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by Ray R. on 2016-05-19 10:28:02
"Full metal, but too heavy for CQB use. You get what you pay for , don't expect the best alloy to be used on upper/lower receivers. Plus, upper has typical "wobble" most low grade M4s have. O ring on pivot pin mount is a quick fix. Hop up is useless, unless you like your shots flying off to the left or right, no hop just slop. Change hop up bucking/nub and install tightbore barrel and this thing will works as advertised. But eventually motor will fail, it gets too hot and will burn out quickly under hard use. Mags feed sporadically, but G&P or even JGs seem to work ok. overall this AEG is ok for entry level play or back yard fun. Too heavy to use as a platform for gearbox upgrades unless you like dragging a 9 lb + overweight around all day.
by Nick S. on 2016-03-10 09:37:45
I had originally bought this back in 2011, and I never regretted my purchase. It was my first AEG, and it served me well through a number of airsoft wars. After almost five years of abuse, the wear and tear had become extensive, but it still worked. The trigger spring had almost entirely worn out, so firing it at that point required a significant amount of pressure while pulling the trigger. This of course was my fault-I had fired full automatic too frequently without considering the consequences. It finally stopped working when I made the mistake of disassembling the gearbox to replace the trigger, when I found that the gearbox was fractured-yet it had held itself together and worked quite exceptionally!-and then I could not reassemble the gearbox. If I had not done this, then I believe it would have lasted quite a few more years, even more abuse.

Full Metal (upper, lower, barrel, magazine)
Sturdy polymer stock, grip, etc.
Decent rate of fire (I recommend a 9.6v butterfly/nunchuck battery to improve the ROF-it worked for me)
Great, solid feel and weight
GREAT magazine size
The paint can scratch off after extensive use, giving it an attractive battle-worn look
Full Colt trademarks!

Orange tip can break off easily
Selector switch can loosen up after some time, but special tools can easily fix it

In my experience, this AEG withstood significant abuse: continuous full-auto fire, moisture (I placed it in the pack of my friend's jeep at the end of the airsoft game at dusk, and returned hours later to find it covered in moisture-worked without issue after wiping off some of the internals and externals), and even a few drops, though I wouldn't recommend dropping it. If you want a reliable AEG, then please consider this one!
by Netanel K. on 2016-02-25 03:48:36
"I bought this gun and don't get me wrong it's a good gun but a huge con I'm not seeing anyone talk about is the weight. Being a cqb gun it should be light and easy to run around with but its not, it's a very heavy gun. About 10 pounds if I have to guess. Besides that it's a good gun.
by Andrew B. on 2016-02-20 11:09:58
"This gun is great for beginners or even mid-level airsofters. It was my first rifle, and here I am now with too many to count and this is still one of my favorites.
- after awhile, my gearbox shell straight up cracked
It is a great gun, I have now spent about 700$ in upgrades in this bad boy and yeah I love it
Pros (Stock out of the box)
-great rof
-Full metal body (very solid)
- numerous routes to upgrade
-Works great out of the box
-rails are a bit wobbly, but thats what your gonna get with a delta ring/triangle sight
-No big cons
by John S. on 2015-12-31 09:46:09
"I got this gun a year ago and it's construction is pretty solid. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants to upgrade it's internals.

-Good ROF
-Good trigger response
-Extremely solid construction
-Very reliable
-Comes with battery (good battery life)
-Easily upgradable
-High FPS

-Not extremely accurate
by Dan L. on 2015-06-10 09:21:24
"I had this gun for about 4 months now and I have to say, it's an great fun for starters. The ROF is about 19-22 rds per second. Range with .25s is pretty good ( about 100ft.) I would recommend this gun to anyone who is just starting out. The stock will come a little wobbly after a while but it is great AEG.

Great range
Great ROF
Good FPS for starters.

Stock comes wobbly
Mag might come out. ( it came out a couple times for me)
A little heavy
by Christine B. on 2015-05-31 17:30:34
"I bought this gun about three years ago. It worked for about two then the gearbox started having nonfuntions. The guns shoots further than a usual cqb gun. At one point I used it as a dmr. But it is all metal and heavy 5/5
by Robert E. on 2015-05-08 23:15:42
"I had this AEG awhile back and i loved it. I made some changes to it. I added a 14 in. madbul outer barrel, madbul 6.01mm TBB and a 13.5in. troy battle rail. I was reaching out around the 200ft mark, give or take a few feet. The only issues I had was that the stock outer barrel was really wobbly and after time the selector switch became loose. But other then those two issues it was flawless. I've had more issues with my VFC H&K 416c then I have had with this. Wishing that I never sold it.
by Spencer Z. on 2015-05-04 07:31:33
"Great gun out of box. In two days of testing with the gun it stop working. But overall good gun
by tylor s. on 2015-02-26 13:02:30
"I just bought this gun and for my first good airsoft gun this thing is awsome.It came with an extra magazine and a cleaning rod.For some reason it dident come with a battery.This did suck but hey what are you gonna do.I thought it was cool how the bottom of the rail system comes of but I'm not so sure what that is for. The block sight is really good but the long sight is really hard to see out of I would really recommend this gunn eney time.
by Nathan T. on 2015-02-23 20:34:34
"I bought this gun several months back and has proved its worthiness to me on the field. Over all very reliable and accurate... M4 is always my go to gun, I own 3 personally... but this one is my favorite, stands above the rest.

-Full Metal
-Good Fps 360-390 Roughly
-Weight 7.8 pound "Feels Realistic"
-Good Firing Rate
-Fully customizable

-Stock end is tight
-Excess Wiring

P.S. I totally recommend this gun to people of all skill levels... Thanks Evike
by Conner L. on 2015-02-13 10:36:31
"I bought this gun for Christmas of 2013 so just over a year ago a can say it is a great gun. Stock RoF isn't to impressive but once you get a 9.6v battery it jumps quite a few rounds. Also the gun weighs a ton in relation to how small it is . Being a cqb-r and weighing in at almost 10 pounds can sometimes by tiring but isn't too bad. Also the trades on it are really good, it catches peoples eyes. Another "mod" I did to mine was to color in the fire selector options with white crayons which really helps pull the whole gun together. Overall I would rate this gun a 10/10 for the price range.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 57 reviews)

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