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Matrix Tactical Systems Navy Seal Light Fighter Tactical PT Body Armor - Black

13 Customer Reviews

by Max O. on 04/20/2013
"I've had this vest for a year now and I have to say , it's been amazing. For anyone thinking of getting in to air soft/ expert, it's very light weight witch is good for me because I run around a lot.
Evike please put this back in stock because I want to get one for my friends b-day thanks.
by Colin C. on 11/26/2011
"I bought this vest several months ago, and it has held up through quite a few matches. If you are looking for something simple and lightweight, this is it!

I run with a G&G Raider M4, three mid-caps and a WE 1911 single stack. For this setup, I added a Double Condor MOLLE Kangaroo Pouch for streamlining my gear, and a Condor MOLLE Roll-Up Dump Pouch in the back for empty mags. This makes my rig very easy to work with, especially when reloading quickly and efficiently is critical.

The Admin pouch is great for maps of the field, list of mission objectives, etc. Since I run with a Kangaroo Pouch, I use the extra pistol magazine pouch that comes on the vest for a flashlight. The vest also comes with two Velcro straps along the shoulders that are meant to hold the hose to a Camelback, but I use these to keep my Single-Point Bungee Sling in place so it doesn't rub along my neck when moving quickly.

Overall, if you're looking for something simplistic to build upon, look no further. However, if you're hoping to carry more than three M4- or AK-style mags, you might want to look for a more viable option. Light and simple is the benefit of this vest; heavy and complex is not.

Happy Hunting!
by Jason C. on 11/24/2011
"Great vest if you have an M4, use hi-cap and has a grenade launcher! Very light, looks good and does the job. Over-all, a great vest that give you the compact look! They hydration carrier in the back is a must have!
by tammi l. on 11/24/2011
"This vest is a very good one! first off it looks great feels very comfortable and seems pretty durable, it is very simple to attach things on to it like mag puches and whatever else you would want to put on it. it is a great copy of a navy seals tactical vest. overall its a great thing to have on the field and i wont go one game without it.
by Louise S. on 11/24/2011
"it is super light weight and is really comfortable also since i have an m4 as my main fire arm i bought a grenade launcher and i ALWAYS use this vest to hold my grenade
by Arthur K. on 11/24/2011
"This is the ultimate black hawk down vest. Get it! You'll love it!
by James c. on 11/24/2011
"The vest is great. It has to be the best looking vest I seen at this CQB field we go (Airsoft playground). I just got one today and its very light and comfortable. The fabric is very high quality.

As for the mask, Evike have a few of these mask on display in their store now. Their rep. says they will receive them in bulk soon. I wonder if I can buy their display samples... its a really cool mask. A team of guys in these will do so serious intimidating!
by Johnson L. on 11/24/2011
"This is the most comfortable and slick looking vest for airsoft out there! It is compact unlike all the complicated vests that gets everywhere and it has plenty of room for patches. I find this vest the best CQB vest on our team because it is simple and useful. Best thing of all, it looks super nice! The built in admin pouch is great for map, wallet, patches, cell phone and all the little nag you need to carry. The velcro waist strap area can hold up to 3 M4 hicap securely if you don't want to put it on the thigh pouch (which is what I do)
by Colt W. on 08/01/2011
"very comfortable, nicely padded. strong an sturdy feeling. I bought a tripple mag molle pouch for it, it fit but one strap hangin out, still secure, and looks awesome, very tactical, and affordable.
by elisabeth b. on 07/06/2012
"hey guys,
i just wanted to tell you my impressions and feelings about this vest!

So this vest is really good fora little protection support to like an h-harness, like I use it.
It has a awesome look and feels durable; I feel like i can send this to the moon and back and it will resist that torture! As for its lack of mollle space,that can be compensated by using a light chest rig or a battle belt.

It has a little organizer compartment at the front which i found very useful;
on the back it has a hydration carrier for all your hydration needs.
As an end note: it lacks any kind of venting mesh inside, so your sweating quite a bit ,
its just something to keep in mind if considering of purchasing one
overall a good vest!
by Tyler K. on 07/04/2012
"Great vest. Had it for a year now, and it's held up very well.

Light weight
Easy to move in
Very durable
Looks great

Holds heat very well (pro or con)

Not much MOLLE in the front
by Bridget M. on 12/20/2011
"its a great vest used alota of matches, but my problem is that it doesnt come with alot of space for all my pouches in the front.
by Nayr i. on 11/24/2011
"this vest is a plate carrier, thats the whole point of body armor. this vest feels more like a flack jacket however. you can buy plastic plates for about 30 dollars. i like this armor under a chest rig (mine is OD) for protection from rockets and shots to the back, and cuz it makes you look awsome. very sturdy, some seams started coming out after 5 years of use (was my freinds, now mine) but still works fine. worth it.