Reviews: G&G FN Herstal Licensed FN2000 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Tan (Package: Gun Only)

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Model: AEG-SA-20908

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by Jonathan N. on 2011-11-11 23:32:38
"The FN2000 is so much fun. I was looking to get away from the traditional M4/AK platforms and bullpup was the way to go. After reading many reviews between the ares tar21 and this g&g fn2000 it was an easy decision to get the fn2000 and i'm glad i did. This gun is a BEAST!

-Great ROF, roughly 15-16 bps with a 9.6v and a 350 fps spring
-Spring changing in 30 secs as well as the power to adjust
-Gearbox is solid with great parts
-Crazy accurate out of the box
-Easy disassembly and reassembly to change inner barrel.
-Very managable weight
-Very Comfortable to shoulder
-Awesome sights with a long full length rail for a sight anywhere you'd like
-Truly Ambidextrious
-Shorter than your average M4 but has a longer barrel = win.

*the newer version has full metal sling rings on the front

"Not really" Cons:
-Need a rail riser or taller scope rings if you're gonna use a sight with a full face mask.
-The sling mount holes in the back require a little creativity to get to work
-Can be a little weird to wind up high caps being this is a bullpup, but i use flashmags so no biggie (also recommend for any player/gun)

-Had to go in and tech the gun a bit to get it to stop locking on me. VERY EASY FIX. Just sand the grey lever on the side from / \ to /\
-The construction of the battery compartment is a little bit awkward, you can take out some unecessary plastic to fit a larger battery though
- The fuse is also located in a hard to reach spot and requires the removal of a back plate (two screws) to get to, not that you'll be changing your fuse all that often. But, if G&G just extended that wiring a little more it'd make more sense.

Evike is super awesome and always offer HUGE discounts on their already discounted prices so this gun is definitely a bargain. This gun gets a 9.8/10 rating. All in all, this gun is worth every penny and i recommend it to anyone who's looking for a new gun.
by Sebastian C. on 2011-08-24 17:25:07
"This is the BEST Airsoft Weapon I have ever had in my entire life. I bought a Hunter Version , but I still want to tell everyone how good this is. I cannot put this down, it is so cool! Anyway, Pros come first then Cons

-Very Comfortable, especially the Butt Pad
-Awesome sights
-is like a P90 and a AUG put together
-pulling the bolt sounds cool
-material is sturdy
-Nice and SHORT (on the butt pad straight up, the barrel doesn't even reach the middle of my pocket)


-Rubber Butt Pad comes off very easily
-On mine, Semi sometimes screws up
-Pretty bulky, compared to an AK, the AK is longer, but looks like a stick compared to the F2000
-Front sling mountnot made of good material
-Whe pressing the button to disassemble, it was kinda hard for me
by Austin v. on 2011-06-07 22:46:50
"This gun is amazing...i just got it today and i just loved it and how they put a 8mm gearbox in there so it can pull stronger springs. The mag fits perfectly inside and its very comfortable to hold. It has SUPERB accuracy especially since i got a tigh inner bore barrel with it...i really loved the changeable FPS. That was a nice touch and so is the bullpup design(i personally think bull pup design is more effecient and they look cool). I also love how they made it with polymer to make it lighter so smaller ones can wield it and how easy it is to change barrels....took me about 10 seconds. Overall this gun is Great for CQB and for fields. Overall this gun is 10/10 so i recommend this gun for anyone who loves bullpup design weapons and want to get away from Aks and m4/m16s.SO GET THIS GUN NOW!!!!

-Great accuracy
-Good fps for Cqb And outside
-Nice feel
-Easy to put in and take out battery

-Gearbox is a little hard to get to it if you are inexpierenced and might lose a spring but thats pretty much it...not really a big con but for me it is
by Mike L. on 2011-05-18 19:18:40
"Hey guys I just got it in and holy crap this rifle feels amazing the plastic is as good as you can get the metal mag and parts on the body are fantastic. For me it's a little heavy I'm thirteen and I'm pretty little I guess or just the people around me are big. Still it's my first and I've done tons of time researching this.

The upper receiver come off like a charm so I can put a tight bore barrel in and the hop up is really easy to use. You can easily make this a sniper or cqb rifle because of it's size.

Not a big gun
Quality materials used to make it
Adjustible fps
A lot more pros that will go on for a long time

None others
by Randy M. on 2011-05-15 09:41:34
"This gun is great. Out of the box it is ready to go, and it performs very well. I brought it to a game yesterday, and I was picking some guys off pretty easily at around 150'. Didn't have any problems with the gun the whole time, but the back plate did come off once. With the fps cranked up all the way I chrono'd it at around 310-320 with .25s which I thought was a little bit low, but it worked well anyway.
by Parker R. on 2011-03-29 23:14:30
"i got this gun last week and i was immediately impressed. the boxing is kinda lame, just a weak plastic mold. the gun is realistic in every aspect. from the stock to barrel and everything above, the barel comes out in 10 seconds, amazingly easy to swap in field. i took the gun to an indoor CQb arena and that is its environment. it has the most comfortable, tight and close hold and its so perfect to quickly sweep corners. very accurate and the adjustable FPS is an awesome addition. all in all i believe this is the best CQB gun out there
by Noah S. on 2011-03-05 02:44:17
"I just want to add the information that this gun only supports hi-capa magazins, because there is a littel metal piece which blocks mid and low cap magazines because they haven't that charging hole.

Something else abaout the gun:
+Its a really strong built gun
+Adjustable fps
+Long rail
+Long inner barrel for a short gun
+Easy to disassembel

-The rubber thing on the back of the gun does not hold good
-Only hi-capa magazines (or modified mid/low caps)
-For me the gun is to wide to aim comfortable
(- For some people the bullpup design may not be comfortable or not balanced (because the gearbox is in the stock))

Displaying 13 to 19 (of 19 reviews)

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