Reviews: A&K 70rd Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 M16 ACR SCAR Masada Series Airsoft AEG - Dark Earth


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Model: MAG-BL007-DE

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by michael l. on 2015-03-14 18:11:53
"I don't understand how everyone is running good reviews on these they hold about 15 rounds they jam up constantly and it's almost impossible to put them back together I wouldn't waste my time or money on these ever again you can get a lot more for a lot less from another brand

and For people thinking I only bought one I bought 3 and all 3 jam up an are loose and all 5 of my m4/m16
by Evan C. on 2013-09-16 23:15:40
"Magpul has always been the premiere manufacturer of magazines, assists, stocks, and other aftermarket parts and accessories since their inception. These magazines are no exception. I purchased 5 of these in store and used them a few days later at Tac City Fullerton and they didn't disappoint. The feeding was excellent, I had no jams of any kind, and I only had to oil them once to break them in. Most mids have to be oiled 2-3 times for them to start feeding well, but I lubed these PMAG's once each and they were more than good to go. I highly recommend these mags for your CQB loadout as they're super low-profile and look really cool. I also plan on using them in my DMR platform. Not to mention, they don't wobble at all in my SRC Magpul custom M4.

-durable Magpul DuPont polymer construction
-perfect feeding, no jams at all
-easy to break in
-they look awesome
-low profile
-they come with dust covers
-no wobbling to speak of
-easy maintenance
-absolutely worth the $20 each
-perfect capacity for any game type

-Absolutely nothing

I give these mags 5 stars. You definitely get what you pay for. Again, I highly recommend these to any milsim player who's serious about keeping quiet on the field or in an arena, who wants that realism factor, and who loves Magpul.
by Dylan R. on 2013-07-21 22:21:30
"Absolutely amazing mid cap magazine. I got one for my scar and it looks amazing.

Great color (not icky tan)
Fantastic quality (yay magpul)
Zero feeding problems
Definitely worth the extra $10
by Nick D. on 2013-03-16 18:00:42
"I love these mags! They look great for a sniper rifle, feed perfectly, and so far maintenance has been minimal for me. Not to mention, they look great. I recommend a different color though, these are $10 more than the others.

Look great
Feed great
Magpul trades and dust cover (for storage)
Great for sniper rifles and DMRs

A little expensive for the capacity, but that's probably because of Magpul Liscensing

Overall, great product

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)