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Matrix Deluxe Tactical Thigh Holster (Color: ACU / Right)

17 Customer Reviews

by Elias R. on 12/22/2017
"This holster is great for almost any pistol out there, I use it with my WE tech g18c and it fits nice and snug! Even if the picture shows it using a 1911, like I said it is pretty much a one size fits all! (And you can't go wrong with the affordable price!)
by Alex H. on 11/18/2017
"Great holster for the price. Fits a full size and weight m9 perfectly. Straps donít seem to loosen, if so itís easy to sew them. Fabric does form to your pistol so I just leave mine in it to help hold its shap. Snap that holds the pistol in is good and easy to undo and draw with one hand. Even with it off jumping up in down the pistol doesnít move at all. Unfortunately the magazine pouch on the front is a little too small for my magazine. It would probably hold a multi tool though. Slightly lighter color then my mandrake loadout but it is hardly noticeable. Overall very satisfied with it.
by Paul D. on 07/05/2017
"This holster is awesome and great for a low price!
by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"very fidgety but none the less it does its job, has a very small sleeve above the gun slot, so really small magazines or suppressors go in there
by sawyer w. on 09/17/2010
"does any 1 know if it can carry revolvers cuz im a sniper and i just have the revolver in my poket
by Andrew D. on 09/14/2010
"Does this holster need to have a belt? Or does it come with a belt?? Can u just use the vertical straps? Plz comment back i want to knjow before i buy it. Thanks
by Patrick W. on 09/28/2009
"This is a very nice holster. It fits securely around the leg, is fully adjustable, and holds a wide range of pistols.


1. Allows silencers
2. Holds a wide range of pistols
3. Fits securely
4. Fully adjustable


1. The straps sometimes slide loose
2. The excess strap tends to slap the inside of my hurts. =P

For the money, it's a very nice holster. Don't be afraid to buy it; I bought the camouflage one and it's very nice.
by Jason B. on 08/21/2008
"This is an excellent holster, considering it's only ten bucks! Yes, it does fall down slightly, but not too much. I have not had it move to the other side of my leg though. Luckily, there's an opening in the bottom so my 8" UHC revolver fits in it :)
by Snip3r 4 on 06/28/2008
"Great holster... i use it for a six shot pistol and it makes u look more like a threat and mor experineced
by Dj Y. on 05/02/2008
"Great holster for 10 bucks.. make sure you have it tightened up and set right, looks great when posing for photos too =]
by Jeffrey R. on 03/19/2018
"The upper thigh strap is a little short for a muscular leg. Had to modify with additional strap to fit. Other than my large upper thigh issue, this holster fit my 1911 very well.
by david l. on 06/13/2008
"i have a tokyo marui g17 and i thank this holster might be a little big for it i might be wrong but for 10 buck you cant go wrong if you have a beretta m9
by Daniel H. on 12/29/2011
"A great holster for its price

1. light
2. cheap
3. two ways to unbutton
4. fits my 1911 pretty well

1. where the holster hooks on to your belt, right below it is a plastic part that helps you adjust the holster from how high you want it to how low. That part will definitely break on you when your running with a heavy pistol. To fix that I went to Homedepot and bought a adjustable chain link metal thing. easy fix.
2. the extra mag pouch attached to the holster is a bit small. small as in theres about a 1/4 - 1/2 inch of velcro that i am able to strap over my 1911 mag. Never failed me but that small amount bugs me sometimes.
3. leg strap clip broke.
4. when running it might tend to loosen up on your leg just a tad bit.
by Brandon R. on 09/12/2009
"This holster is pretty good but like everything it has flaws. Well this holster is also a big pain in the butt because you have to constantly tightened the leg straps which sucks when u do it all the time. Otherwise this holster is really good
by Matt B. on 12/04/2008
"jason,the only reason it didnt slidemuch for you,is becauseyou have a light weapon in it.when you have a full metal handgun in,it moves around way too much.i had that problem,and still do,even with my new holster. the only good thing is that you can take the holster off of the leg platform and use the holster itself