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Emerson Tactical ACU Combat Uniform Set w/ Build in Knee / Elbow Pad for Airsoft (Size: Large)

2 Customer Reviews

by Michael F. on 08/21/2013
"This set is outstanding. Before this i had some cheap 5.11 (knock off) pants, and a similar shirt. However they did not have built in knee/elbow pads. The pants were very soft material, and the camo became faded fairly fast. The shirt had the same "light weight material" concept, however it was cotton or something. Sure it breathes better than the actual acu material, but nothing like this set. This set is a lot like the "under armor" sports material, and keeps me a lot cooler in the hot weather.

The knee pads take some getting used to. I'm used to my army ACU knee pads which are large, but the most comfortable and protective external knee pads I've ever used. These knee pads aren't as protective, and they simply dangle in front of your knees. Rather than tightening securely around the knee, they just hang right in front of it. It's unsettling considering they might be off center when you fall on your knees, but they actually work perfectly. A huge pro over my old external knee pads, is those pads i could not squat in. I mean i could, but it'd dig into the back of my knees like crazy. These pads do not dig in at all. I could squat for hours, and my feet/toes will hurt long before my knees do.

The pants have many features. The belt loops are very thick, wide, and very dense material. They're about 4 inches wide each. So using a tac belt with pouches and such hanging off isn't advised, however this is a good set to have a tighten belt on, then have a secondary belt over it attached to the vest. The pants have almost full length zippers on either side, much like sport pants. So if you get hit and want to rub the spot, you can unzip and reach in. Or if you're just burning hot, you can unzip them between games (which is so open it's like being in just underwear in the field). They also have boot zippers to fit the material around a boot more easily (though i prefer my pants to be inside the boot) The knee pads do have one internal strap around the calf, however it's mostly to secure the pants to the leg, not the knee pad itself. Above the knee pads are two length straps. These length straps adjust how far down the knee pad hangs from the belt. Very handy, and very ingenious. However i wish the strap would've been inside the pants, not outside. Under these straps are two M4 pouches (one on either side) they are not adjustable, so i doubt they would fit extended m4 mags, or m4 mags with magpulls, but plain m4 mags are acceptable, as well as smaller mags.

Really the only complaint i could have about this set, is how tough the material on the pants are. The material doesn't flex that much because it's so tough, it's like it's almost leather, however it breaks in eventually. And the fact that the material will last a long time because it's so dense, trumps this one complaint.

The shirt has the turtle neck which is very nice for neck protection, and helps when you have a sling holding the weight of your gun against your neck. It's nice that it has a zip up so you can unzip it between games to get some air, especially in hot weather. Though i do wish the zipper was more heavy duty. This has the elbow pads, which also hang loose. I don't think I'll ever dive completely on my elbows, but I'll do more with these elbow pads, then i would without. The sleeves do open and tighten, which is nice to tighten around long gloves.

One downside to the shirt is the soft material, is weak. If you a wearing a vest/plate carrier that has exposed velcro on the inside, it will tear up this material. It's highly recommended that you either cut off any exposed velcro, or put something on it, or something so the hooks don't tear up the material. My old cotton acu shirt was so thick that i never even noticed this. I wish i would've noticed it before, cause the first and only time i had worn this shirt, it got way torn up on the shoulders where the vest straps adjust, and has exposed velcro.

Another thing to note is that this material is meant to be snug around your torso. Not tight, just snug. The cotton and other versions are loose. So when it's snug around your torso, don't mistaken it as "too small", it is meant to be snug. Go via the pant size. I'm about a 32 or 33 waist, so my size is large. Great fit.

90$ is steep for most budgets (including mine). i mean i spent 600$ on my gun, 300 on my secondary, 300 on my loadout, another 90 doesn't sound like much, but i was already about 700$ past my hobby budget. However this 90 is well worth it. I'm so much cooler, so much more comfortable, more camo'd, and more comfortable. That and it's a longer lasting material. I recommend this to any airsoft player, especially one with an ACU loadout.
by Eric D. on 03/29/2012
"This BDU set is awesome!! Excellent quality materials and the sizes are spot on. I was concerned that the knee pads were going to suck but they're a lot better than my condor ones.

Now for my only gripes out this set: There are two horizontal pistol mag pouches right over your hip bones, I dont know why they'd put them on this as you'd probably have a chest rig of some sort. They also have a heavy duty zipper running down outside of both legs for kinda party boy removal/ventilation.

All in all they're tough, I've used them in dozens of ops/games and they still look new.