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Memorial Day Sale! SAVE 25% with coupon code: MAY (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Skull" Mask

2 Customer Reviews

by John G. on 03/01/2015
"Before you buy this, be prepared to be judged, because this isn't a replica helmet with goggles and a steel lower mesh. If you want to be different, buy it now, my loadout is all black, with punisher skulls on everything, so this fit well with my loadout. It's a little on the heavy side for only covering half you face, but you just have to tighten the straps then wrap the ends in electrical tape so it doesn't slip. It's got a 5 strap system that are elastic with a plastic plate that has the evike logo on it, which doesn't look bad and isn't too flashy. The durability can't be beat, point black with a 500 fps lead pellet gun didn't even leave a scratch. If you a little on the small side, I would take caution before buying because it's really big, for a little person, I'm the size of an NFL lineman, so it only comes out cover about half of my ears, and when I yell, you can see my chin come out the bottom of the mask, so I wouldn't worry about that unless you're huge like me. The Padding On The inside is really comfortable, I've never had a problem with it feeling uncomfortable,

- comfortable
- intimating on the field (epically in the dark)
- unique
- easy to get on a off
- one piece unlike a helmet and goggles set up
- large (could be a con)
- best mask style in the market

- isn't milsim because it won't make you look like a real military solider,
- low light because if mesh
- not as easy to look down sights

All and all good buy, might get a helmet and goggles for outdoor milsim games soon, but for now this is good
by James K. on 09/13/2012
"Let me start by saying this mask is very comfortable and can adjust to many different sizes of heads. The mask is very spray paint friendly so you can really do whatever you want to it. It does get a little hot so wearing glasses or something that doesn't have anti fog wipes isn't recommended. Although glasses can indeed fit underneath the mask (shooters glasses are recommended by Evike but I have special prescription glasses) they do fog up quite a bit without anti fog wipes (I had to take mine off after about two games). Now on to the BIGGEST con I can think of. Your field of view is very limited since the mask sits about an inch off your face which means you can't really see to the side very well.

-Spray paint friendly for personalizing
-Glasses fit underneath
-Strong materials so they wont break

-Limited field of view

Other then the stated this mask is pretty amazing! If you don't like this particular mask they have others with different designs and they are just as durable and awesome