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WE-Tech Dual Tone Hi-CAPA 4.3 2011 Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

22 Customer Reviews

by Jose P. on 02/23/2018
"Awesome green gas pistol. The mags are crap and you should buy some new ones and it has a pretty good kick back so little hands beware.
by Shane B. on 01/23/2016
"A Warhorse.
This little guy is my go to back up gun. It has never failed me. Yea the slide has some wobble. No I cant pick you off from across the field. However once Im inside a building I will be shooting you with this. Ive had mine for 2 years. Still fires as well as the day I got it. Ive bought other handguns but I find myself using this anyways.
by Jonathan N. on 08/16/2015
"Alright! I'm in my 3rd month of using this pistol. Note: I used it almost every game Wed-Sunday

Heavy [gives it more of a reality check]
Easy to maneuver
Cleaning/Maintenance is easy

Hi-CAPA mags have weak base plates [so try not to drop them]
Safety gets a little loose after constant use
Orange tip is a bit tricky to take off
Distance can be an issue especially in a shootout

*If you want to up the FPS/accuracy I suggest also adding this

Overall, my personal opinion of this gun is 5/5
by kyle m. on 08/14/2014
"This is by far an amazing pistol. It is amazing.

No pot metal
Good weight
Nice realistic kick
Aluminum slide
Tons of features
Room to mount a flashlight
Cycles really smoothly
Looks amazing * Even better in person *

I ordered an extra WE mag and it came broken (don't trust the WE mags)
Front sight is hard to see (could just be me)
I didn't buy 2

Simply amazing gun 10/10 would buy again, just don't buy the WE mags
by Nathan I. on 02/02/2014
"Got this the same day as my KWA MOD 2 and all I have to say is that this is a great backup. Runs smooth and reliably, just like you would want from a pistol. Also, I highly recommend getting the extended mag for this, it works great.

- Smooth and reliable
- Nice feel, not too heavy, not too light
- Comes with a 14mm CCW adaptor

- Haven't found any yet
by Tyler S. on 01/27/2014
"good looking pistol serves well.
kicks and shoots straight
by Ben D. on 01/22/2013
"Great gun straight out of the box. All i expected and then some. Now to the pros and cons

Pros: Great accuracy
very comfortable
a nice mag size
easy to load with or without speed loader

overall i give it a 5/5 somewhat because its my first GBB pistol and i have 2 other friends' to compare it to but my first impressions was that it met all my expectations
by Marcus H. on 01/15/2013
I akimbo 2 of these.
Performance is great, now that WE decided to work with Taiwan instead of China. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

Great capacity for the mag, About 30 bbs
Pretty good on weight, not heavy, but feels like the real deal!
The slide is awesome and the trigger is on point.

Mags are gas hogs, Its like this with all GBB

That's it!!!
by Lorraine P. on 05/08/2012
"Ok so i have waited a good bit of time to write this review simply because peoples first impressions on a new gun make reviews bias. i have owned this pistol since 2-10-12 and it is now 5-8-12, during this time ive used it in about 30 different battles at my CQB arena. and it is still amaaaaazing.

PROS: great FPS
good hard kick
accurate to about 20 yards
great mag capacity

CONS: We tech mags suck. i ordered 5 and 3 were broken out of the box.
gas hog but hey its airsoft that will happen.

overall 5 stars. this gun is amazing and when im done writing this im off to buy another!
by Luis G. on 04/12/2012
"What a great deal!!

I use this gun at my local Airsoft field which is indoor and this gun is great for any kind of CQB situation. I've had it for about two weeks and heres what I can say.

Pros: Lightweight and realistic feeling,
Great grip, Great FPS for the price, BUY IT!!
I would honestly pay up to 160$ for this gun so getting it for 110$ is a steal.

Cons: Wish I had another.
Beaver tail safety came loose, probably my fault though. No big deal.

by David M. on 12/24/2011
"Received this pistol yesterday and the thing is simply amazing. Realistic weight, feel and charging sound. I have found nothing wrong with it except for the fact that it is a gas hog but thats not a real issue if you are using propane. And the shipping was great too. Ordered on the 20th, received on the 23rd. Definitely will buy from here again. And the quality of the gun is simply amazing. Really easy to disassemble and another amazing feature is the adjustable hop up. It's hard to find a gun with features like this for so cheap. Great buy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice high quality gbb.
by alan n. on 12/20/2011
"Got mine today this gun i got to say... its fricken amazing worth 105 buck which is a steal recommend it to anyone.
pros: Slide is amazing the laser engarved mark awesome
high mag capacity
looks great brushed steel looks very cool
high quality stuff here people

cons: wish i bought two
by brenden m. on 12/05/2011
"this gun is just as awesome as my last WE hi capa and it kicks just as hard too. the thing has great accuracy but i might upgrade the barrel, i got a 3$ mag with it too with the holy cow deal!! thats awesome!

amazing look and feel
performance A++
great deal with the 3 dollar mag
stainless slide just makes me wanna drool =]
hits hard and far most of the time
outstanding magazine capacity
i could go on for days honestly

um none duh
by Jim Z. on 04/22/2011
"First off, this pistol is worth every penny. It feels and looks great, and it does not scratch.
No wobble
shoots great
internals look better than my kwa
solid and crisp blowback thanks to the aluminum construction

REALLY hard to get orange tip off as it is glued and threaded in
the laser inscription in mine came a little off, there were small permeament smudges around a few letters

other: note when you get this, the dark part of the slide in line with the sites in the picture looks like a odd angle or something that made it look dark, its acutaly the same color as the lower frame
looks ****** - thats good by the way
by Andrew F. on 03/29/2011
"Great pistol, great build quality and great price.

Something to keep in mind if you plan to purchase a "silencer" (barrel extension) - when the slide is cycled, the guide rod extends past the end of the dust cover, and the outer barrel retracts slightly, which means the "silencer" you chose must be slim enough not to bang into the guide rod and lock up the action.

I found out the hard way.