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Matrix Nomex Hard Shell Knuckle Tactical Gloves (Color: Tan / Large)

9 Customer Reviews

by Mike D. on 07/07/2012
"they do run large.. and im a smaller guy.. so the gloves fit great but the wrist velcro fits horribly
by Cole S. on 12/03/2011
"Realy REALY good gloves. They are really comfy and i got shot in the hand today by a 450 fps gun point black in the hand and it dulled the hit alot so bassically they're thick is what im getting at. Also THEY RUN BIG the small is as big as a medium condor pair of gloves so buyer beware.
by Marissa C. on 10/05/2011
"First off, these are really nice gloves. If you're looking for a good pair of tactical gloves, these are your friends. Hard knuckles, stiff leather, and soft interior material, what more could you ask for? The Hard knuckles are very good and would be very helpful against those annoying, painful knuckle hits. The leather material on the fingers provide the user with a solid, non slip grip on whatever he/she is holding. And the nice soft material on the inside comforts the user's hands that reduces any annoying fatigue.

-Hard Knuckles
-Leather Material
-Soft Interior
-Great Price for this amount of value that you are recieving.

by Levi F. on 03/27/2011
"these gloves help so much. ive been shot many times in the knuckle with these nd didnt feel a thing
by Brandon W. on 12/04/2011
"These gloves are what you get for 25$ and maybe a little more. Just never punch the floor... They just might break on you.
by jake c. on 11/28/2014
"For $20 gloves you get what you pay for. With minimal use the outside color rubs off and reveals a bright yellow color underneath which is not aesthetically pleasing at all. Wouldent recommend if you are looking for good quality gloves that will last, but if your somewhat of a couchsofter they work as they are pretty cheap.
by Robert T. on 08/22/2013
"Cheap gloves.. Okay for the price, I guess. Palms are just one flat piece of material that doesn't particularly form to your hand or fingers. The wrist seems to be pretty large, I have to cinch the velcro tab almost all the way down to get them to stay on. The color on the leather parts seems to be fading/peeling off, and the stitching quality is questionable.

One would do better to spend the extra money on some MPACT-3's or similar when shopping for knuckle gloves.
by Isaac L. on 12/29/2011
"Quality: The fabrication of the gloves leaves much to be desired, with loose stitching and overlapped seams producing a very cheap-looking product.

Fit: On both pairs of gloves I purchased, the fingers are very short for their size, and lead to an uncomfortably cramped fit when worn, while the palm is very large, and slides around while holding things, impeding grip. Finally, the thumb construction is oddly malformed, forcing the thumb of the wearer at an odd angle that quickly becomes painfully strained while wearing.

Materials: The smooth goatskin is so slick both I and my girlfriend have trouble maintaining grip on our guns, and despite the "moisture wicking properties" listed in the item description, our hands quickly became sweaty in while trying them out in a 75-degree air conditioned apartment.

Overall: These gloves completely fail to meet the quality standards we have come to expect from Matrix and Evike.
by Matthew D. on 11/26/2011
"These gloves are cheap. I used them in two games and they fell apart. There are holes in the fingers. Holes ripped in the leather between the thumbs and the pointer fingers. The hard knuckles are crackling everytime you put a little presure on them. There is no grip to the guns and mine fell out of my hnds a few times. Its great that it was very low to the ground when I did that. Pick any other glove but these