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Double Eagle M47 Sawed Off Airsoft Spring Airsoft Shotgun with Imitation Wood Furniture

7 Customer Reviews

by Daniel P. on 08/20/2017
"Well, this gun came in very nice packaging (no damage) right out of the box, it worked like a champ! i took it out back and fired a few rounds, and it isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but it is super fun and the bbs fly! over all the shotty is nice, just wish the body was less plastic and more metal.
by Jeffrey C. on 06/04/2017
"if you get these rail to rail adapters ( called matrix mil-spec w2w weaver to weaver adapter; you can connect this gun to any rail system so you have a masterkey instead of a m203. the adapter lets you put even sub machine guns on the bottom of your rifle. (like a mp7 or something). this was one of my first guns as a kid and it was fun.
by Jacob F. on 06/04/2015
"This is a great little shotgun. Has great accuracy and range. A durable build quality. Comes with two mags that do have a little feeding problem when there is three to four bb's left in the mags, they don't go in the gun unless you turn it upside down. They are high cap mags though. Good for close quarter games and backyard games. Get one if your looking for an inexpensive shotgun.
by Claudio B. on 09/22/2013
"this was my first airsoft gun and is really accurate, from 50 ft i hit a pencil using .20 bbs

light weight
red dot
mag has capacity of about 200 bbs

fps around 270 with .20 bbs(that is what makes it accurate)
by Colin F. on 06/28/2012
"This is a great gun for the price. It is accurate and hits hard. I can shoot through a soda can and hit a light pole from 30 feet away. You should really buy this.
by Andrew R. on 10/08/2015
"This is a surprisingly nice little shotty. I honestly didn't expect much for $20 but I was pleasantly surprised. There were several options on the market and I decided to go with the Mossberg because of of its unusually high capacity magazine. This in turn comes with several pros and cons (I'll get into that soon).

-Fairly solid construction. The plastic is of decent quality and the barrel is actually metal, not plastic.
-Good fps for a springer. Couldn't chrono but it was about the 250-300ish advertised.
-Great accuracy. I didn't measure, but I was able to accurately hit targets from a decent range. Maybe up to 50+ ft?
-Decent flashlight attachment. Nothing amazing but not as terrible as I thought it would be.
-3 20mm rails.
-Use .20's for this gun. .12's fly off and .25's are a tad bit too heavy.

-"Red Dot Scope" is complete garbage. It doesn't even look like the one in the picture. It's fake of course and since there's no iron sights you have to deal with it or make your own.
-Flashlight won't mount on the left rail since the screw is too big
-Last 4 or 5 chambered rounds won't load unless you cock the shotgun upside down.
Makes you look kind of silly and you never quite know when you've actually run out of ammo. Basically you could be running around thinking you have a round chambered only to dry fire. It's a huge inconvenience.

-High capacity magazine is good for holding many rounds, but you have to take it out after firing 10 or so rounds to shake more into the firing chamber.
-Loud shaking noise when running
-Stock is a bit oddly shaped. I can't quite get a good hold on it to sight in on a target. You have to stick your elbow out to the side to get the shotgun on eye level which is a big no no in airsoft. Never expose more of your body than you need to.

Overall this gun is a fun little plinker that really shouldn't see serious gameplay. It's perfect for backdoor games. If you're looking for something a little more reliable, go with one of the other magazine or shell fed shotguns on the market (they're about $20-$30 as well minus extra magazines). I simply can't recommend this for large games as the chance of a bb not being chambered is too great. Otherwise a solid pick!
by Joshua D. on 08/23/2013
"This is a neat little shotty. It's small and lightweight.

I'm rating this a four for a few reasons.

This shotty feels a little fragile due to the plastic used. Also, the pump is a little strong for what it's made out of. The rail is plastic and so is the red dot (Which is cheaply made).

The primary reason I got this shotty is for prop use in films. It does make a pretty convincing piece with the right effects and sounds. Just drop out the mag, and paint the "ejection port" silver. Bam! Realistic shotgun prop.

I would say this is an excellent piece if you want to use it in movies and films as it is cheap and replaceable if broken, but I'm not sure if I would field this.