Reviews: Bobster Bravo Interchangeable Ballistics Goggles w/ MOLLE pouch and Extra Lenses - Black

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Model: GO-BBRA101B
Location: U6-055

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by Ian W. on 2012-01-03 15:57:51
"These are awsome. I just got a pair. They are extremely comfortable and will fit with a kevlar helmet, they also do not obstruct your scope view.

The lenses are very easy to change, and for those of you who wear glasses, they will not be able to be worn with these, you'll have to invest in contacts or surgery.

The package came with a small black MOLLE pouch that fits the goggles and has internal pockets for the four spare lenses and a microfiber rag. The goggles also have a microfiber "sock" that you can pull around to protect the lenses, kinda like ESS goggles.

They appear to be pretty fogproof, they sat outside in a shipping box in 18 degree weather and came inside to 75 degrees and they didnt fog, keep in mind my glasses that were on my face and I was outside for a minute fogged when I came back in from the cold.
by Jeremy B. on 2011-12-20 11:14:09
"THESE GOGGLES ARE AMAZING!!! I just got these the other night, and i put them to the test!

First i opened the box, pulled out the MOLLE pouch and saw the goggles(with smoked lenses) and two more sets of lenses (yellow and clear). I put my goggles on instantly with my balaclava and ran outside. Took about 5 minutes of constant running, diving, jumping to fog up to the point of blindness. I stopped, walked at a normal speed while controling my breath and the fog cleared.


Good quality!!!!!!!!!!
3 sets of lenses
full seal
MOLLE pouch
good on not fogging

Molle case zipper part broke, but was an easy fix
look kind of goofy (with no helmet, balaclava. at least on me lol)

Overall, great set of goggles, I recommend them to anyone
The price is CRAZY. Same goggles on other sites cost about $150!! so for $70 this is a GREAT product from EVIKE :D

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)