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JG MK36K Custom Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle with M4 Mag Adapter / Crane Stock & RIS

4 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan K. on 04/15/2012
"This is my first airsoft gun I just got this gun in 3 days ago and got to use it for the first time 2 days ago. I love it so far and haven't found anything to really complain about. I was using .20bbs and it packed a nice punch making even the biggest guy in the group shout when he got hit, leaving nice sized welts even through all of his layers (BDU, sweater, shirt). The ROF even with the battery it came with is pretty good (tho when get a chance I plan to upgrade it to a 9.6v battery. The fact that the gun uses M4 mags really came in handy for me as 3/5 people I was playing with were using M4s. As another review stated this gun does come with a mock silencer that is not listed on the page, I can't say much about it as I have never seen any other airsoft silencers but it appears to just be a hollow tube and simply for aesthetics (tho I guess you could install a longer inner barrel and get some use from it)

The only things I have had any slight issues with are: the battery can be a bit of a hassle to get in, the rails are a little wobbly, the gun is somewhat heavy in my opinion and compared to the guns that the other people I was playing with had. Neither of these are a major issue.

All in all, I am really happy with this gun.
by Matt N. on 02/21/2012
"i bought this gun 2 weeks ago, its pretty nice. the battery that it comes with doesn't fit in the back to well, but i bought a 9.6 NiMH which is smaller, and gives it a really nice ROF. it comes with a suppressor that they don't tell u about, its not the nicest suppressor, but if you wanted to get a longer barrel you could add another 170mm in addition to the existing barrel length. the mag is ok i like that it comes with a key to turn it, so u don't have to spin the bottom. the crane stock is a little wobbly and so is the outer barrel (just a little) but the R.I.S. doesn't wobble at all. the mag well holds all my m4 mags real snug, and they don't move in the mag well either. overall i like the gun its light weight, well built, and has pretty decent internals for a $170 gun
by Shannon "Smallnasty" P. on 10/17/2011
"Recently had my first game with it. Very satisfied with its performance. It handled better than i would have thought. It's a beautiful gun, already customized and with the RIS system it can be easily customized even further. Even though it doesn't look like a traditional "G36" it still has the same feel.

-It's a work of art, beautifully designed _3
-Metal RIS for all sorts of attachments
-Battery firmly fits in the crane stock, doesn't feel loose.
-Customized M4/M16 mag adapter, the M4/M16 has a wider variety in mag options compared to the G36

-The mag it came with is decent but not reliable i suggest buying a new one. (From the large selection of M4/M16 mags :P)
-The crane stock is a tad bit shaky but doesn't seem like much of a problem. I've always prefered the original G36 stock, but i do however like the battery being in the stock rather than being the front of the gun under the barrel. Also the crane stock doesn't fold :/

I highly recommend this gun to any G36 lover and anyone who wants a badass looking gun XD.
by Massimo R. on 10/11/2011
"This gun is freakin awesome! I cant wait to start upgrading! I cant find anything wrong about this sick gun. Definately a must buy!