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Shooter's Universal Quick Draw Tactical Belt / MOLLE holster w/ Mag pouch - Right Hand (Color: ACU)

7 Customer Reviews

by Dominic F. on 02/09/2017
"Got this a few year back on a different website. I did't see a review so I'll help Evike out a bit and make one. This holster fits medium sized guns perfectly, so all M1911's, Berettas, and other guns of similar size fit perfectly. It is high quality nylon and does't tear even after years of use. I have had mine for five years and it is still going strong, despite not matching my current camo scheme. Very good overall and stays on your belt well, it has never dropped one of my guns.
by Kevin T. on 06/28/2015
"$12?......Really?....... What a deal!...... It's a Really good holster that can fit small to medium pistol. The material this thing is made is really strong. So don't be afraid about this holster failing on you. It has a mag pouch and it's pretty good too. One thing is that there's a strap that keeps it in place so putting in and pulling out the mag can be difficult. What I did was cutting that strap off and now my mag fits perfectly safe and secure (Don't worry it won't do any damage).

by Adam G. on 10/27/2013
"This is a down-right amazing holster. I can fit my H&K non-blowback gas pistol and my full metal M1911 with a laser sight into this thing. It has velcro on the inside (yes the inside) so you can adjust for pistols that have attachments. It also has horizontal and vertical velcro straps on the outside that can weave into vests with molle. With all this, it's also very durable; the material is very, very sturdy and it won't break on you anytime. The weakest thing you'll find on this holster is the nylon-fiber buckle that is strapped over your pistol to keep it from falling out (nylon fiber is an incredibly strong plastic material. DO NOT let the word "plastic" fool you when it comes to nylon-fiber). I've had this for two years now. It looks the exact same as it did when it was brand new, and the material hasn't decayed in any way whatsoever. - - - - - - - - - AND it's only $12. Fantastic.

With all this, you'd have to be crazy to not want it. I'm very experienced in airsoft; I own 3 high-end rifles, two pistols, a ghillie suit, a uniform, a vest, etc. This tells you that it's good even from a professional's point of view. . . Oh yeah, by the way, there are NO cons. Whoop-Woooo!
by Evan F. on 02/29/2012
"This is a great product. It can hold my Sig Sauer SP2022 and it can even hold another spare mag for it. The only problem is that is is a little small for my Condor Alice Sys. Marine Style Quick Release Tactical Pistol Belt. I mean it fits it's just that it gets undone really easily. Still a great product.
by Chris H. on 08/24/2011
"This fits onto my molle vest. After trying to find the perfect spot, I decided to just go with the original plan, on my left side of the vest. It's not necessarily a 'quick draw' but it isn't hard/slow to draw a gun. My 1911 fits nicely into this holster. If I put the strap across the gun in the right place, when I unclip it, the strap pops right off and makes it easy to draw my pistol. If I don't put it into that specific spot, the gun is still held into place, I just have to take another second to make sure the strap doesn't get caught. Overall this is a good holster, and is worth the price.
by scott f. on 09/21/2008
"hey cn this attach to a molle style vest?..............(50 letters)
by Forrest D. on 11/10/2016
"This is good for the buy, but releasing the gun can be a little bit of a hassle. Still , you should BUY THIS! For twelve dollars, this is a real deal!