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WE-Tech M9A1 S.O.C. Special Edition Gas Blowback Pistol - Two Tone / Brushed Aluminum

22 Customer Reviews

by Scott B. on 07/20/2014
"My first gas blowback pistol. It is solid and easy to use, I have borrowed/used friends gbbs before that have been on the lower end. I am by no means a pro, but it gets the job done and hasn't failed me yet. I've had it for about 9 months now and have put about 13 magazines through it and so far so good. All in all, I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reliable and sweet looking sidearm
by dominic l. on 08/01/2013
"Really good secondary gun for pro airsofters and even Beginners it runs Nicely with propane and green gas it is full metal except for the rubberized grip. The slide is brushed metal so does not scratch easily. The only thing I have noticed that is bad about this weapon is that the Safety sometimes does not work. Over all this gun is a very nice secondary to have on the field but I recommend buying an extra mag or two because the mags only hold about 22 rounds in them. Remember have fun and wear eye protection when playing.
by Justin H. on 06/13/2013
"The gun is great but i know how annoying it is to read the whole comment to get a solid yes or no on buying gun so defiantly get the gun if you have some extra money for more magazines and gas.

-easy to reload
-great looks
-easy to disassemble and reassemble
-great for using a silencer very easy to put one on
-nice rail system on bottom of barrel
-grip is very nice

-need more than one or two magazines
-hard to reload bb's into the magazines fast
-doesn't hold gas that well
-manual in chines but has great step by step pictures
by Dez S. on 02/23/2013
"I have had this pistol for maybe six months and have used it in a few games so far. It a a pretty good pistol in my opinion. It feels very comfortable in the hands as well with the rubberized grips on it. One issue i have had with it though is the trigger bar spring. It can pop off easily if you remove the grips and pull the trigger making it quite annoying to find. It is ok on gas in my opinion, and it is a little hard finding a good holster for it since it is a little bit bigger than a standard 1911. I do however recommend this guy for anybody. It's a solid 8/10. Happy airsofting!
by Joseph B. on 01/09/2013
"This gun is amazing I can honestly compare it to a kwa m9.
Great gas usage shoots through 2 mags with one fill
No slide wobble
beautiful design
Nice realistic wait
Ported slide for high rof

Barrel is a bit loose
Hop up is a pain to get to and it usually doesn't last very long before it gets loose again
Safety is extremely stiff to use
Mags are cheap unlike kwa m9
by mike l. on 10/22/2012
"great buy! great accuracy and fps and nice blowback havint had a problem. extended mags nice. i simply love it. i almost like it as much as my main. my main was 2 heavy so i snuck up behind with this and he had no idea until half the mag was emptied on him.
by Raymond S. on 10/04/2012
"This pistol is GREAT! Like Tony the Tiger GRREEAAAAAT.
It performs beautifully, and looks extremely nice with my 6in. silencer and flashlight on it.
The trades are awesome, and the grips have a great feel and texture to them.
The weight of this pistol is beautifully balanced and it weighs about the same as the real thing!
The blowback mechanism on it is hard and realistic. I recommend getting the holy cow deal for an extra mag, because come on, who can beat 3$??
Another plus is that it comes with a 6.03 barrel installed! It's extremely accurate.
5/5 stars!
by Andrew M. on 06/22/2012
"I've owned this pistol for about 6 months and still love it. Great weight, good kick, great fps, and good trigger pull. Threaded barrel was not glued on for mine and works great with my Gemtech Blackside silencer which also fits on my G&G Combat Machine M4 which is nice. I would recommend the 52 round mag with it as well. Works great for clearing entire buildings or for during heavy fire fights. Gun dissemble is realistic and is extremely easy. I recommend this to all my team mates whether just entering the sport or even to advanced players. 5 out of 5. Happy air-softing.
by thomas m. on 04/24/2012
"Ive had this gun for a while now and let me just say this is the best m9 i ever had! the range great for a pistol and the accuracy is dead on with the sights (once you get the hop up adjusted) im shooting exactly 300 with .28s and it just looks bad a#$ ! ive had almost everyone at my local field want to "look at it" i love this thing only 110 bucks buy one!!!!
by Terry A. on 02/06/2012
"I got this gun about three weeks ago and it's a great gun. The moment I shot it I was amazed and it feels just the same now. :) this gun is amazing for someone that can use it and a great price I think.

Pros: Great fps
Great grip
Don't need a lot of green gas
Good size clip

Cons: the barrel is a little loose
The paint scratches a little bit
Ugly screw on orange barrel tip (you can just take it off)
by Melecia K. on 02/06/2012
"This pistol is amazing, it shoots hard and straight and looks sweet. The mag clicks in really good and the grips are really comfortable. I had a friend go out about 25 yards and shot him twice and the bbs went exactly where the iron sights were pointing.

really accurate
heavy (more realistic)
rubber grips
looks awesome

safety is stiff

I recommend this gun to anyone and to get a couple mags for it.
by Felipe Q. on 01/12/2012
"Great gun. mine shoots at around 340 and 350 fps, so it's great for cqb fields. One down side is that the hop up is really hard to adjust, and the slide lock release handle is kinda wobbly, but no big deal.
. Great fps
. Pretty accurate
. Realistic
. Two tone finish
. SOC engraving

. Complicated to adjust hop up
. Wobbly slide lock release handle
by Reese B. on 01/03/2012
"Ok I got this pistol for Christmas and all I can say is that it is.......FREAKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!I see no problems at all with the gun.Although you don't have a hop up system.But when your running a little low on gas the BB(s) will go directly straight.Another great thing about is that it is super accurate.GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!
by Ermanuel B. on 12/18/2011
"i got this gun the other day and i have to personally say i love it.
honestly, i've never really liked the M9 style pistol but this has changed everything.
working hammer
nice "clank" sound when cocked back and forth
rubber grip is comfortable
very nice engravings

the barrel does wiggle a bit (this doesn't ruin anything, easily fixable)
nothing else

my only real problem was the "holy cow free mag" deal gave me a mag that doesn't fit. they gave me the right mag it just doesn't fit. but hey it was basically free
by Matt B. on 12/10/2011
"Right out of the box it is amazing.But the hop up is to high and you can't adjust it.Over all I give it a 9 out of 10:o