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Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armament XCR Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

16 Customer Reviews

by ivan h. on 02/29/2016
"I have had this gun for over a year now and it's a best, perfect for cqb and field externally it's a solid platform metal upper and lower tons of rail space internally I play almost every weekend and just now i have had issues with the wiring but notting that cant be fix overall great gun for the price
by Joshua P. on 07/24/2015
"I own the tan version.

Takes M4 mags so you can run with your M4 buddy's.
Heavy - you like real? Buy this. Battery can be housed on outside. No issues even when playing in rain.
Very accurate with .25

Heavy, if you want light this won't be your cup of tea.
Mine has bad FPS which is 320-340 at best with .20 and 280 with .25 (my preferred ammo for accuracy.)

Compared to other "field" AR's I have run and purchased. This rifle holds it's own as a jack of all trades and master of none. A person looking for a field rifle and not to upgrade anything will be very happy with this rifle. I had some issues with the stock coming lose, but I have done everything short of butt stroking someone.

When spaces become really confined, I find that folding the rifle stock does work. But it isn't so long that cqb becomes impossible when not folded. I usually run an 8 mid-cap magazine load out but this rifle would be a good candidate in conquest games where you have to capture a place. 3 mid-caps would be enough for you to take a position. But good luck holding it, it's not that kind of rifle.

This rifle won't do well if you like going lone wolf (unless you are the runner in a conquest game with support on the way) In a group of people it will help you stand out appearance wise while being able to share mags, and the short barrel means you can take point in CQB.
by Mitch F. on 02/18/2015
"I got this xcr about a month ago and it is a great weapon for CQB and Field operations. The chrono for this gun was shooting 382-387 FPS with a 7.4v Lipo.
If you are looking for a gun for Field and CQB consider this one.
by Sam W. on 02/06/2015
"ATTENTION! To everyone going to buy this gun do NOT buy the 11.1 lipo! Mine blew joke. After that I purchased the 9.6 recommended and it was good but very hard to put in the peq box.
-the internals are amazing
-externals are full metal
-heavy which makes for more realism
-love how much rail space
-the stubby grip is very comfy
-very little battery space
-very heavy (it can be good and bad, if your playing a 40 hr milsim game its terrible, but if your playing a pickup game for 2 hrs then its fine.
-the stock will look cool at first but then you will eventually want a different one which is possible to get but about $100 to get the special buffer tube and a magpul stock or somthing. ( I like magpul)
-LITTLE OR NO CUSTOMIZATION INTERNALLY which really sucks, i wish i could turn this into an even more beast mode gun

I am using the 9.6 recommended battery in the PEQ box and a replica holographic sight with the kwa k120 mags and the elite force 140 midcap mags. These work fantastic and a stubby grip, i tried a magwell grip but it did not fit
by Cade S. on 11/25/2014
"whats the difference between this and the Echo1 Fully Licenced Robinson Armament and this please answer.
by Sean A. on 05/23/2014
"wow, what an amazing gun, especially for the price. you get a VFC for the price of an Echo1. shoots like a dream, crazy accurate with super tight groupings right out of the box. all I had to do was adjust the hop up and it shot like a drill. love the slimness of the XCR, it's like an AK74 and an M4 had a baby. it's got such a good balance and weight to it, enough to make it feel substantial but not bog you down on the field especially if you are playing the whole day. it also strips down so easily, making maintenance, upgrades and repairs so simple, not to mention it has a split gearbox like an ICS.

there are a couple of personal preference things that I don't like about the gun. one is the PEQ box battery. SOCOM makes an 11.1V lipo stick batt that they specially made just for this gun, so you can fit it into the gas tube above the barrel. the other thing I don't like is the folding stock, only because it doesn't lock, and it feels like it crowds the trigger too much. you can still access the trigger and shoot with the stock folded, but it just feels tight especially with gloves. you might also have a tough time releasing the mag with the stock folded. Madbull however, has a solution with another XCR-specific buffer tube so you can put any stock you want to as well as re-wire to the rear.

I was also shown the polymer version, but it didn't feel as good in the hand as the full metal version. all in all, very satisfied with this purchase and I can already tell this will be my favorite gun for a long time.
by David C. on 02/15/2014
"This is my fourth AEG I've owned and let me say, this is my all time favorite gun. I write extremely unbiased and plain reviews but I have nothing bad to say about this gun. It is durable, the accuracy is awesome, the ROF is blistering, the gun is just amazing. 9.5/10. It performs outdoors and cqb.

-Lightweight (for a full metal gun)
-ROF seems around 20 rounds a second.
-Accurate even at long ranges
-Perfect for CQB AND outdoors

-Magazine release is very stiff and the mag requires a good shove to lock in place.
by Scott S. on 04/15/2013
"I have owned many airsoft guns in my past and this one is by far the most durable, compact, and by far the most fun to shoot.

PROS: durable
high FPS/rate of fire
takes a lipo
full rail system
comes with a grip
folding stock
and just looks amazing

CONS: I have nothing for this column
by Jarryd K. on 08/05/2012
1) Sturdy Build (Mostly Metal)
2) Ergonomic (Quad R.I.S. Rail System) (Foldable Skeletal Stock) (Short Enough for both CQB and Field)
3) Accurate (Can shoot a very tight grouping at 125ft - 150ft)
4) High ROF (This gun runs an 11.1 Lipo Battery w/out any problems)
5) Upgradability (With 2 or 3 Pins/ Screws you can take out the inner barrel and access the Gearbox)

1) The only Con i can think of (even though it is a small one) would be that the battery has to fit into a PEQ Box and cannot fit into the gun

Overall, this is the best gun I have ever owned and after about 8-9months of frequently using it, I am happy to say i have yet to find a flaw in this weapon system.
by Andrew C. on 07/03/2011
High rate of fire
High fps
Feels like M4
Best in close quarters

After any auto firing the motor grip is too hot to touch even with gloves(heat sink plate?)
Don't buy a fore grip for this because one IS included

For the close fighter expert! Buy this and watch your ammo and your hands!
by frank R. on 05/04/2011
"I'd like to say this is one of the most reliable rifle I have ever owned. I have it for about two weeks now and took it out with me to a couple skirmishes. The rifle has a unique feel to it similar to the PDW, very compact, solid and performs well.
If you are looking for recommendations, I recommend the Echo1 XCR
by Jason L. on 05/04/2011
"This is a great gun and I recommend it!
fps=360+FPS with 0.25s
nice rails, metal
hi-cap mag
smooth full auto firing

by Nicholas S. on 03/09/2017
"Good solid gun for CQB. Not sure it's worth $400, but it's definitely a solid gun. The main issues I've had with it have come from the wiring harness. Other than that, mine has been running great.

Pros: Solid gun
Good externals, engraved trademarks
Decent RoF for a stock gun (~18-20 rps w/ 11.1v lipo)

Cons: "Self shimming" gearbox doesn't really perform any better than normal shimming
Bad wiring harness

Overall, if you're looking for sheer performance, get a krytac, but if you want the unique externals, XCR is the way to go.
by Nicholas S. on 12/15/2016
"This is a good gun, but it has some issues. As you will see in some of the other reviews, its wiring harness/trigger contacts are pretty bad, and they're proprietary so the replacements aren't much better. On the bright side, the externals on this gun are beautiful, and the RoF is good for being a stock gun. Also, most m4 mags fit in it, but you really have to jam them in to get them to lock in. So let's get to the pros/cons of the gun

Pros: Good stock RoF
Sweet external build
comfortable to hold
Functioning bolt catch

Cons: Bad trigger contacts/wiring harness
No iron sights
Difficult to find a battery that fits in the gas tube (not counting the $60 custom one)

Overall, this gun preforms excellently... when it fires. Just be prepared to replace the wiring harness and you'll be good to go.
by Tyler C. on 03/06/2017
"just got this gun about a month ago, excellent build quality, i was impressed with how solid it was. performed as it should out of the box for a $400 gun, decent range a decent ROF and its lipo ready! (kinda) However when i went to take it apart i learned that the manufacturers put some of the screws in a bit too tight. i put a Lonex A1 in the grip and the motor adjustment screw was in so tight the motor wouldn't spin, furthermore the lubricant or grease on the screw had dried and hardened acting more lie a glue (liquid wrench solved this).
And lastly the 4 screws that hold the hop up in are also essentially glued in, and unfortunately the flat head design has verry shallow Allen key ports and strip VERY EASILY. i have been unable to remove the hopup (necessary to put in TBB, R-hop, etc ) and outer barrels/replacement screws for this part are extremely hard to find. Overall its a great gun but the fact that i cant even take my hopup out without having to replace screws is a major downside IMO.