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Matrix Nomex Hard Shell Knuckle Tactical Gloves - Sage Green (Size: X-Large)

6 Customer Reviews

by Bret W. on 02/13/2012
"I got these gloves yesterday and I must say, I'm pretty impressed. The hard knuckle is decently thick, you definitely won't fell a shot to your knuckles, also the Nomex material is rather comfortable and moisture resistant. There is little padding on the tops of the middle of your four longer fingers, thumb excluded, and the overall quality is very nice. The only problem that I have is that if you have a part that is not really textured, it will slip quite easily. Also, small detail, but I'm picky, the thick leather is nice but trying to hit an m4 mag release is difficult. I sometimes hit the button even though I don't feel it. I mean to hit it but I just seem to not be able to find it.

PROS: Durable, Comfortably, Protective, and Well worth the money.

CONS: Slippery, Thick stitching, and sometimes a pro, but Thick.
by bronson g. on 09/12/2011
"i got a pair of the gloves and love them ;there strong made very well .i got big hands anf the LG glove was kinda small but not a con. had to cut sum extra stuff out of the fingers on the in side of the glove but not a prob .over all great for the gear and looks BA .not to hot and will keep hands worm in the cold .GREAT BUY get a set for your load out
by Rita H. on 11/24/2013
"Good gloves
Pros: durable
hard knuckle to deflect BB's
Cons: very slick making it easy to drop things.
by Matt B. on 11/24/2011
"These Gloves do the job, but as they are matrix they are a copy brand! these are not the kevlar one that people always expect straight out of battle field 3 they are make of 51% cloth 49% leather, the leather is grey and a bit weird it wrinkles up if kept in a box like i do to them. the knuckles are hard enough to punch stuff although they are the cheaper holo kind they still do hurt when hit and luckly there is padding on the inside so no raw knuckles there is also padding on all the fingers on the second knuckles that are just a bit of padding and work out great!

Pretty comfortable
on the better end of precision ( can tie my shoes with them)
Good protection

Knock off
Leather looks fakie weird
Knuckles take weird color when you start hitting stuff

Overall do what they are suppose to and i would field them anyday!
by Chris M. on 06/13/2011
"these gloves are awewsome.... if your like me, and love cqb, you need these gloves. i shed blood so much so i decided to get hard knuckled gloves. only one con though...

protects your hands
nice color

you cant really strech out your fingers to much...
its not a def con though
by Josh G. on 07/26/2016
"Good concept, poorly executed, gloves arrived torn, missing a wrist strap on the left glove, the right glove came with a large hole on the seam right behind the thumb, after closer inspection, the gloves are a low quality cloth, feels like a low quality cotton.

The hard knuckles are ok, they are what they say however, I would never trust these gloves for any of the things that is put in the product description ESPECIALLY REPELLING, except for airsoft

Don't buy, save your money and get a better pair, it will save you more in the end.

What you see is what you get but remember, looks can be deceiving.