Reviews: Colt / Magpul PTS Licensed Full Metal Colt M4 MOE Carbine Airsoft AEG by King Arms - Black


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Model: CG-F02-029

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by Chris B. on 2013-08-20 08:48:41
"Hey guys if your interested in this gun let me help you out. Everybody will tell you their gun is awesome and I'm sure they all are but this is awesome and it's not your normal m4. Pros: nice magpul stock, handguard, and pistol grip. Great included metal carrying handle. All the magpul parts are some type of plastic but it won't break anytime soon. Performance wise this gun is very nice. I'd say max range 200-220 feet but effective range 180- feet. This gun can easily shoot further than my stock well l96 all day long. Cons: the stock is wobbly. The motor gets very hot but that's pretty common for stock. And one last thing, THE HANDGUARD IS A PAIN TO TAKE OFF; I'm not sure what kind of spring they used but it takes some time getting used to. All in all, this is a great gun that will last you a long time and can be made into whatever you want with some upgrades.
by Meldrin H. on 2013-07-23 12:19:58
"The moment I opened the box on this gun, I was totally impressed by the looks, feel and weight of the gun. The gun is pretty heavy for its size and the gun is well solidly built. The gun shoots real good and feeds good. Although, the website has False adverstisement that it shoots 340-380 Fps. The gun shoots 330-350 Fps on .20 bbs (out of the box) but its not really big deal cause it is really upgradable to any fps of choice. I'm planning to buy a Higher torque motor and change the Spring so as to raise the Fps close to 400. Anyways, this is probably one of the best choice if you're picking up an M4. The price is well worth for the built and quality of the gun.

- Weight is pretty heavy (you'll get used to it)
- Unique built and appearance
- Shoots accurately for CQB
- FULLY upgradable to any FPS of choice
- I like the Hop up mechanism of the gun

- The metal parts of the gun gets rusty over time especially if you have a sweaty hands and only wears a Half finger gloves. Not a big deal cause you can just wear a Full finger gloves.
by Robert M. on 2012-08-09 08:28:17
"Honestly, King Arms makes stellar quality guns. From the rock solid internals to the competition crushing performance, this gun has it all. This gun feels great in anyone's hands with the Magpul grip that contours to the hand of the user. It's great since the battery is wired in the hand guard and not in the stock so you don't have the wire problem when trying to extend or compress the stock.

-full metal body
-insane rate of fire
-shoots just right for indoor play
-colt trades

-uh maybe the hideous orange flash hider?

Bu seriously though, this gun is amazing and is totally worth the money
by Jack A. on 2012-04-08 10:12:55
"This gun is amazing!!!!!! I got it and saw all the cool trades and the sweet bolt catch feature. I havent been able to war with this gun yet but I probably with have one tommorow :).. Not I will get to the pros and cons:

Pros: Great trades, good accuracy,good rps with 9.6v battery, solid will not break, COOL,

Cons: Jams alot (but to fix this....... take the mag out just shoot it on semi once and the bb clears, need to use good bbs I use matrix .23s the work great

overall i would give this gun a 4.9/5 just becasue of tht little jsaming issue..
by Hakon B. on 2011-06-19 15:23:51
"First off, This gun is the perfect gun for those tactical environments. It's light, rather small, durable, High Fps and completely compatible for upgrades. I attached a Negative 14mm threaded Barrel extension/Suppressor, a M125 220% Matrix spring + Shimmings + I found a 9.6v 2300NMah Battery and added a 363mm 6.03mm tight bore barrel. This gun is the envy of the field, everyone is scared to death of it and it shoots about 449 Fps after the spring became worn in but the gun is definetly more unique than a simple M4 which is why I hate m4's but this one just appears to be " Uniquely Elite in it's model."

Out of the box it was almost perfect, After getting the battery charged and working on the "Original piece" I checked the gearbox and shimmed everything + added silicon and went out for a test shooting. The accuracy out of the box is EXTREMELY accurate up to 75 feet and thats where it starts becoming slightly off but thats why you shoot a burst and get them?

5 Stars just because I love it and have had no problems

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)