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Matrix 9.6V 2300mAh NiMh high output Airsoft RC battery (Crane Stock Type.)

4 Customer Reviews

by Michael H. on 06/16/2016
"This is a very powerful and long lasting battery! The wires are a bit long which can make it difficult to put in a stock. I have to extend my crane stock about 4/6 to have the battery fit inside. Overall would recommend for the price!
by two c. on 08/20/2014
"works well and does the job holds a charge a long time. More wire than necessary but I see that as a plus since I convert all my plugs to Deans and it is better to have more wire than too little! Also fits perfectly inside my Krytac crb, if you have a Krytac this is best battery I have found that is not LiPo.
by Nathan M. on 08/18/2013
"In short: great battery. I does fit inside a crane stock, but because of the extra wiring and stuff, you'll only be able to adjust it about halfway down. Since I play with mine at the second to last extension, it doesn't bother me at all. It also might take you a couple of minutes to figure out HOW to get it all to fit, but it

An easy way to get this in is to fully collapse (push in) your stock and plug it in. Fit the two large sticks where they need to go, tangling the wiring as little as possible, and then fully extend your stock. Then simply place one side of the cap/lid/whatever in first, and push in whatever wires stick out as you lower it in. Once you get it, it's very snug.

PROS (Because I love Pros/Cons in reviews):
- Solid 9.6V battery.
- Much higher than average capacity. Great for all-day events.
- It's black. So edgy.

- Lots of wiring, due to the third stick, which can bit a little difficult to make fit. This is an extremely minor annoyance, though, and only until you get used to loading it up.

I'd highly recommend it!
by parker g. on 07/17/2012
"well bought this two months ago and still havent needed to recharge it. I've used this in about 13 different battles over two months with my GR-15 XL and still shoots 400+ with .20gr bbs. This is an amazing battery so get it!!!