Reviews: Magpul Licensed Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System Airsoft AEG Rifle by A&K - Dark Earth

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Model: AEG-Masada-D
Location: L4-044

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by kelly g. on 2012-03-05 15:51:36
Great weight
Ready to play (mostly)
Looks awesome
Long barrel and folding stock
rubber but pad is nice
full metal upper and internals. (except hopup)

small battery space(perfect fit though)
hopup change needed
midcaps dont work well
plastic flash hider (oh well)
lower fps than could be
akward rear sight
hand guard is tough at first

OVER ALL this is a great buy once i put a lil more time in to it its gonna be exactly what i wanted
by Cooper P. on 2012-02-23 22:19:26
"I have been in airsoft for 5 years, and it is the best gun i have bought yet. Its 380-420 right out of the box, with . 3s (which i use) it bring it down to 290-315fps, which is amazing for a .30 bb, looks amazing with a suppressor and red-dot. I have played against guys with Tokyo Marui AK74MN's and Echo AR-15s 1v2 i whupped them.

Adjustable slide and cheek rest
Metal upper receiver, polymer lower receiver
400fps right out of box
Nice range(got mine to 210ft)
Long rail mount
Full metal Gearbox

Horrible Hop-Up system
Front Heavy
Mags don't feed well
Battery is hard to get in

I have been in many wars and have had this gun for a year and it still works like new. I won each war with shots from at least 150ft away.
by Sheree W. on 2012-01-09 14:10:10
"Amazing ROF, FPS, and Accuracy.
Its got a nice weight to it, super comfortable, and looks so awsome.
the only thing bad that I can think of is that the mag it comes with sucks, and the bolt jammed up on me, but it's fine now. Get a 9.6V battery for sure. Love this gun, and it's so worth the money.
by Adrian G. on 2012-01-07 19:11:30
Gun looks amazing, Very accurate, Good FPS & RPM, and you get alot of compliments =)

I don't know if this was just my model or not but..
Sometimes bullets won't feed all the way to the top of the barrel (meaning it wont shoot), and pin to hold hand guard does not fit properly (I have to hammer the pin in to put it on and take it off).

I rate it 4Stars only because the pin doesn't properly fit into hand guard.
by Rocky Z. on 2011-12-19 15:13:43
"All I can say is that this is one of the best guns I have gotten, I am a fan of G&P guns and also I would of preferred the magpul version but I setteled. And I don't regret it at all, feels great and shoots great I recommend a holographic sight and a better barrel but itself is fine.
by teddy r. on 2011-12-14 18:27:58
"This gun is AMAZING, it's RPM is just perfect for what i do (Woods). The FPS is good, it's great for mainly stealth-fully charge up to the opponent, and it's QUIET! It's a little to high FPS for CQC, but just perfect for field. The gun is very durable, with "All Right, but still Good" accuracy. If I were I would get a 9.6, because of it's rpm, also, I would recommend getting a silencer, because it looks VERY sexy, but if u do I would get a QD silencer, because...

1. If you live in a state like Texas, it's illegal to take off the orange tip

2. It could screw up your threads on your gun


. good FPS, RPM, and ACCURACY
. Durable
. looks SEXY
. VERY reliable, will not jam, (Unless use of 12g)
.Great for the money


. Can't think of any!!!!!

I hope this small review helps...

by Addison H. on 2011-12-07 18:40:40
"This gun is amazing with
fps 360-400
Range superior especialy with a suppressor that I have bought recently 180+ feet
Sturdy metal good mag and though there is a problem with the barrel because it is slanted to the right and may be my model but it is perfectly fine with adjustments in the iron sight or even easier, a red dot sight
by Colin M. on 2011-06-09 15:43:17
"I love this gun it is very good quality and way worth it.
by matt f. on 2011-05-05 16:51:19
"ok so i just recieved this gun about a week ago and my first impression wasnt good. the pin doesnt fit easy to hold the battery cover but some force will get it in there. i have taken this out about 5 times and it is ver acurate and strong, perfect for field missions but can be folded up for cqb and i really recomend this gun to anyone.
by Evan S. on 2011-03-31 15:36:33
"This gun is great, has a solid feel to it and it isn't lose as some of the guns ive had before. Nice long rail on top for mounting longer scopes on it. Issues I've had with it are not enough extras for this version since most are coming out for the Magpul PTS ACR. Also the stock's quick detach sling spot does not allow the adapter to lock in place causing it to just pop out. Other than that is a good gun especially when you have the other barrel assembly, making it easy to convert from a mid-long range to a cqb gun. Would recommend it if there were more external parts on the market made for this gun but if you don't like to mod heavily its a good quick gun.
by Justin R. on 2011-03-16 20:22:08
"This gun is amazing!!! its not quite the $480 magpul acr but its almost there for almost half the price. Its qd barrel is not compatible with magpul acr barrels but unless you want to convert this to cqb youll be fine. I plan to convert mine to a sniper rifle with a matrix 250mm silencer and a 515mm inner barrel. this gun is deadly accurate with no upgraades and the fps is perfect tobe high but still feild legal the rpm is a bit slow but with some new gears and a new piston and a lipo this thing will rip trust me ive seen these things heavily upgraded

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