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WE WWII Full Metal "Hi-Power" Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun

6 Customer Reviews

by Michael B. on 07/21/2016
"I am honored to have this gun as my first green gas blowback gun.
FYI for those who don't know and think the barrel is wobbly it's not. It's just a reciprocating barrel.
I spent over 120 seconds of propane in one mag gas fill. Maybe not gas efficient just takes awhile to get it in
Pretty accurate
Noticeable recoil
kinda loud but maybe that's a common gas gun thing?

I spent over 120 seconds of propane in one mag gas fill. Maybe not gas efficient just takes awhile to get it in
kinda loud but maybe that's a common gas gun thing?

I plan to have games with this gun. I like it.
by Teresa M. on 12/03/2011
"I bought this for my dad about 6 months ago because the Browning Hi-Power 9mm was his favorite gun back in his cop days, so I decided to give him a blast from the past. He absolutely loves it. He tells me it feels like the real thing, and takes apart like it too. He has had no problems with it and we love to shoot together. Also, it is SO accurate. It's awesome. But it is honestly more of a plinking gun than a gun you would use in a game.

Very Realistic
Nice power
Not a huge gas hog

Orange painted directly on the gun (No tip)
No Hop-up adjust

To summarize: A great, realistic feeling gun, which is a great target shooter, but because there is no hop-up it can't really be used in a game.
by Zayne M. on 11/30/2011
"The WE Hi Power is possibly the best GBB gun for the price! True to the Original in every aspect.
It wont ja on you when you need it. You may actutally prefer it over a WE 1911! Definatly worth buying.
I imagine the Chrome model is just as good, but I prefer the original Blueing. The Hi-Power or P35 was famous for being used by Amercian, Canadian, British, and Nazi forces during WWII so it will fit right in with whatever primary you use! (Thompson, Sten, MP40, ect)

About 4 magazines will shoot when mag is full of gas
Faux wood grips are realistic and comfortable
Uber lifelike
Nice strong trigger pull
Accurate as a CO2 pellet gun (from some testing I did)
Good Wieght
Fantastic Sights
Good Metal/Well built

The barrel has some scratches on it from the slide going back and forth but it isnt too noticable and it doesnt affect the gun.
Safety is awkward.
by Jerry H. on 05/25/2017
"Kind of disappointed, actually. It FEELS like plastic, but it definitely IS metal. I own a couple WE 1911s, and they feel like their real steel counterparts; they're heavy(ish), and feel very solid. This pistol, on the other hand feels like a toy. I just keep looking for seam lines.

I DO like the grips. Matter of fact, I love the grips. They look very much like real wood, and that's a very fine detail that greatly appreciate; especially with a pistol like this.

Overall, I'd recommend picking it up mostly if you're reenacting or using it for some kind of costume. While I'm sure it's a great gun for games, it just seems like something you'd want as a collectors piece.
by David A. on 01/28/2017
"I have a first gen and the mag leaks unfortunately. However the plastic grips do in fact fit an actual Browning high power. I own a later production model and decided to test it out as the WE reproduction is touted as being a highly accurate reproduction. It is, even down to the grip shape clearly.
by Eric B. on 06/05/2013
"*THERE IS* a hop-up adjustment, it's a little hole inside of the piece that holds the spring inside of the slide. There are two holes, one of which is slightly bigger, it is **closest** to the spring.

Pros: Best replica of any gun I've seen so far; (for its date at least) perfectly weighted, awesome metal, orange tip is metal and doesn't look like crap, etc.

Cons: WE's reputation for gas guzzlers and fake wood grips.
However neither of these issues concern me.

Once I discovered there was a hop up I had to get it and I'm soo glad to have it. Certainly the coolest airsoft gun that I've ever fired.