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by Emerson M. on 2014-07-28 15:47:49
"Definitely worth the money, i would recommend tight 6.03 inner barrel upgrade, other than the latest it is a great gun, good rate of fire, feeds well with the mag it comes w. Note it comes w black rails and no covers, would definitely look cooler w some tan rail covers
by Eddie G. on 2012-02-04 17:40:59
"I got this gun yesterday and used it in battle today and this gun never failed me once out of my 4 guns this by far my favorite! It outperformed my friends SCAR in power,ROF,and range. This gun is so powerful it made my friend bleed when i shot him!!!



Looks beast



the magazine wobbles a little when in the gun

kind of innacurate (would reccomend getting a tightbore 636mm)

Overall great gun would reccomend this to anyone!! Thank you G&G for a great gun!
by Karen B. on 2011-12-15 14:14:51
"Just received this gun today. The RAS on this gun is full metal and there is no carrying handle. I ordered an acog with mine and it works perfectly. This gin defenitaly needs to get a tight bore but other than that this is the greatest gun. I run a 9.6 in mine and it works like a charm
by Karen C. on 2011-10-17 17:58:22
"Crazy gun!!!!! Highly recommtended for a novice to expert. It has yet to fail. i Can always rely on this to get the job done. Yes buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)