10/06/2011
"These gloves are pretty cool. The half fingered really helps and so does the "shield" on the top. Its a hard plastic and you won't feel anything if a BB hits you there


Good Ventilation
Fits Snugly
Great Shield


by Frederick B. on 08/31/2010
"these are the best gloves for air soft you can buy for the price

very protective
really cool ! :)

i bought mine at dumhams and they only came in blue :( i wanted tan :)
by Eric B. on 03/13/2010
"For $12 these are some decent gloves. They are cut a little big, which works great for me because I am between L and XL with gloves usually. The outer material tends to snag in the thickets and dense brush, but then again so does everything else. The palms are padded suede (or something similar) and the "shell" portion protects the hands well (even if it does look a little futuristic and cheesy). The only thing I would do different is get the full finger version and cut off the trigger fingers only. Good stuff.
by Chad B. on 03/12/2010
"I love these! They fit great, they don't break on 400 fps impact, and my hands are a lot less welt-y!

One small, tiny issue is the clip that keeps them together for storage is the cheapest plastic ever. Broke immediately. However, I didn't want that clip on there anyway, snagged my gloves on trees in the woods.
by Andrew R. on 04/25/2015
"I would recommend these gloves to a person on a budget. They get the job done.
-Open finger design gives greater control over guns
-Extremely cheap plastic molding held in by thin stiches (a little superglue helps)
-Plastic molding has a very strong smell, will probably wear off
-Look a litttllleee bit bulky

Overall a good buy, however, nothing special. If you like the look of these try 'em out.
by Hunter D. on 08/15/2014
"Any type of finger protection is a must have for any one, but these fit the bill perfectly. They protect most of your hand without sacrificing dexterity, you can still access all of your gear with ease.


Protects hands
Light weight
Well built
Good fit
Great for the $$


Might not fit smaller hands
Slightly uncomfortable

Overall a great buy.
by Henry M. on 01/14/2013
look good
easy to do stuff with out taking them off

Have breath holes that are big and a bb sliped in an hit me in the knuckle

Over all great gloves!
by Justin T. on 10/16/2012
"These are great gloves great buy.


-the material is very nice
-fit perfectly

-not very comfortable hard thing you could feel inside the glove.
-only comes in green I wanted tan