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Condor Quick Release Spec Op Tactical Knee Pads (Color: Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"Very comfortable, does not cut off circulation or freedom of movement. I would recommend this product to others.
by William B. on 11/20/2015
"Fantastic Knee Pads.

These pads are great quality not only because of the price, but what they're made of. I tend to lean more on Condor goods for theses exact reasons. I've put these through tests like what I did with my pervious knee pads and these held up just as good as I thought. Now you might be asking yourself, "what kinds of tests?" and I'm here to tell you GAMEPLAY! No test or tests beat actually gameplay when it comes to quality and durability. I've slid, fallen, scrapped, and hit these knee pads all over and they just keep going! Of course they're gonna get dirty, but other than this they are fantastic! The added hook on straps are a bonus. Stretchable elastic material that hooks around your knee pit and hooks on to the other side of the pad. It locks in snug and swivels to your knee to stay in place.


by Tyler P. on 04/03/2015
"these are awesome nothing else to say
by Matthew G. on 09/10/2013
"OK first off, i bought these for a g36 load out. They are good knee pads for the price. I would suggest them to anyone looking for a good pair of knee pads.

They stay in place.

Little to no padding on the inside
Not really a con, but if you have meaty legs like i do, they will be slightly uncomfortable.

other thoughts:
like i stated above, for the price you can't beat them. If you have a little extra money then go for a pair of neoprene pads. I bought a pair of blackhawk knee pads and they are wonderful. Still, enough of my 2 cent buy em from evike.
by Joshua W. on 08/29/2013
"They can move a little from sprinting, but if you tighten them up between skirmishes, they'll be fine.

Other than that, these are great knee pads. If you play indoor of in urban scenarios, knee pads are necessary so you don't land on a bb when you drop to the concrete. Easy on and off. I have no complaints for this price.
by manny p. on 04/08/2013
"I think these pads are great for the money. Some people complained that these drop down when you run. I haven't had any problems whatsoever.
You all know that when playing the game and you hear shots you take cover whether it's eating dirt or you hit the knee's at high speed to get behind something. These things make it easy on them and they are comfy. Your knee's are the only set you got, once they go your done. Take care of yourself... get a pair and they'll take care of you. I'm glad I did.
by Austin M. on 10/24/2012
"These are sturdy knee pads, more or less. I bought them maybe a year and a half ago and they are still in top shape today. Which is good, considering I tend to be in a kneel-stance or prone quite often. They only seem to have a few scratches on the front after countless encounters with rough dirt, and kneeling on BBs doesn't hurt at all. So, good is good, especially for the price.


Sturdy! Will last you a long time.

Good protection

The Quick Release is good for taking it off easily after a long day



A bit of a weird color, I suppose. Seems a tad bit yellow from the rest of my coyote brown gear.
by Vincent L. on 06/03/2012
-Protects You pretty nicely
-Can be abused in the battle field and will still work fine
-Doesn't slip off of my knees when running/sprinting :D

-Too thick, sometimes you can't feel the bb hitting you

Overall, great buy!
by Tam N. on 02/25/2012
"No more tearing off your Velcro straps with these!
by Scott L. on 12/10/2011
"Awesome pads. they sit and place well for awhile and take some pretty nasty impacts without hurting your knees. i added a little extra velcro to the straps to make the pads sit tighter to my leg and now they never fall off for hours of intense running and dodging. the quick release is sturdy and efficient.

you will not have to replace these pads for a year or two, and for the price they definitely come out on top.
by Clinton J. on 01/11/2011
"Extremely comfortable, easy to put on and take off. Doesn't slide down your leg while running/moving either. GREAT price as well!
by Kevin V. on 06/05/2018
"So I've used this for awhile now and it is great for cushion, especially when a million bbs on the floor straight to knees hurt without the pads on. The bad thing about it is that my legs are not as big as most people and in the description it states that fits most sizes. But not for me, if they made a full Velcro strap across the whole straps to be fully adjustable for big and small legs.

-Very comfortable
-Thick padding
-Huge surface space for knees

- Straps don't have full velcro for those who have chicken legs like me
by Chris F. on 06/28/2014
"These are the only knee pads I've gotten and I'm happy with them but I will probably try another pair eventually. I"m a skinny guy with skinny legs and these things slide quite a bit on me. I run like crazy when I play and after every run these things are at my shins. The reason being is that the velcro on the back to tighten it doesn't extend far enough for me. I tried sewing on extra velco to the straps but they ripped off while playing.

Besides me being to skinny for them, they are really good keen pads and fit comfortably when they are on. I crawl and slide often and they definitely help protect my knees and they can take a beating.

Look cool
Built well
Great protection
Quick detach and attach is really nice feature

Not made for skinny legs like mine (I think I'll quit skipping leg day lol)

4/5 Only because they just aren't meant for me but the quality is great and price is on point.
by Devon O. on 05/22/2014
"Ok, so i got these two days ago, and first, DO NOT try to slide with these. I tried it myself, and i tripped on my knees, causing me to fall flat on my face. so, unless you have the money to replace anything damaged, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT try to slide on these.

Ok, on with the review.

First, these are very nice. when i got them in the mail, i tried them on, and they felt so much better than my other knee pads. A good trick i found out is that if they ever slip from your knees, then criss - cross the buckle straps. they hold themselves up this way.

Pros: Cheap, comfortable, nice protection for the single joints you will ever recieve.
Cons: the hard plastic on the front molds kinda easily, though your pair may vary.

Overall, a very good alternative to the more expensive options.
by William B. on 02/04/2011
"I've used these in training in some of my FTX's and the quick release is a nice feature, just like with most knee pads, they tend to become ankle pads, but these worked well in the 48 continuous hours I had to wear one in Mock combat clearing rooms and ruck marching.