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Colt Licensed M4 CQB-R Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

92 Customer Reviews

by Marion R. on 10/28/2013
"Really good aeg for it's price

realistic weight
good for cqb 360/350 FPS
easy to use
good for beginners
railing system is really nice
comes with 2 350 hi cap magazine

fire rate is not that great 10-12 bb's per second
the battery and charger that comes with this gun is kinda cheap so i recommend buying a better battery and a smart charger

over all it's a great gun specially for beginners. It's really affordable and the quality is really nice.
by Jacob H. on 08/01/2013
"I purchased this rifle almost 2 years ago and I could tell you I was very pleased. It had an accurate range of 125 feet with .25 gram bbs. I have been playing for almost 4 years and this was my first high quality rifle. I would recommend this to beginners or maybe even some who has some idea what they are doing.


-May need to be upgraded for supreme performance
by Roy M. on 06/28/2013
"This gun is amazing. have used it many games. the weight feels great and i have never had a problem with the mags or the trigger. the battery could of been a little easier to install but overall great gun. well worth it.
by Camden P. on 06/04/2013
"This is one of the best guns I have ever bought because of how well it is built and how well it works in any conditions. When I bought this gun I knew later I had to upgrade it, but I did not realize on how long it lasted before up grades.

solid body and feel
excellent gearbox
iron sights are ok
fps nice
easy to use

rate of fire is a little slow (10 rounds a second)
barrel is really heavy
stock is a little wobbly

Other than all of this, this is a excellent gun. I would recommend this gun to a beginner or a in the middle player. When you want to upgrade this gun get the best stuff for its worth it will make your gun much better.
by vahan m. on 05/10/2013
"Ok I read all the reviews and comments on this gun before I purchased it.... THIS GUN IS FREAKIN AMAZING! i am 6'1 250 lbs built, so wight weight airsoft guns feel like damn toys in my hands, but this M4 is exact replica weight of the real one. I love the full metal body! and one this i absolutly love about this gun is you can very easily change the fps to pass crono, you open the hopper and turn the little screww tjing all the to the left (counter clock wise) and it shoots at 335 fps, turn it all the way to the right it shoots around 370-390 fps. you gotta keep it in the middle for best accuracy. Over all all you need for his gun is a 9.6 batter not the 8.4, also the magazines suck!

magazines- SUCK

overall 9.5/10
by steven w. on 03/15/2013
"I got this gun today, and I have to say, its AMAZING. full metal body, metal rails, metal everything. Only plastic parts are the stock and pistol grip but the plastic is very high quality. There is a made in china sticker that is a pain to get off but its ok. The gearbox is all metal, and the hop up is so easy to adjust. Range is great. However, the battery compartment isnt very good. Its a little annoying to get to the battery compartment and then when the battery is in the stock is a bit hard to adjust and putting the butt plate on is hard. But dont let that discourage you getting this gun, is by far the best M4 ive ever held. Adult gun enthusiasts say its impressive, and so do I its great 10/10
by Otis C. on 03/04/2013
"I recently got one of these bad boys. I love it! The saturday after I got it I went and played with it at my "local" cqb field. I barely squeaked in to play with it because it chronoed at 357 fps. All in all I had a great time that day. This is my first AEG and I couldn't be happier.

Full Metal
Good rate of fire

The motor locks up on semi if you fire too fast. (switch to full, fire a short burst, problem solved.)
by John S. on 10/16/2012
"The King Arms full metal Colt M4-A1 is great AEG. It features an aluminum receiver with nylon fiber hand guards, pistol grip, and stock on top of a functional bolt catch, all of which are extremely nice and well constructed. All in all, this rifle is steal for the price.


Amazing externals
Great internals
Realism of the bolt catch and Colt trades is a nice bonus


Orange tip isn't as graceful as Classic Armys
by Jordan A. on 10/01/2012
"I got his rifle around July of this year so I've had it roughly 3 months now. This rifle is an absolute monster, it's my first full metal AEG and I love it 100% My charging handle broke within a few weeks, but in my opinion it's just for looks and I can't complain. I have a spider hole dug out in my attic for long ranged covered shots and I bought a 12 pack of soda. I shook up the cans and set them out easily 15-20 yards. took me 13 shots to take them all out (Had one bb just go apeshoot for some reason as bb's tend to do.) Each can exploded in a show of sugary death and needless to say I was happy. This gun has power and accuracy in my book. It is also a great beginner rifle if you don't mind the weight.
I'm about 6'2" and it's very comfortable in close quarters with my gorilla arms
Rail is solid
Stock is solid
Draws blood in a game
Weight I guess
Dust cover (once again not a big deal in my opinion)

Final rating 4.75 out of 5
by Sarah D. on 09/06/2012
"I got this gun and the first thing I noticed was that it was very hefty, and it was about 10lbs. I realized when I got the gun the magazine was broken but I got I new one free. This gun has a very strong and accurate shot. I would recommend you to have some experience, this gun is really for starters. Also if you would want to add some attachments I would recommend a High Powered Scope, and a Vertical Grip just for stability.

Very accurate (with white or black bb's)
Battery is very nice
It is hefty and reliable
Fully Metal
350-400 FPS

Very heavy (it can get tiring after and hour of playing)
by Colton J. on 07/19/2012
"This gun is awesome i've been using it for a year and it never failed in a war.

Good fps
Full Metal
Much more!

stock is wobbly
Rail can wobble every now and then
by Sam B. on 06/06/2012
"This gun is studly. All of my friends told me that for 185 it was an amazing buy. Also a couple of people said that the mag that it comes with was bad, but mine is good. Oh and also the gun in the 3rd and 4th pictures have the king arms logo on it but this gun doesn't, it only has the colt trademarks

Great fps
Good range
Good accuracy
Full metal

Little wobble stock(not a big deal)
Little mag wobble(not a big deal)

I haven't seen anything else yet( I've only used it in 6 wars that were all about an hour each)
by Chris B. on 05/29/2012
"So i've had this gun for closing in on a year now and i have to say i'm very impressed. Something about the appearance and feel of it keeps it on the field more often then my kwa. The gun looks mean with the birdcage on the barrel, the pistol grip feels just about as good as a vfc. Everything about it reminds me of the real ones i've fired. Performance is great too, when it was new i was getting a solid 390 on .20, now i get 380 on .20 which is perfectly acceptable speeds for outdoor play. Hop up was and still is very impressive, always have been able to get on target quickly and easily. I had two issues with it, the stock magazine wouldn't lock into the magwell, which didn't bother me i already had a handful of mags. The other issue with it is a issue all KA m4s have, the buffer tube is smaller then the stock so it wobbles. I bought a buffer tube second hand for $10 off another player and fixed that issue real quick. While on the customization topic, this gun even accepted the rails off of the real one! I absolutely love it, it is the M4 to have if you want authenticity and performance.

-Excellent feel, finish, trademarks
-Perfect FPS for outdoor play
-Amazing stock hop up (accuracy is great)
-Respectable rof (higher then some higher end guns i've came in contact with)
-Very customizable
-Nice stiff battery compartment that's roomy
-Functioning bolt catch (cool feature)

-Wobbly stock
-Poorly designed magazine included
-Wiring needs to be handled with care when taking apart (King arms sells a tool if you aren't comfortable with improvising!)

The pros far out weigh the cons and this gun gets 5 stars regardless, i was absolutely blown away by a brand the keyboard warriors always talk bad about. I recommend this to everyone who appreciates the real steel m4-a1 and wants to get the closest airsoft equivalent.
by Hunter F. on 05/18/2012
"real good gun for the price.
full metal
stock wobbles
by wesley c. on 04/24/2012
"I got this gun for Christmas and i love it. The power is nice for outdoor play. The only con i found was that the hop-up had to be reset kinda often. Overall i love this gun and for $185 it is a steal.