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WE-Tech Hyperstrike Gas Blowback Pistol - Black

20 Customer Reviews

by Braydon E. on 01/31/2017
"The gun has a great, customized look and performs well. I've had minor problems such as the rail mount on the lower receiver coming loose. All I had to do to fix that was tighten the three screws below where the barrel sits, and it didn't move anymore.

The barrel has a constant rattle, and I still need to fix it. I can't figure out how to disassemble the upper receiver. The only reason I can think of for it to rattle around like it does is from constant use.

But, overall, the gun performs extremely well.

- It's a Hi-Capa
- Good looks
- Good performance
- Fits most M1911 holsters

- Parts come loose over time
- It hurts to get hit with, and leaves some decently large marks when hitting bare skin
by damon m. on 09/16/2015
"very good though the right side safety fell off but does not effect good for cqb and good for any one who wants to be pistol only got two very much worth though i bought the extended mag also on the grip it cracked by the screw on both but doesn't effect performance over all best gbb owned and I've owned a few would very much recomend it
by cristian m. on 01/03/2015
"I just got this gun and it is amazing
Looks Awesome
Built Solid
Good Fps for all types of games
can get heavy
mags are hard to load without speed loader

other than those 2 cons this gun is really awesome and is overall a good gun
by Austin C. on 01/07/2014
"Great gun with alot of after market upgrades, but be careful with silencers some do not
work with this gun. I really love this gun.
by Samuel C. on 12/27/2013
"This gun is my first nice airsoft pistol (until now I've been making do with cheap ones). First impressions are extremely nice.

I never really expected it to be so realistic. It includes a dovetail safety, normal safety, half-cock safety, and a holster safety, which I wasn't expecting. The overall build quality is extremely nice. It has an aluminum slide with a plastic/aluminum receiver and it all feels very solid.

Taking the slide off to adjust the hop-up or to upgrade the gun is slightly annoying because you have to unscrew two hex key screws and a Phillips head screw to remove the piece on the end to allow the slide to come forward.

The action is very quick, giving just the right amount of feedback.

The magazines feed well (I use a CO2 mag personally) and the double stack is a nice touch, but can be annoying to load.


Great build quality (someone threw it onto a hardwood floor the first day I had it and it was completely fine.)

Aggressive look.

Good magazines. (At least the CO2 version. I don't have access to Green Gas or propane to try the one that comes with the gun.)

Feels like a real gun.


Can get heavy (not really a problem for me, but it may be for some people.)

Cannot fit in a cheap holster. (It's too long)

My left safety fell off, but it didn't break anything.

Great gun. The weight is nice and the build quality is ready for any hard day of battle, even falling onto a concrete floor. The great feeling action and realism are very nice as well. It's also a Hi Capa of course so you have a lot of room to grow. So what are you waiting for? BUY THIS GUN!
by jacob p. on 10/06/2013
"This fun is freaking amazing!

looks nice
great quality metal
works with holy cow
shoots hard
perfect fps
On sale!

loose (Very easy to fix)
need heavy bb's

Final Thoughts... Why don't you have this gun!
by vince t. on 04/23/2012
"Got this gun for my b day.. I took it out of the box and it looked so sexy. It was a bit wobbly so i had to take it apart and tighten everything inside, It only shoots 230 fps with propane and 250 with co2.. tested it a bunch of times.. changed the hop up on it a bunch and highest i could get it to go was 280 fps with co2.. good gun tho, really accurate and good looking.. I want another one but they are out of stock =\

got 2 mags with it

comes kinda loose when out of box.. but what gun doesnt?
doesnt shoot as high as it says =[
the hop up is kind of a pain to get at
by Anthony C. on 04/07/2012
"I bought a pair of these for a dual cqb setup (cause i can) and i love these pistols!!! my striker tips &i lower rail was a little loose but if you have any mechanical sense about u its a very easy gun to take apart, clean & lube, then reassemble. now everythings tight & smooth. I plan on eventually keeping 1 as a sidearm & upgrade the other with the extended madbull T-B barrel & suppressor & scopemount for a race pistol ____
great feel & heft (full metal except for grip)
hi-capa, more rounds, less reload
satisfying blowback action (though i plan on getting the sping & piston upgrade 5.1 kit)
fun to spin (but dont do if unable! striker tip plus barefeet equals ouch!)
striker tip & rail can be loose (easy to tighten)
if rapid fired the mags cool down so fast u can barley get a full mag out (co2 mags work fine)
little large for most holsters but the matrix adjustible hip holster works great!
paint can scratch easy and the paint under where the slide cycles can wear off fast making the need to clean often (but u should clean your guns after every use anyways)
dont like the orange tip, hard to put a suppresor on it cause it hits the striker tip less i put a washer or o-ring between to space it right 0_0
Overall this is a great gun thats fun to use and has alot of upgrades to customize to your preferences, dont hesitate and get u 1can of these mean mofo's now!
by Cole S. on 03/16/2012
"Pros: excellent gun, perfect in every way

Cons: loose compensator which means if someone can get close enough to you and stick their finger in the barrel before you pull the trigger the gun won't fire
by david z. on 12/29/2011
"This version of the hyper speed is amazing, it is full metal and no wobbly parts on mine. My magazine came perfect and didn't leak at all, also it came loobed so right out of the box i could shoot it! Awesome pistol.

Thanks Evike.
by Dario S. on 11/12/2011
"Have had this gun for about a month now and it has not disappointed. The overall finish of the gun is great and the firing is even better. Can hit a target from 100 feet away but not very accurate after that. If you are looking for a unique handgun that will perform get this and if anything does happen to break down evike has tons of parts available. Mine however did not look exactly like the one in the picture. Mine came with a different grip like the one seen on the xecelerator Dragon. The gun also came with trademarks which to some is a pro but I personally don't like.

-compensator adds an aggressive look to the gun
-Trademarks (for some its a pro)
-Effective up to 100 feet
-Great internals
-Nice weight

-mag that came with it leeks (expected)
-safety on the right side of the gun fell off
-Trademarks (con for me)
-Different grip (would have preferred the one in the picture)

Other than those few cons I love this gun. It is worth the money and will surely impress most.
by Mari E. on 09/16/2011
"i own this gun and its amazing but there is one think i would like to know about it can u use co2 with this gun

Webmaster: Yes, just buy a Co2 powered hicapa magazine!
by Anthony L. on 03/02/2011
"Just got this gun as a early Birthday present, and all i can saw is WOW. It has a nice weight, nice recoil and its a "nail-driver" meaning it hits hard and the holy cow extra mag deal is an unbeatable deal

Pros: Weight,power and just pure sexy'ness

Cons: Little front heavy for people with weak wrists, but not really a con, just based on preference

Thank you evike for carrying this awesome gun at a great price(:

by Kendall D. on 02/09/2011
"Wow Evike, took you long enough to get this one in.
I've had this GBB, specifically the WE OEM version, for more than a year and can say that it preforms superbly. Crisp recoil, consistent shot grouping and as sturdy as they come. The look of it is enough to make others question whether it's stock or upgraded. I've been asked if mine was a custom 5.1 since I got it, heh.

-Looks good(Custom for factory price)
-Feels good(excellent handling)
-Shoots good(consistent 280-290 fps)
-Hits good(Yes, the strike face works. He'll have those scars for years...)
-Compatible with most TM/WE/KJW HiCapa parts 'n' accessories(The rail is MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" spec)
-Take care of your magazine(s) and you'll nev'r have to replace 'em

-Holster compatibility(Large muzzle area doesn't go with non-adjustable holsters)
-Recoil/hammer spring strength(Replace after 500 rounds or it short-strokes like mad)
-Weak retaining screws(Be VERY nice to them when disassembling/reassembling)

A great GBB that will serve you well and strike fear into your opponent's hearts(and sometimes faces).
by lindsay n. on 12/10/2016
"Overall a pretty good gun, although the slide and rail are VERY wobbly and make a lot of noise, the gun is reliable and functions flawlessly. Another good thing about this pistol is that it has many different options for magazines, as well as replacement parts such as the slide, base plate, rail, etc. The magazines are very heavy and very bulky, but are extremely convenient as they hold 30 rounds. also has extended mags for this gun for sale separately. The only other issue is that if you ever drop the magazines (especially the co2 ones, sold separately) the base plates of the mags tend to break.