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Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

57 Customer Reviews

by steven w. on 03/15/2013
"I got this gun today, and I have to say, its AMAZING. full metal body, metal rails, metal everything. Only plastic parts are the stock and pistol grip but the plastic is very high quality. There is a made in china sticker that is a pain to get off but its ok. The gearbox is all metal, and the hop up is so easy to adjust. Range is great. However, the battery compartment isnt very good. Its a little annoying to get to the battery compartment and then when the battery is in the stock is a bit hard to adjust and putting the butt plate on is hard. But dont let that discourage you getting this gun, is by far the best M4 ive ever held. Adult gun enthusiasts say its impressive, and so do I its great 10/10
by Otis C. on 03/04/2013
"I recently got one of these bad boys. I love it! The saturday after I got it I went and played with it at my "local" cqb field. I barely squeaked in to play with it because it chronoed at 357 fps. All in all I had a great time that day. This is my first AEG and I couldn't be happier.

Full Metal
Good rate of fire

The motor locks up on semi if you fire too fast. (switch to full, fire a short burst, problem solved.)
by Jordan A. on 10/01/2012
"I got his rifle around July of this year so I've had it roughly 3 months now. This rifle is an absolute monster, it's my first full metal AEG and I love it 100% My charging handle broke within a few weeks, but in my opinion it's just for looks and I can't complain. I have a spider hole dug out in my attic for long ranged covered shots and I bought a 12 pack of soda. I shook up the cans and set them out easily 15-20 yards. took me 13 shots to take them all out (Had one bb just go apeshoot for some reason as bb's tend to do.) Each can exploded in a show of sugary death and needless to say I was happy. This gun has power and accuracy in my book. It is also a great beginner rifle if you don't mind the weight.
I'm about 6'2" and it's very comfortable in close quarters with my gorilla arms
Rail is solid
Stock is solid
Draws blood in a game
Weight I guess
Dust cover (once again not a big deal in my opinion)

Final rating 4.75 out of 5
by Sarah D. on 09/06/2012
"I got this gun and the first thing I noticed was that it was very hefty, and it was about 10lbs. I realized when I got the gun the magazine was broken but I got I new one free. This gun has a very strong and accurate shot. I would recommend you to have some experience, this gun is really for starters. Also if you would want to add some attachments I would recommend a High Powered Scope, and a Vertical Grip just for stability.

Very accurate (with white or black bb's)
Battery is very nice
It is hefty and reliable
Fully Metal
350-400 FPS

Very heavy (it can get tiring after and hour of playing)
by Colton J. on 07/19/2012
"This gun is awesome i've been using it for a year and it never failed in a war.

Good fps
Full Metal
Much more!

stock is wobbly
Rail can wobble every now and then
by Jake P. on 04/15/2012
"Great gun!! Solid buy! If you want a heavy, manly, feeling m4 for its great. The externals are clean. Love the colt trademarks, the only thing wrong with it is the ris to the metal body is loose at the d-ring but that's normal I put a $4 rail cover to bridge it and it works great. I'm a tec as for as the internals good there a 4/5. The wire needs to be at least 14gauge and it 18 gauge. The mech box is reinforced and can that a m150 no problem. 18:1 gears that will not brake. Good piston and head. Came at 363 fps and 14 rof. I put a matrix m120 spring($10) and a matrix high torque motor ($45) and as if the gun was not solid before now it kicks ... 436 fps and @ 23 rof with a 11.1 lipo 1100 in the buffer tube. Great gun. Two simple mods and a killer gun plus all the rail space. It's won for your collection.
by Gabriel C. on 12/25/2011
"Great gun!


by Nick B. on 11/25/2011
"gun shoots well for its price. it is a little heavy but thats one reason i bought it, it feels like the real thing in your hands. the flash hider tip is not plastic just the orange tip is (i took mine of with a dremal in less than a min looks sweet) the only bad thing i can say is the battery is a little bit of a pain to get in but thats what you get with those kind of stocks.
by Jake B. on 08/20/2011
"I have to say I have had this gun for about four months now and it has been the best airsoft gun that I have owned. A lot of my friends own the more expensive counterparts and Mine not only keeps up but outperforms. I have added lots of upgrades and all of the parts fit with ease. Bottom line great gun no problems.
by Tim Z. on 08/16/2011
"I bought this weapon a few months ago and hadn't used it in an airsoft op until just this last weekend. It performed tremendously! Out of five, 30-60 minute games in a woodland enviroment, I won four. The shortened CQB barrel is great for quickly getting behind cover and running through dense brush and trees. As far as indoor battle goes, it performed just as well, if not better. I bought a carrying handle for it and attached a camcorder to it. Yes, it's more weight but it helps you train from what you've done. As for the gun, it is by far the best weapon I have in my small arsenal. And, as cliche as it is, here's some pros and cons about the weapon.


1. Terrific ergonomics like any M4 model
2. Internal parts are metal and perform well
3. Decent rate of fire
4. Surprisingly quiet (mostly due to low wobble from metal body)
5. No wobble even after five games and a lot of training prior to it
6. Included battery performs well but suggest getting a 9.6 Lipoly
7. Realistic look and weight
8. Instills a great amount of fear in opponents
9. Easy hop-up adjustment


1. It's heavy to carry for long games (but does help in aiming)
2. After a round or two, only fanatics want to keep playing against it

Overall, it is a great weapon's system. Colt has good reason in licensing it. If you are looking for a weapon that performs, has the look and feel of the real one, this is most definitely the weapon for you!
by Rita S. on 06/09/2011
"This gun is AMAZING. It feels great! A bit too heavy but a sling would fix that. The fps is great! The ROF is alright with the battery it came with. A 9.6v would be much better though. Also I would buy a smart charger because the charger that it comes with is not so good. One other thing is that the battery is so dang hard to get in the stock. But I guess when you get the hang of it would be much easier.
Great FPS
Full Metal
Great feel
Sights are AMAZING
Very Accurate with .20 bbs
Nice Flash hider
Removable and fully adjustable rear sight

Hard to place battery in the stock
Needs a better battery and charger.
And thats about it...

Its an awesome gun. I would recommend it to anyone. Just buy 1 extra mag, a sling, and battery and charger and you got yourself a ownage gun! No red sight is necessary but for looks heck yea.
by jake t. on 03/16/2011
"great gun super heavy though and one problem i had with mine is that when i turn the selector switch to semi auto it wont shoot but thats probably a problem i can fix pretty fast
nice heavy feel
great FPS
nice accuracy
adjustable hop-up is easy to reach
realistic weight and feel
no mag wobble
very sturdy
comes with battery and charger

No single fire
needs a sling
a lttle hard to put the battery in

other than those few problems GREAT...GET THIS GUN i give it a five
by Glenn Y. on 03/11/2011
"Best gun ever a 10/10
Great rate of fire and awesome gun
Get a better battery
My mag broke the first week i used it so i would get a new mag too
by Judy C. on 03/09/2011
"best gun ever i Was playing outside with a group of buds and my friend was using a shotgun and i shot a hole through it.It shoots about io bbs per sec. great good if you have spare batteries
by Craig C. on 03/08/2011
"Just got this gun in Yesterday. This thing has quality written all over it. Full Metal build, fit and finish is awesome. It is heavy which you would expect. Shoots hard, I average 375 to 385. Good accuracy out of the box. The only thing I would upgrade is to a tight bore barrel and a better battery. Its ships with a battery which functions okay but you want a upgrade. My buddy has a KWA similar to this style. For the price and performance you cannot beat this thing. Throw in a few add ons to personalize and people will envy this thing. I cannot be happier. Thought about spending twice as much and I am glad I didn't. Cyma has really impressed me with this. I got it when it was on sale for $180 for it s worth the $225 and much more. If your thinking about it, just do it. Its freaking awesome.