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Pre-Order ETA May 2017 King Arms Full Metal Fully Licensed Colt M4A1 Carbine Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

11 Customer Reviews

by Chris D. on 09/29/2016
"Great starter gun for GBB. Be aware though that GBBs generally need a little extra TLC than those sewing machine sounding AEGs.

Accuracy is top notch
FPS is adjustable
People get terrified when they hear you
Very real feel and realistic field stripping
Good hop-up
Removable top rail exposes a rail for a scope if you want to DMR

Gotta keep it lubed up
Magazines extremely prone to leakage
Firing automatic could risk a misfire and a broken loading nozzle (one of the only plastic parts of the gun)
This won't cooperate in cold weather
by gavin p. on 04/26/2013
"Awesome gun!!! Just got it and it shoots amazing!!! Fires 450fps with propane and is great in summer outdoor games (gas mags freeze up in the cold) put a good lot of bbs through this thing And only one part has broken so far.

Realism is pretty awesome. Turns heads
Build quality is great (its a king arms what do you expect?)
Blowback is very realistic
Fps (great for outdoor use!!)

Broke loading nozzle! (Get a g&p one when you get this rifle)
Mag freezes up in cold (all gbbs have this problem)
Mag leaks a bit (get the regular g&p or the 39rd pmag! They are much better!)

Ammo capacity isn't that big of a deal for me. Overall a great gun and is King Arms quality!!
by margaret a. on 11/13/2012
"i bought this gun about a year ago now and i have to say that if you are a newbie to gbbr then this gun is for you because out of the box it is great. if you are more advanced i would recommend the g and p woc because it is way better but requries some knowledge as the manual is a fail and doesnt have everything you need. the only major down fall isnt even the gun its the mags. for 5 dollars more buy the g and p mags and save uself a lot of trouble
by Angie B. on 04/22/2012
"This is the best gun I have ever bought! I haven't had any problems with it at all. I recommended that you read the manual very well before operating though. Especially if your a first time GBB Gun user like me. For only $335, this gun is a steal. I would recommend buying another mag for this gun though, as it will blow through a mag really fast on fully automatic. The only complaint I have about this gun (More about the mags) is, it tends to run out of gas before emptying the whole mag. Other than that, this gun is great and I highly recommend it.
by jr l. on 03/18/2012
"really really really good gun. i mean holy cow. it rocks. good accuracy. good fps. good everything. i have not found a single fault yet! even the mags are awesome!
by Nick C. on 12/31/2011
"Great gun! The mags are a pain to refill, this can be fixed by placing a small o-ring where you fill it up. Nice kick (w/ green gas), I suggest using 134a gas because it lowers the fps 360, if you wish to go to a sports park. Other wise I love it!
by Jerico G. on 11/01/2011
"Amazing rifle! The full-metal receiver is amazingly detailed, with all the trademarks included, which is a nice bonus. Comes right out of the box like a brand new, real-steel M4, complete with non-lubed parts. I don't know about you guys, but the whole "let's do everything from scratch" ideal makes airsoft so much more realistic and much more enjoyable. The mag is hefty, and is the main part that gives the rifle it's 1:1 weight ratio. Take the mag out, and it's not that heavy, which is awesome. The original handguards that come with the rifle have (what looks like) realistic heat plates on the inside, but I wouldn't recommend putting them on a real carbine. But the realism factor bumps it up a notch. Combined with the realistic bolt, charging handle, buffer tube, outer barrel, and the gas tube that's installed, the rifle looks damn near like a real M4 if you put another flash hider or barrel extension on it. Overall a 5/5 rating.

Good kick, good internals, good externals, and good build = a good gun. GET THIS GUN! IT'S WORTH IT!
by William H. on 06/17/2011
"The KA M4 is a fantastic airsoft gun, and to have licensed trademarks from Colt is awesome. There is one thing that caught me off-guard tho. My gun was configured from the factory for BOLT-LOCK DISABLE. It does have a working bolt-stop, but it was disabled in the interest of a higher ROF. Adjusting the ROF is accomplished via buffer spacers behind the spring in the buffer tube and you'll want to take all of them out except the thinnest one if you want full bolt-stroke, lock-back on last shot, and the ability to manually lock the bolt rearward. If you don't care about bolt-stop, you can put more spacers in for a higher ROF. (Gun comes with four sizes which can be combined, see owners manual.)

Note also that the barrel threading is 14mm CCW, so order yourself a nice 14mm- flash hider to go with this bad boy. The one that was factory-installed on my gun was plastic.
by justin c. on 06/13/2011
"this is the best AFFORDABLE GBBR on the market its the adidas of gbbr rifles Comes with 4 ROF changing pieces and a high and low valve.........for 335 dollars its a steal
by Cong W. on 06/27/2012
"The King Arms M4 GBB is my first GBBR, I had some experienced with gas guns from my Tokyo Marui Glock 18C. GBBs are so much more realistic than AEGs with the kick (AEGs are boring). I have installed Daniel Defense Omega X 7" and real steel ACE stock. I recommend switch to WA/G&P system, get new bolt and mags.
Full metal
Colt trademarks
500 FPS ~ 300 FPS (adjustable)
ROF is adjustable
great kick
Compatible with real steel parts (externals only)
I accidently stripped the threads (14mm +) on mine
I've had 3 Magazines, all leaks and reject gas
by Jean-Pascal S. on 07/10/2013
"Ok, i got this gun and it worked for a day, then the mag started to give out, and the bolt cracked... i replaced the mag, and the entire bolt carrier, and made sure everything was lubed up, and i couldnt get this gun to work again for more than 4 shots.

good recoil
shoots hard
amazing body (one of the best features of this gun)

poor internals
upgrading said internals can get way too costly for what its worth
leaky mags

all in all, maybe i got a dud, but it seems to be an all too common story with this gun to have it be just a dud. your better saving a bit more to get a KWA LM4 or perhaps a G&P, if you prefer this platform