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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen4 Metal Mesh Full Face Mask - Digital Woodland

4 Customer Reviews

by David D. on 02/11/2015
"I'm a full Matrix buyer. I'm completely sold on their equipment due to the high quality and durability.
I just got this mask today and am already impressed.

Hard mesh (able to bend with great force)
very comfortable
Adequate frontal neck protection

Inadeqaute side cover. This mask is primarily to protect your face. I would strongly recommend purchasing a balaclava, woodland digital hat, or a helmet if you use this, otherwise you may be in for a painful suprise.

Overall, highly recommend to any airsoft person.
by Kyle W. on 09/17/2012
"I -LOVE- this mask!

I'll do a pro/con:
-I was able to easily wear sunglasses/low-pro goggles underneath this.
-It fits very snug to my face, was fairly comfortable during an all-day game.
-It doesn't rub my nose, even though I would consider my nose to be long.
-Amazing field of view! Very close to no obstruction.
-Mesh is VERY tough, I tried to bend it to fit better, but I can't!
-Easy to adjust 2-strap system.
-Looks badass

It does have some problems that I would love to see corrected in the next generation.
-Firstly, the paint finish is not a MATTE finish, it is GLOSSY. If you look into a sunny area, you're bombarded by hundreds of little light circles in your vision. I was able to deal with it, but I am going to paint it matte colors. Please fix!!
-Also, it doesn't look like the advertisement pics, it has a solid color for the mesh.
-It grips my cheeks a little tightly, sort of makes me talk funny. But the design would need to change a lot to make it fit without moving.
-I wish there was more head "dome" coverage, the top/sides of your head are vulnerable to painful headshots. A full-head version would make my life.

Overall I am pleased with it, but it couldn't hurt to improve it more!
by ethan w. on 02/23/2012
"great face mask. a must buy for sure if you do cqb games. i wear 3 hole balaclava with it cause the mesh rubs aginst your nose real bad. ive only taken about 4 shots to the face with this and it was with a bad ics plastic sportline shooting at barely 295 fps. im expecting alot more damage when i take it to the next game cause everyones guns there are 350 to 400 (might break the mesh cause it feels brittle but good metal) all in all a super durable mask and great if you want to breath comfortably and look down your holo scope or iron sights
by Jesse M. on 04/01/2011
"High quality build, extremely comfortable, and covers entire face. Mesh pattern almost disappears from vision once you put it on, much more so than I was expecting. Also it came down toward my neck further than I expected as well and didn't interfere with my high neck roll protection on my tactical vest.

The two straps that lock it down in the back are stretchy and comfy. It's small enough on your face that you can still see through a red dot mounted directly to a railed M4 reciever (thats NICE). Obviously will eliminate fogging problems in moist or cooler enviroments.

My ears felt just a little bit vulnerable but a nice PASGT or MICH helmet or a balaclava would make all the difference and would be recommended anyway ( .23's to the earhole at 400fps ain't cool O_O!)

This honestly could be the best facial/head protection system avaliable for airsoft use to date. It's far more efficent than traditional paintball masks which are clunky, fog up, and are a real pain to deal with when using a helmet and really don't cover as much area as this mask does. Anything more than this is overkill for airsoft use. It won't make you feel like a supertactical spaceman running short of air and it looks wicked. It's a must have and VERY nice for 30 dollars and believe me you for real GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in the airsoft world. Personally I think that this mask is the new standard of what airsoft facial protection is all about.

Props to Evike on the hook up and helping elevate the game. Matrix=Airsoft, all grown up