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by Owen K. on 2014-09-15 18:47:49
"I love this gun!! As soon as I got the gun out of the box the external construction was amazing and the plastic material feels solid as a rock. The ROF and the FPS is superb!

Heavy (in a good way)
Strong, durable external
Great internals with awesome ROF out of the box
FPS twist adjuster in back for easy FPS modifications

None really of big concern
But It was Kinda hard to put on and off the rubber pad at first but I found it easier to peel the bottom up first and slide up and off.
by bobby r. on 2014-02-16 14:25:38
I purchased it a couple of months back and it has survived rain, snow, dust, dirt, and everything in between. It currently is running off of an 11.4v lipo and it has an insane ROF. I am definitely getting some flash magazines for this gun because it eats through ammo like a kid through candy. The only problem I have had with this gun is that the charging handle broke off when I picked it up it got caught on something and snapped. They have replacements on Evike so im not worried.

Very fast ROF
Adjustable FPS
Very comfortable
Different (Stands out in the sea of M4s and AKs)

Fragile charging handle
VERY mag picky (Ive only had luck with high cap magazines)
by Austin T. on 2013-08-14 15:41:20
"This Gun is AMAZING! I have tested and fielded many many different guns and this one is definitely one of my favorites. One advisement, get a TightBore Barrel, it will help so much with the already great range and accuracy.
PROS: great accuracy out of the box
Nice range for field play (with tightbore and .25 bbs it gets amazing)
very unique and cool looking
Customizable if you get the rail system

CONS: MAG PICKY!!! the only mags that work in mine are the standard full metal hicaps and thank god Magpul E-Mags (the 9$ ones)
ROF isnt the greatest but with a 9.6v it is good enough
by Kirk M. on 2012-07-04 16:10:27
"This gun is just AMAZING!!! As soon as I opened the box I was amazed. This is a very powerful and durable gun. I was shooting at a Jusin Bieber poster a shot his head of (literally)! It hurts like crap when you get shot by it.

rear sight is a little confusing at first

Worth the money and is very durable
by luke d. on 2012-05-20 22:09:00
"I bought this gun a year ago and it's had about 70 hours of gameplay. The first few games I played with it, I was quite satisfied( I give it a 7.5 out of 10). Then I needed an upgrade. I put an appropriate sized tightbore in it, a rail kit, a holosight, and a black eglm grenade launcher. Not only did it look incredibly amazing, I got compliments from every single person that layed eyes on my gun. it was shooting around 420 fps and with insane accuracy at great ranges (I give it a 11+ out of 10). The only problem I've had with it is the hopup breaking (normal for any aeg) and the spring losing some of its fps. This fps loss was from the gun sitting in the garage with its fps turned all the way up. Please turn the fps down when you don't use it so little pressure is on the spring.

Very quiet!

Rear sight
A bit pricey
by theodore L. on 2012-04-12 20:57:09
"I got this gun for Christmas and today ( 4-12-12) I was able to get 4 hours of pure airsoft. This gun is worth every dollar and shoots really fast!It is also really accurate and not to heavy( my opinion , I'm 6'1)
If you want this Gun really bad, i'de save up or wait when cyber week comes around cause instead of paying 350 for mine, it's was only 270.Btw, you can also change or adjust the FPS on this great gun.
PROS: really accurate
Pretty light
Strong material
Realistic parts
Easy to access battery
Shoots really fast
Not to big to lug around
CONS: they could have used a better orange tip( that's what I call it , however u call it)
The semi mode is anoiing at first because if you press the trigger all the way in, it won't shoot, you have to get used to shooting by pulling the trigger half way and not as hard
So... This gun is recommended to all levels of airsoft players but this gun is a commitment , just because of the price, if your gonna by an expensive gun, use it!
by Aresman M. on 2012-03-26 10:14:40
"I've had this gun for about two weeks now and had my first real battle with it this past weekend (3/24/12).
First let me say that I am a big fan of the real steal FN2000, so I was very excited when I saw an airsoft version. Shipping condition was good and the gun itself was in perfect condition, as it should be for $360 gun. I thought that the Flash hider was chipped, so I called Evike and they told me that G&G trademarks their Flash hiders like that, so I was relieved. I charged up one of my batteries and fired, it hit my target dead on during all shots. This thing fires in a perfectly straight line all the way to it's target. The gun feeds very well with the mag I got with it and the Echo 1 mags I already had fired with no problem. During my big battle, the gun performed beautifully. I had no problem with laying in cover with it and I could crawl around just the same while prone. Speed is decent with an 8.4v battery but it has so much more potential. I used an 9.6v battery and I highly suggest it over the 8.4v. Only problems I had with it is that sometimes the motor doesn't fire on semi-auto, but when I switch it to full-auto, I have no problems firing. I'll just talk it in to my local store to see if that can be fixed.

Good weight
Very accurate
Feeds well
Uses M4 Mags
Intimidating _:D

The Semi-auto not working sometimes.

All in all, this gun is awesome. I ruled the field with it and kept people suppressed when needed with perfectly precise accuracy. The gun was basically perfect except for the semi problem, but it might just be how the trigger is designed. It's a very thick trigger so I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't squeezing hard enough. I suggest getting the Holy Cow special that Evike has, where you get two additional mags.
by Jordan K. on 2012-02-15 17:19:19
"When I unboxed this beauty my first thought "WOW"!!! This thing is a masterpiece! Honestly, i was worried about the plastic but it definitely looks better that if it were full metal. Plus this thing is already 10lbs loaded the metal would make it go overboard! Anyways, pros and cons:
Balanced (hardly any fatigue when running)
Shorter than a typical M4 but has a longer barrel
Easy to take apart
FPS adjustment
Easy Mag Release

One time my barrels weren't aligning after I was replacing inner barrel, easy fix though
Sights could be better but I just slapped my Holo Sight
Non-Authentic flash-hider for F2000 (not a big deal)
Mag that came with it fell apart in the field and i lost the pin (mid-caps or a box mag suggested)

Overall, this gun is well worth the money! Its reliable and sexy!
by Chris S. on 2011-12-05 14:29:54
"I recently bought this gun, i have to state a few things
1. This gun shoots beautifully and accurately
2. I chronoed it, with the adjustment all the way out, its shoots around 350fps, all the way in, it shoots 410
3. It is a nice feel and has some weight to it
two days after i received this gun, the mag release spring popped out due to the pmags that evike gave me for the $5 mag special, not that big of a deal and was easy to fix
the next day...
the trigger was pulling back too far on semi, preventing the gun from firing
idk if this is a common problem, but it ticked me off because i shouldn't be having issues with a gun i paid $360 for
i contacted evike and they were very helpful, but because i removed the flash hider, the warranty was voided, so im having it repaired at my local shop
other then the mishaps, its a good gun
im only giving a 4 because of the trigger issue, otherwise it would have a 5
by dylan s. on 2011-09-28 18:45:25
"best gun i have ever bought and iv gone through 4 guns. 2 cymas, 1 dboy and 1 g&g. but this is a awesome gun. the bullpup design makes it vary comfy and cool looking. the bullpup design also makes it so u can have a regular size rifle barrel in a more compact gun.




380 fps out of the box but you can adjust the fps from 300 to 410. that also depends the bbs


great range and accuracy

awesome Internals

good sounding


m4 Magazines


olny takes g&g mid cap magazines but all hi cap magazines work

over all an amazing gun and i highly recommend this gun
by jason n. on 2011-09-21 05:55:02
"This is a great gun, Ive never had a better handling aeg in my life.
adjustable FPS
Realistic looks
Extreamly comfortable
easy to reload
And can hit at a good distance

G&G out did themselfs on this on.
by Casey R. on 2011-08-08 19:50:23
"I don't like put up pros and cons of this and that i.e., the gun is amazing; so instead, I'll just put down my own experiences.

First off, this gun THE BEST gun for clearing rooms. Do the research; the FN2000 and TAR21 are both designed to make cornering quicker in CQB situations.

However, this is not a good "firing from cover" gun. When you put this gun in its firing position up against your shoulder, the firing position that is formed is very "static"; meaning, there is no freedom to move the butt of the gun away from your shoulder when say....firing from cover. One reason for this is the gun is very very thick. Compared to your average M14, SCAR, G36, or even the TAR 21, this gun is very very thick and bulky. This is great in a CQB situation - i love it - but good luck holding it up like a G36C or an M14 and peaking over coverage to shoot in a woodland type setting.

The other thing I didn't like about this was loading this gun in prone position. Its tough and funny to watch. It is much easier to load say a SCAR or M14 from the prone position - try it while .25s are screaming over your head.

Anyway, there is one known issue with this gun. The issue with most all of the G&G FN2000 guns (u can look this up on youtube) is that the motor moves back a bit while firing the gun and when this happens the motor dislodges itself from the internal trigger by just a few millimeters. This is permanently fixed by securing the motor a bit more than what G&G did (they didn't do anything extra). What I did was insert a small piece of THICK adhesive foam padding inside the butt of the rear stock (between the motor and the butt plate. This helps absorb the motor movement from moving back. The fix looks and works 100% awesome.

I highly recommend a tight bore barrel and the real steel FHN FN2000 3 point harness. The harness is a must with this gun. The harness made for the real steel fits like a glove and doesn't comprise the internals and all.

I love this gun. But to me, it isn't for every situation (like most guns).

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