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Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

57 Customer Reviews

by Clay G. on 03/02/2011
"A nice looking colt. I already have a Classic Army CQB-R and I was buying this as a secondary back up not hoping this to be a $400 gun, but it is above my expectations. Shoots harder out of the box than my Classic Army CQB-R that I paid $400 for 3 years ago by 50 FPS. All parts are compatible with my CA, love it!
by Jason C. on 02/03/2011
"Awesome Rifle!

Initial look and feel: Great! 10/10. Sturdy build, metal receiver and nice finish and packaging. The colt logo is a plus for me but it may just be personal preference.

Performance: very accurate and mine chronied at 405~410 FPS with matrix 0.20g bb.

All and all: 10/10 for sure. You can't ask for more. Get a better battery.
by Netanel K. on 02/25/2016
"I bought this gun and don't get me wrong it's a good gun but a huge con I'm not seeing anyone talk about is the weight. Being a cqb gun it should be light and easy to run around with but its not, it's a very heavy gun. About 10 pounds if I have to guess. Besides that it's a good gun.
by John S. on 12/31/2015
"I got this gun a year ago and it's construction is pretty solid. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants to upgrade it's internals.

-Good ROF
-Good trigger response
-Extremely solid construction
-Very reliable
-Comes with battery (good battery life)
-Easily upgradable
-High FPS

-Not extremely accurate
by Dan L. on 06/10/2015
"I had this gun for about 4 months now and I have to say, it's an great fun for starters. The ROF is about 19-22 rds per second. Range with .25s is pretty good ( about 100ft.) I would recommend this gun to anyone who is just starting out. The stock will come a little wobbly after a while but it is great AEG.

Great range
Great ROF
Good FPS for starters.

Stock comes wobbly
Mag might come out. ( it came out a couple times for me)
A little heavy
by tylor s. on 02/26/2015
"I just bought this gun and for my first good airsoft gun this thing is awsome.It came with an extra magazine and a cleaning rod.For some reason it dident come with a battery.This did suck but hey what are you gonna do.I thought it was cool how the bottom of the rail system comes of but I'm not so sure what that is for. The block sight is really good but the long sight is really hard to see out of I would really recommend this gunn eney time.
by Nathan T. on 02/23/2015
"I bought this gun several months back and has proved its worthiness to me on the field. Over all very reliable and accurate... M4 is always my go to gun, I own 3 personally... but this one is my favorite, stands above the rest.

-Full Metal
-Good Fps 360-390 Roughly
-Weight 7.8 pound "Feels Realistic"
-Good Firing Rate
-Fully customizable

-Stock end is tight
-Excess Wiring

P.S. I totally recommend this gun to people of all skill levels... Thanks Evike
by Christine B. on 11/04/2014
"This gun shoots very far for being a "cqb master ". It is somewhat heavy for its size but overall an amazing gun
by Michael S. on 06/28/2014
"This gun overall is a pretty good gun. The listed fps is a bit low, mine shot around 400fps with 20g bbs. Also one con for me is that i weighs around 8.5 lbs (about 4kgs) which gets kind of heavy if you run around with it for a few hours. Overall theis is a high fps and heavy but still very good M4.
by kevin l. on 02/22/2014
"This gun is an absolute tank. Don't let CQBR throw you off because this gun has an incredible range. In addition, it sounds awesome when you shoot it. After owning the gun for awhile, the rail does get wobbly and the screws in the motor grip fell out a few times. This gun is also quite heavy, especially if you're planning on getting accessories. Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons because of the gun's performance.

easily customizable
crane stock

wobbly rail system after some use
by Logan H. on 01/03/2014
"To start off, I'm extremely happy with this gun. It has an awesome, authentic feel to it, and with the right attachments it looks super intimidating. However, the crane stock that comes with this gun is absolute trash. If you're purchasing this weapon, keep in mind that you will NEED to purchase a new stock. I'm also less than impressed with the wiring. It's not horrible, but the wires in the buffer tube feel really cheap and flimsy. My only other complaint is the low rate of fire (10 RPS), although it's not a huge deal, I'm just used to the 17 RPS my Echo 1 XCR fires at, so it's a huge difference. Overall, I'm very impressed with the external build of this gun (except for the HORRIBLE crane stock) and pretty happy with the performance.
by Connor S. on 10/09/2012
Freakin awesome looking
Markings on the side (M4A1 Carbine 6MM PROPERTY OF OF GOVERNMENT)
High FPS
Charge Handle sounds cool
Very high ammo cap (comes with 350 round mag)
5 position stock
Full Metal
Feels like a real M4
Lots of rails
Relatively Quiet
super fast RPM

Mag wobbles a lot. could just be the mag, I havent tried any other mags yet...
Fairly heavy
Battery is a PAIN in the neck to put in!!
Looks VERY real
by ALEX L. on 08/02/2012
"this is one of the best m4s i have bought. i found that it is more accurate when your use 23. gram bbs. when you use 20. grams they cant shoot 30 feet accurately. the gun is very heavy. i weighed it in at 13 pounds unloaded and 14 loaded. so it can be tiring running around with it.

full metal
very reliable

by Monte H. on 04/20/2012
"decent gun.
mine was broken when it came in the mail. it shot one and 3 shots but i got it fixed for free so no big deal.
great fps and decent fire rate when used with 9.6 battery.

high fps
high rpm
highly upgradeable (i have an m203, red dot, and a tactical light on mine)

broken when it came out of the box
the battery loads into the stock and the clips to keep the buttstock on broke off the first time i took the stock off to get to the battery. so i have to unscrew it now when ever i want to get to the battery.
2x the weight of a standard issued m16/m4 in the USMC or army.

in conclusion its a great gun and i would highly recommend it to any friends or family. the weight and battery are not big issues.
by Donna B. on 02/26/2012
"It is a good gun decent ROF like any other m4

Full metal
Nice trademark
Very good CQB gun

Stock is stiff
Rail wobbles

Overall it's a good reliable gun had mine for two years