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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask - ACU

8 Customer Reviews

by Jacob R. on 01/20/2015
"Good mask for the price, easy to breath through, but after a while the sides kind of dig into your cheeks, and it makes aiming with my m14 almost impossible, but for the price, its an amazing mask overall
by debbie l. on 06/25/2013
"I just bought this mask and i havnt been in an airsoft war yet but i put it on and ujusted it to the right size, as soon as i put it on i fell in love with it. ive always had problems with masks. but this particular mask is awesome!!! there is a part on the left side where you can put eather a patch(i have my "like a boss" patch on it) or a flashlight etc.

pros: the mesh makes it easy to ujust to the right head size.
inside padding makes it feel good
not to mention it looks really cool
and if you get shot in the ears a lot then this is a mask for you there is ear protection on it.

cons: absolutly none
what are you waiting for? BUY IT ITS ONLY 25 DOLLARS!!!!!!
by Taylor P. on 06/10/2013
"This is a very nice mask. Itís stays on your head and has great protection. It is easy to breathe through and allows for me to actually aim down my irons on my M16. (unlike other masks) It works great with my Matrix MICH helmet and doesnít get in the way. I also have a pair of Arena goggles and they do work fine with the mask and do not fog. It does get a little hot from wearing it, but itís worth it for the protection.
by tanner c. on 10/03/2012
"i love this it take the bbs so my ears and mouth dont. Its bends to the shape of your face. it goes well with my ACU's. i recommend to anyone.
not all goggles fit around nose area.
by Brett F. on 12/02/2011
"this is a great buy if you have goggles already in your cart or you already have them. its much easier to breather through than a shemagh and protects your nose and face. the main reason i wanted it though was to be able to use my red dot sight easier. If your a sniper or anyone with a dot , scope , or acog this is a must if you plan on using it. the full face masks dont like to let you use your sights very well and this is easier to breathe through. GET THIS!!
by cole p. on 11/29/2011
"This is an awesome mask love it it is way better than my full mask it is pretty easy to talk in it and it is really comfy (for me at least) and it covers all the way back to my ears great for the price 5/5 :)
by Jeff K. on 09/17/2013
"I have used this mask extensively and find it to be very nice. However the profile of the mask is a little bulky and will make aiming a chore especially with the m4 and m16 series guns. I do like the mask but it isnt the right fit if you are a high speed type player as i am. All in all a good buy though.
by John C. on 06/06/2012
"Meh...I'm giving it a 4 because you can't fit most goggles over the nose area. Mine came with some of the glue releasing around the edges of the mask where the metal is capped with nylon.

If you have some goggles that will fit, most likely some sort of Z87 glasses, it should work nicely. I'm pretty sure this is what I'll have to move to.

Otherwise, it is very comfy and has wonderful ventilation for your breath. It's a good buy as long as you're aware that it won't fit larger goggles very well.