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Phantom CORDURA 1000 Denier Force Recon Tactical Vest Full Set (Dark Tan / Medium)

10 Customer Reviews

by Remy B. on 02/04/2016
"Best fricken vest ever!!!!
Had the matrix vest before this. It was alright.
This one has so much room for add-ons and modifications, thanks to MOLLE.
My only regret is not getting this sooner!ˇ!ˇ!ˇ
by Jeffrey C. on 05/16/2015
"I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this vest. After years of settling for lower priced and decidedly lower quality chest rigs, vests, and PCs, I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in the Phantom. I will never purchase another plate carrier that is not Phantom, or an equally impressive brand, The difference in quality is immediately noticeable, and this vest is everything I have wanted in a Plate Carrier since I first started airsofting 8 years ago.
by Joseph E. on 04/18/2015
"I want to go over a few things in this reveiw. To start this is a nearly perfect copy of the MAR CIRAS by Eagle Industries. It is made of the same materials at a fraction of the price. It will accept front, back and side plates (see my youtube video for details) as well as BALCS anti-frag. This vest is super high quality,

Medium = 5ft4-6ft4, 140-220lbs
Large = 5ft6-6ft2, 220-240lbs
X Large = 5ft6-6ft2, 240-260lbs.
** Remember that these vests have an adjustable cumberbund that will allow it to fit different size waists, so if you gain weight or lose weight you dont need to buy a new vest.

The Pros:
-Made of Cordura 1000 Denier, this stuff is abrasion resistant and does not rip easily. Anything tactical high quality is made of 1000D.
-One inch molle, this vest is covered in it.
-Comes with a lot of basic pouches to get you on the field sooner and better equipt than other vests.
-Comes in Coyote (Tan), Black, ACU (US Army), Multicam (SOCOM/SEALs), OD Green, Woodland, and MARPAT (Marine Corps), in 3 different sizes.
-Can accept front, rear and side plates (foam or real)

The Cons:
-Does not come with a hydration pouch.
-Included dual pistol mag pouch is very tight and may not fit your magazines properly.
-BALCS anti-frag may not fit in the front as well as it does in the back.
-The sling's clip does not look like it will retain your weapon.

For my comparison to the Eagle Industries MAR CIRAS, or to ask me a direct question about this product, check out my youtube overview:

And look for this vest in action in my future videos.
by edward F. on 01/08/2015
"This vest is amazing! i got one for Christmas and everything is awesome. First i did some research on it to make sure it would fit me because i'm 5'7. Some people said it wasn't going to fit but it does. i think the lowest height it will go is 5'6 maby 5'5 if you are lucky. I hope that will he;p some people get the vest. Second the price may be a little high but its worth it if you want a sturdy vest that lasts you a long time this is the vest for you.
PROS: sturdy
great color
alot of patches and room for more
wish they gave you instructions on how to adjust but look it up on youtube it gets easier and easier after you do it.
by Rodney S. on 08/11/2014
"Just received my Phantom 1000D Force Recon Tactical Vest in dark tan today. First impression is that this vest is pretty well made, with a good assortment of pouches.

One of the main points I have been reading about this Phantom vest is the size....What size is the best?

I am 6ft, 180lbs, 44" chest, and 34" waist. I bought the vest in medium, and with a couple of adjustments it fits me just right. Look at some of the You Tube vids on how to adjust the inner straps/holes.
I think a large size would've been too big.

I hope this helps on the size for those thinking of buying one.
by Austin S. on 07/15/2014
"I have had this plate carrier for almost two years now. This is great plate carrier out of four styles of plate carriers this one is my favorite. A tad heavy but very comfortable. Comes with good quality pouches. The AR pouches can hold 2 mags each or one M14 mag. The utility pouch has elastic straps inside and can hold two M14 mags and four 40mm shells. The color of this PC is very close to the EI MJK M14 mag pouches I have on the PC. It is a bit lighter then Coyote Brown.
A lot of molle space.
Almost all the included pouches are usable.
Very comfortable.

No instructions.
Pull cord holding cord is hard to adjust without instructions.
No CORDURA tags and the fabric doesn’t look like CORDURA. But it is still a good fabric.
by Matthew G. on 04/19/2014
"So I ordered this vest and I was initially worried about the fitment. I'm 5'11 and 155lbs. I adjusted it out one notch and the fit is superb. It comes with foam plates and they are pretty comfortable. This thing just feels heavy duty all around. The adjustment is a little tricky, but not a major pain. The sling it comes with is garbage. As far as the color goes, it's a darker tan similar to HSGI's khaki.

All in all, this vest impressed the hell out of me for the price. I would highly recommend it.
by Robert R. on 06/03/2012
"Alright to start off, this is an amazing vest. Totally worth it. If you are looking for a vest, spend the extra money to get this.

Molle Space
Included Pouches

Sling system. It is junk. It is a quick release pull cord. It falls out.
Also the adjusting system is a pain in the booty.
by denique b. on 01/10/2015
"first off you get what you pay for and this product is amazing but the reason why i rated this 4 out of 5 stars is only because of one thing which is the side. I am 5 foot 10 inches and 125lbs. and i have this vest to as tight as it could be and it is huge on me and it shakes around too much. So if you are around my size and looking at this vest i would go with either a jpc or condor gunner plate carrier.
by Micah W. on 10/25/2014
"All I've got to say is... wow. I've had this vest for well over 5 months now, and it's never failed me. It's big, it's bulky, but look at all that MOLLE. This plate carrier is very comfortable all-in-all. If you want to go for a USMC look, buy this Plate Carrier. Just as a side-note: If you are looking for something lightweight, extremely mobile in cqb, and all around high-speed low drag, I would not recommend this. there are some velcro straps here and there which kindof get in the way, but they don't make the plate carrier uncomfortable at all.

Extremely versatile
comes with all the pouches you'd ever need for it
durable material

Hard to remove (no way to quick remove as far as I'm concerned)
adjusting isn't the easiest thing in the world
some annoying pieces somewhat loose
sling isn't the most useful even when it's placed in the correct position